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The Greatest Extra Chapter 3.1- The Talented Fool (1)

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Turning his head in the direction of his voice, there stood the third prince, Aloken.

After that, there were some people who seemed to be superpower, and have powerful Mana.

The knights and wizards of the Matteau.

‘The Genius wizard, the third prince. It’s my first time seeing him in person.’

Raymond thought for himself, but he was dumbfounded and almost burst out laughing. Of course, it’s his first time seeing the real character in a novel.

Unlike in the novel “The Third Prince, Aloken” has a common impression. Rather, the expression “good” was appropriate. If he had met him without knowing the setting, he would have been easily liked.

“I was thinking about what happened today, brother.”

“Yeah, it’s a shame.”

Aloken raised his hand and made one step closer. His immediate subordinates backed away.

“Would you like to stroll with me around for a moment?” He uses an attitude as if dealing with a subordinate. This was clearly an order.

‘Do I need to answer that?’

He just smiled. Perhaps he didn’t like him, the third prince. Aloken frowned and opened his mouth again.

“Huh, perhaps… Are you interested in the throne?” It’s a blatant question. His voice seemed to show even a weak life.

Depending on the answer, I felt as if Aloken’s men in the back would come running after pulling out a knife. Of course, it will not happen.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if you want to live long, you’d better give up your interest in being the emperor.”

“Brother, are you threatening me?”

Raymond’s voice sank cold. Aloken, who rose to the level of a higher-level wizard, was nervous for a short time.

“You’ve changed a lot.”

His brother, who used to be a troublemaker, has changed.

“But I have only one thing to say. Get rid of the idea of being ​​the Emperor.”

“Don’t be mistaken. I don’t think you’re a competitor. I just don’t want to be bothered.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

As soon as he heard the answer, Aloken turned around and joined his minions. Raymond’s eyes locked onto their backs as they were moving away.

“Thanks to you, I’m a little interested in the throne now.”

His voice was too inaudible for anyone to hear, but it was a clear commitment.

A few days have passed since the first breakfast together in five years.

In the meantime, the fifth prince, Raymond, has been quiet in order to get rid of his reputation as a “mischievous boy.” However, contrary to Raymond’s intention, it caused a strange rumor.

“The Fifth Prince is not acting like shit. He must have become crazy.’

The root of the rumor was not from the few servants of the Fifth Palace. It was a rumor that went around secretly among the maids, and Alex, who happened to hear it, quietly told me.

“It’s a secret that I must tell you, Your Majesty the Fifth.”

Alex, who finished snitching, slowly lowered his head.

Perhaps because of his kindness for a few days, Alex has recently been showing favor toward Raymond.

“Yes, I’ll keep it as a secret.”

Alex stepped down and Raymond sat by the window to organize his thoughts.

The third prince, Aloken, showed his teeth at him.

It was clear that even if he said that he was not interested in being the emperor, the third prince would not believe it. He sure it’s the same for the first and second princes.

‘I to have to get started.’

He doesn’t want to be ignored. Since it’s been like this, he needed to do it properly. 

‘Emperor? If you want, I’ll give you. But we need support in order to enter the race for the throne.’

He can’t jump barefoot.

“Behind the first prince is the military and knights. And the Second Emperor is accompanied by an assassination squad. The third prince has the mages.”

Three people were talented. However, Raymond had no one standing behind him and he was too weak for himself.

‘There’s only one thing you need to do to survive. And take away the main protagonist’s weapons.’

At least on the three books he had read before he knew the main character’s movements and the reason how he will get them.

As he happened to know the author’s book of settings, he also knew a little bit of Kiyeon who was sleeping within the Pilias Empire.

“Where shall I start……?”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter (。 ・ Ω ・。) ノ ♡
    finally we get our first weapon. It is somewhat worrying that its name is “spear of sacrifice”. but no sacrifice no gain

  2. It is rare to see novels like this. And these novels are always wonderful… although it’s only first chapters, but they are truly enthusiastic.
    Thank you very much for the great translation!!!!

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