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The Witch and Gretel Chapter 3

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I shouldn’t have put you in bed.

Katarina frowned at the barely grown child, contrary to expectations. The black dress she was wearing yesterday still fits perfectly.

“You must be comfortable living.”


Witches become adults faster within poor conditions. Katarina was born in the middle of a fiery battlefield, so she had to grow up to be almost an adult as soon as she was born. Katarina’s teacher speculated that was one of the reasons why Katarina produced little mana.

The child’s eyes looking up at her were sparkling. He must already feel close to her just because they slept together overnight. This is too much pressure for her.

Baby, I’m going to eat you soon.

Katarina avoided the child’s eyes and quickly got ready for work.

“Katharina, the witch of chaos….”


“I can’t concentrate. Can you be quiet?”

There were other 3 witches surrounding the couldron…

No, she swallowed her saliva looking in the pot. 

Zeta was standing at a distance, preparing a healing spell in case of an emergency.

Zeta looked down at a young girl holding her hands anxiously and swallowing her saliva. Unexpectedly, Katarina, who was late for 20 minutes, said, “Don’t let her die yet!” and left the child in charge and went into the scene.

The child was wearing an old-fashioned black dress that he had picked up in the Middle Ages. Perhaps that’s why white skin, gold hair, and golden eyes looked more prominent. The child’s eyes did not fall from Katarina. He must have been very nervous, but his eyes and breath gave out mana.

Zeta turned to Katarina and the other witches, reliving her appetite. Is that child at least worried about Katarina? It’s not like a witch.

Even if you pick it up, I can always pick up a girl like you, Katarina, a weak witch.




Soon, with a roar, the pot that Katarina was holding exploded, and witches gathered nearby screamed. The child ran toward Katarina even before Zeta caught him.

Katarina was holding the handle of the pot with one hand and stirring the smoke rising from the pot with her hand. Then, at that moment, someone had to cling to his waist and scream for a short time again.

“AH…. You scared me!”

The blonde girl was hugged her waist.

I shouldn’t have brought you here. But I couldn’t leave this child at home alone when she might run away while I was out. This witch…!

Her irritation was soaring. She opened her mouth to say a word, but she lost her words when she saw the tears at the end of her child’s eyes. No wonder her anger subsides immediately. Katarina put the pot down on the range and wiped the child’s eyes with her hands.

“What’s wrong? Did you have another nightmare while dozing off?”

“It’s not that… I’m afraid you’ll get hurt….”

Katarina opened her eyes wide when she saw the child talking. 

You must have learned how to speak without using up your mana in a day. I can’t believe you’re not big and you’re only good at horsepower.

She was suddenly feeling nervous. Maybe he’s spending his time for nothing. This child will be much stronger than herself if he grows up a little. 

I’m gonna lock you in the closet now. No, I’ll just eat it right away.


She blankly stares at the child, while the child cries and grabs her and shakes her. Katarina replied with a nervous voice.

“I’m not a nun, I’m Katarina! And if you stuck yourself in that corner, you won’t get hurt!”

He finally sheds tears when he screams. Nevertheless, he does not let go of his catarina. The child whispered.

“What if Katarina gets hurt….”

“What? Me? Why do you worry about me?”


“Okay… Don’t cry. I didn’t get hurt.”

The child wiped away his tears with a shriek. She didn’t know it would be so annoying and frustrating to see him cry. Katarina took the child back to the corner of the room so that she could not see him crying again. This time, she told him to stay calm. The child whimpered and squatted in a corner.

“Katarina! Come on, what is this?”

“What? You know what I’m asking.”

Katarina looked into the pot and approached the frightened witches.

The pot was covered with something black like charcoal. A corner was hollowed out, and a lump of burning energy was seen through the gap. The spherical mass of energy resembled a small planet covered with active volcanoes and lava. Whether it had its own energy source, it was boiling at a slower pace, rotating in place.

Katarina cleared her throat and spoke as shamelessly as usual she replied.

“Mint chocolate muffins.”

Alpha took out her cell phone from behind her.

<The Earth, the 44N76W team from the Americas, created a creative activity on April 15 that ignored the laws of energy conservation. Chaos points 10440 and reward points 20880!>

<The earth is currently in a state of good and evil 31,000 points (neutral stability), an order chaos 16,000 points (neutral stability), and a stable degree of good and evil-neutrality, order chaos-neutrality! Sisters on Earth, you’re doing great!>

<Reward points are distributed to team members at midnight.>

“Oh, only one point at a time. It’s definitely Katarina.”


While Katarina, Alpha, and Singh cheered, Zeta looked into the pot and frowned.

“Hey, how can I throw this away?”



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