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I am a Wizard- Prologue

After finishing cleaning, I came out.

I looked up at the sign of the store with a satisfied look.

Wizard Cafe.

I could see the letters filling the signboard with nice handwriting.

It’s been a year since the cafe opened, but I feel my whole being getting better every time I see the sign.

Wizard Cafe was a store that I made with care from scratch to now.

Even the signboard was personally made by me.

After spending time looking at my creation proudly, Lee Seo-Young, one of the morning part-timers, arrived.


Lee Seo-young greeted me with a bright smile.

It was a smile that made people feel refreshed.

Of course, I smiled and waved at her.

Lee Seo-Young bowed her head slightly with a shy look and quickly went inside to start preparing for business.

There were a total of eight part-timers at Wizard Cafe, two men at six women, and I selected them with great care.

The standard is good appearance and personality. Perhaps not many places have these kinds of part-timers.

But fortunately, I have them.

Not long after Wizard Cafe started operating, customers flocked.

There were always many customers.

A few days after the cafe opened, word of mouth spread around, and since then, I have never had a hard time in my business.

First of all, the customer who stopped by and drank coffee will eventually come back again next time. And most of them became regulars.

The cafe was quite large, so there were many seats, however, they were always insufficient seats.

The prices were a little high, but no one was dissatisfied with it and they were even pleased.

Everything went well, and I took it for granted.

This is Wizard Cafe.

And I’m a wizard.


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I am Wizard

I am Wizard

나는 마법사다
Score 8.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Ban Tae-soo, who lost his memories before the age of 17, became a wizard. While running a cafe and leading a peaceful life devoted to magic research, he arrives at a parallel world. As he goes back and forth between the earth and the parallel world, he goes through various events and approaches the secrets of the world little by little…


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