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Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off from the fighting ring.

Was this still a reality? Or perhaps a dream?

Some of them even raised their hands and rubbed their eyes.

They couldn’t believe the scene in front of them.

Raymond Millennium beat Kaham Luhaman.

It was Raymond’s victory.

Something that no one expected had happened.

Is that all?

Raymond shouldn’t have won.

Who is Kaham Luhaman?

From the young age of five, he was already a prodigy. There were even rumors that if he went against a knight, he would have won.

Although, Selina is more talented and better than Kaham now, nevertheless, Kaham Luhaman’s swordsmanship should be great than Raymond’s.

Even Count Warlug approved his swordsmanship.

When he nodded was when Kaham performed his favorite sword technique.

That means that Kaham Luhaman handled swords so well that Count Warlug has given his approval.

Kaham shouldn’t have lost to someone that is only at 1st Circle.

No matter how much magic he will cast, Kaham would not be beaten.

If he lost, it could have been attributed to luck. For example, Kaham has slipped or he unluckily let go of his sword.

The opponent could have won miraculously.

If that was the case, they wouldn’t have been this surprised.

However, Raymond Millennium won by overwhelming Kaham.

Kaham Luhaman had never even made a proper counterattack.

Yeah, let’s that they are equal in terms of strength.

If only Raymond has used magic, they could have understood that Kaham Luhaman lost.


Kaham Luhaman was defeated by Raymond’s swordsmanship.

That was the problem.

Raymond Millennium faced him with a sword, not with Magic. He beat Kaham Luhaman with swordsmanship.

And he won overpowering the opponent.

“Is this possible?”

“Was Kaham Luhaman this weak? That’s not it. Kaham Luhaman is strong. That means….”

Eyes were shifted their gazes from Kaham, who was lying down, to Raymond.

The person who created this impossible situation.

A monster who beat Kaham Luhaman, a pure swordsmanship prodigy.

“Did Raymond ever learn swordsmanship?”

“No, he only learned magic, and he is a 1st Circle Wizard…”

“Then did he use magic?”

“There’s no sign of using magic. He only used the sword.”

Raymond’s swordsmanship had beat Kaham even without using magic.

Looking at Raymond Millennium, people couldn’t hide their disbelief.

His swordsmanship was not beautiful.

It wasn’t even cool.

A practical sword technique.

It aimed at the opponent’s weaknesses rather than showing fancy techniques.

That’s why it was more shocking.

Aiming exactly at the opponent’s weakness and disrupting his balance.

Wasn’t it like an adult playing against a child?

“Considering he was so confident… I’m disappointed.”

Raymond mouthed to himself.

His volume was so low that only Kaham in front could hear it.

Still, Raymond was expecting that he would fight back like the Youngest Knight and amuse him.

But that was only his illusion.

Why Kaham didn’t even do a proper counterattack?

Why was he confident with just these skills?


Raymond stared at Kaham.

Kaham was also staring at him with shock.

His face, which looked like bees have stung him, was swollen due to Raymond’s beating.

Raymond was annoyed by his continued provocation that he beat him a few more times.

He lowered the wooden sword and ‘tsk’ his tongue briefly.

He knew it when confronting the youngest knight, but his body was really too weak.

His palm was already bursting in pain after swinging the sword just a few times.


While looking around, Raymond made eye contact with Selina.

Her eyes, which met his eyes, sparkled.

To the extent where it looks like she was seeing a star.

To be honest, looking at her eyes…

“I feel pressured.”

Her eyes were so burdensome that Raymond turned his head away without realizing it.


When Raymond accepted Kaham’s duel, Selina had already expected that this would be the result.

The day Raymond came to deliver the invitation, the sword technique he showed at the time again was really strong.

The swordsmanship he performed was a big shock to her.

‘I can’t even see a way to win.’

Since that day, she has done image training hundreds of times. And as a result, she found herself losing every time.

No matter what attack or defense she could think of, she felt like the attack wouldn’t work at him.

Her pride as a Swordsmanship genius was seriously hurt.

She couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t even win, despite the fact that it was her own image training.

She never thought she would feel this way at some point in her life.

“Kaham lose.”

At Raymond and Kaham’s duel, Selina already predicted how the duel between the two would end.

Raymond’s victory.

This was the result Selina expected.

She couldn’t imagine Raymond losing if he used the sword technique he showed back then.


When Raymond’s sword touched Kaham’s neck, Selina realized that she had been holding her breath until then.

She only focused on Raymond from the beginning until the end. And as she expected, it was Raymond’s victory.

“What kind of swordsmanship is that?”

After the confrontation, she couldn’t say anything.

His killing intent was nothing compared to the pressure he exuded before the duel.

Winning against Kaham by a luck?

That was absurd!

More than that, she was shocked by the sword technique used by Raymond.

Raymond’s swordsmanship contained all the Intent she had been wanting to find.

Just looking at his swordsmanship, it was clear that his technique far surpassed their family’s.

But there was a problem.

‘It only focused on killing.’

Every move he performed contained Killing intent.

Others may have only seen Kaham’s overwhelming defeat, but she could see through each of his moves.

‘I haven’t felt such intense killing intent from my father either.’

Count Warlug had participated in wars several times, he had killed countless enemies. But whenever she saw his father practicing his swordsmanship, his killing intent wasn’t as intense as Raymond’s.

It was like Raymond’s swordsmanship existed only to kill.

“How can he use such swordsmanship?”

Fear and oppression.

Raymond’s swordsmanship made her feel both at once.

This new sword technique, which she had never encountered before, greatly stimulated her curiosity.

“If I were him, would I be able to learn it?”

This was impossible.

Even if she was a genius, she wouldn’t be able to exude such killing intent.

As such, Raymond’s sword technique was very difficult to execute.

“If It was a father, would he be able to get it?”

She listed all the famous swordsmen she knew but, none of them would be able to stand against Raymond’s swordsmanship.

At least there was no one she knew who could beat him with just pure technique.

How can this happen?

‘He said it hasn’t been long since he started learning swordsmanship.’

But what was that?

It was the same back when he came to deliver the invitation, however, this wasn’t something a beginner would be able to learn just after some months of practicing.

Seeing him wielding the sword with his sword technique, it was as if he had already killed several people, or perhaps hundreds or even thousands of times.

“I don’t know.”

Who in the world did he learn that swordsmanship from?

Even though it was right to think that Raymond had learned swordsmanship from a master, strangely, she didn’t think he had learned it from someone.

‘I have never seen such swordsmanship.’

Being the daughter of the greatest swordsman in the kingdom, she had met several great swordsmen.

When she met them, she also saw their swordsmanship.

But she had never seen a Sword technique like that.

No, she never thought that there would be something existing like that.

A Sword technique existed only for killing.

“Did he make it himself?”

But that didn’t make sense either.

No matter how genius a person is, they can’t make things they don’t know.

In other words, many sacrifices are needed to create a sword technique that exudes killing intent on each move.

“What kind of person he is actually?”

She was curious about him, and about his swordsmanship.

Who in the world used such a sword technique?

Her heart started beating faster as she thought of Raymond’s swordsmanship.


Raymond didn’t want to look at Selina.

He felt like there was a laser coming out of her eyes from the way she looked at him.

He thought of what strange behavior he had done to get much of her attention but, he just acted as usual.

‘There wasn’t any different from when I dealt with the youngest knight.’

Rather, I dealt with it more relaxed than then.

Kaham was weaker than he thought, so he didn’t have to exert much effort.

Then what is it?


There is only one thing he could think of.

Did she really like his swordsmanship?

When he recalled Selina’s description in the novel, aside from her beautiful appearance, she was obsessed with swordsmanship. Every time she saw new swordsmanship, her curiosity would spark up.

“Not bad.”

There is a good result from the duel, at least he got Selina’s attention. Being able to get her attention was a plus factor in itself.

“Won’t you announce the winner?”

Raymond turned his head and said to the Knight staring blankly at this side.

The knight looked at Raymond with eyes as if he were looking at a monster.

As he slightly nodded, the knight went up the fighting ring with a puzzled face.

“The winner is Young Master Raymond.”

Even though the knight had already announced the victor, the nobles haven’t yet escaped from the shock.

At that time, someone clapped. Sneaking a glance, Raymond saw that it was Selina.

Clap clap clap clap.

People who came to their senses at the sound of her applause also started applauding.

I’m feeling shy.

It felt strange to receive attention from many people.

He returned the wooden sword to the knight and bowed his upper body to them.

This much should have changed their perception about him a little bit.

Although it was difficult to completely change the perception that he is an incompetent jerk, what happened today will remain in their memories.

The incompetent jerk is no longer incompetent.

“This much is fan service.”

His reason for staying in the Fighting ring has disappeared.

He already showed everything he wanted to show here.


“Oh, did you see that?”

Count Millennium look at Raymond while he was going down from the fighting ring.

The count’s face was complicated.

“Are you trying to question this?”

Well, he did cause some fuss.

If he had been humiliated in a place where countless nobles gathered, that would have remained a disgrace to the name of the Millennium family.

‘But it worked out well.’

There will be fewer people who will look down on him this time, and Count Millennium will be paying more attention to him.

Whether it’s in a good or bad.

“It doesn’t matter.”

It was a matter that he shouldn’t be bothered about.

There was no need for him to care.


Still, Count Millennium’s thoughts must have changed a little.

He alternately looked at Raymond’s hands, where the flesh burst and blood flowed, and at his face.

His eyes were slightly shaking.

“Is the sword technique that I used bothering you?”

That’s understandable.

His son, who had never trained properly, suddenly was a genius in swordsmanship.

What parents wouldn’t be surprised?

“We can solve this later…But what’s wrong with him?”

He looked to Count Warlug next to Count Millennium.

“What do you want from me, Count?”

At Raymond’s question, Count Warlug grabbed his shoulders and asked back.

“What do you think of Selina?”

Excuse me?

[“The Unknown God” frowned at what he said]

What’s wrong with him?


TL: Even the Unknown God Doesn’t like any sub-romantic plot developing lol.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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11 months ago

“The Unknown God” is likey to be the fangirl who gave him the book. Ofc she doesnt like thiskind of development

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