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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 104

“Why are are you holding your name tag?”

“Nothing, just appreciating it.”

Kim Jong-ho put down the name tag and closed his eyes.

‘There is still time until the reading starts, but why is did he came so early?’

There was silence between the two actor Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-seok. After some time, the door if the conference room opened.

“Oh, you’re here already?”

It was producer Choi Min-sung and writer So Eun-jin. There was one more person behind the two.


It was Seojun. He came early with Daho because he was excited for his first script reading.

He greeted the producer and the writer in front of him, took some snacks, and came inside the conference room together.

‘It’s been a year since I filmed, so I am really excited about this script reading!’

“Hi. Seojun.”

“Long time no see.”

Lee Ji-seok and Yoon Sung-oh welcomed Seojun.

“Your name is written on that seat. You sit there.”


Seojun found his name tag and walked towards his seat. It was next to Kim Jong-ho.

Seojun said hello.

The age difference between Seojun and Kim Jong-ho exceeded 30 years old.

“Hello, Mister Kim Jong-Ho. I’m Lee Seojun.”

Middle-aged actor Kim Jong-ho was an indispensable actor in historical dramas. Dressed up in a durumagi and wearing a beard, it would really suit him making him look like he was a nobleman from the Joseon Dynasty.

T/n: This is Durumagi.

An actor possessing a rugged face and a thick voice, they would mostly play the role of the villain who holds power in his hands.

Thanks to that, the public could already predict what that Kim Jong-ho character be if it was announced he will be in a drama.

“This would be your first time being a king, right?”

Seojun went to learn anything about Taejong as soon as he choose it. Seeing Kim Jong-ho, he really fit in the role of the great king Taejong.

“Do you know me?”

“Of course! I watched a historical drama where you appeared.”

“Really? Oh, sit down.”


Kim Jong-ho listened to Seojun with a smile on his mouth. He really looked like a wonderful “teacher,” so Seojun eagerly talked about dramas in which Kim Jong-ho appeared.

Although Seojun was just sitting on the other side of the table, Lee Ji-seok looked dissatisfied because he felt like he was somewhat alienated.

Producer Choi and writer So went to look for cushions and snacks for Seojun just like they did back in Re-investigation. They were so happy to be able to film another drama with Seojun.

The director was somewhat confused because there seemed to be something wrong with the seating arrangements.

“Didn’t I told you that Seojun should seat beside Ji-Seok?”

“I know, I even put the name tag myself but…”

“But what?”

Lee Ji-seok managed to listen to the two, so turned his head toward them.

He know that Kim Jong-ho is not someone who will come early. It was either on time or some minutes late. He recalled that Kim Jong-ho was holding a name tag in his hand when he entered.

‘Ahh, he must have change the seating arrangement.’

“Jong-Ho, is that my seat?”

“What? What? What are you talking about?”

Seeing his appearance, Lee Ji-Seok knew immediately that he was acting innocent.

Seojun took his citron tea from An Daho as he watched Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-seok arguing.

Jung-ho’s teacher-like appearance suddenly flew away as his original personality came out.

“Hey, sit down in your own seat.”

“I want to talk to Seojun, too. But he is too far! You already spend so much with him ever sing The Devil and re-investigations, and I bet that you even contact each other, so just yield for today.”

Kim Jong-ho wanted to yell but he was conscious because of Seojun so lowered his voice.

Lee Ji-seok remembered that Kim Jong-ho asked him to teach him how to vote for the WTV Film Festival.

He just said he wanted to give a vote to such a great child actor, but seeing his attitude he must have been a fan of Seojun.

“Do you two have a bad relationship with each other?”

“No, it’s not that bad. They are actually really close. He was also in a drama where Ji-seok debuted. They are so close that they can talk to each other comfortably. During the Re-investigation shoot, he made a special appearance like you.”

“Oh, I remember. He must have appeard there because of Ji-Seok too.” Seojun nodded.

In the end, Lee Ji-seok gave up his seat and grumbled at Kim Jong-ho.

“Then you sit here too!”

“I’m not as cheap as you are”.

As soon as the second debate between Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-seok was about to begin, the door to the conference room opened. The staff brought a lot of water bottles to hand out to the actors.

Looking at the clock, the reading time was nearing to it’s start.

Since then, actors and managers entered the conference room one by one.

After entering the conference room without much thought, they were surprised to see their seniors Kim Jong-ho and Lee Ji-seok sitting down.

They sat in their respective seat and carefully examined the atmosphere of the conference room.

When they saw Lee Seojun talking with Kim Jong-ho, they were even more surprised.

“Didn’t you say Kim Jong-ho sunbaenim hated juniors?”

“He don’t like people who can’t act.”

“But I’ve never seen him like that.”

While everyone was whispering to each other, Kim Jong-ho and Seojun became very close.

“It’s your first script reading for a drama, right?”


“I have no lines in the first episode, so if there’s anything you don’t know, you can ask me.”

“Thank you.”

It was now the promised time for the the script reading. Fortunately, all the actors who said they would attend arrived on time.

Seojun looked around and read each of the name tags.

Taejong, Queen Wongyeong, Yangnyeong, Hyoryeong, Chungnyeong, and the Eunuch.

The script reading scheduled for today is only for the first episode, but everyone gathered to see each other even from those without lines.

From actors to managers, to filming staff, to public relations managers. The meeting room was really crowded.

“Then we’ll start reading the script.”

Everyone sat in their seats and Choi Min-sung announced the start of the script reading. It was Lee Ji-seok’s first historical drama, but he said his lines naturally.

Kim Jong-ho is known for being overbearing towards his junior but he respected Ji-Seok acting skills that they could get along with each other even with 10 years of age difference.

Like acting at the filming site, Lee Ji-seok did not only said his lines. His gestures and facial expressions have also changed in accordance to the script.

When they closed their eyes and hear only his voice, it felt like he was really from the Joseon Dynasty.

Seojun compared the way Ji-Seok spoke between modern and historical dramas. He was not used to it.

The script reading of My Clinic seemed to have finished in an instant.

The first episode was about the medical practitioner, Heo Yoo-sun, building a reputation as a Doctor to enter the Imperial clinic.

There were no Doctors responsible for the health of the royal family which would soon become Heo Yoo-seon’s workplace.

Because this is the first episode, the actor acting as King Taejong and Queen Wongyeong had to watch Lee Ji-seok and the actors speak awkwardly.

Everyone wanted to cover their mouths as they saw Seojun nodding his head while taking notes on the script. He was so cute!

Producer Choi Min-sung and writer So Eun-jin were already holding their jaws and looked only at Seojun without paying attention to the other actors. Kim Jong-ho was peeking at what Seojun was writing next to him.

[Strong or weak?]

[Taking a break]

[As expected, Ji-Seok is good!]

The reason why the reading could continue despite such distractions was all thanks to Kim Jong-ho.

Kim Jong-ho was not so kind to an actor who couldn’t act. There was a time when he even nagged to a junior who wanted advice.

Kim Jong-ho had a bad personality, but the actors who were close to him didn’t think he was too bad.

Unlike what others say about Kim Jong-ho linking only those good at acting, that was not the case. He only befriended those who really love acting.

He new that newbie could easily make mistakes in the set because back then, he was like that too.

Back then he knew his skills and played the role that suited him. Even if he liked acting, he new the limitations of his talents.

He may not be able to play a minor role. There is still progress by gaining experience little by little, staring out with only one line and two lines of dialogue. Kim Jong-ho learned acting like that.

However, these days, people can’t even do the basics because now they could just use their connections to take a role easily.

‘Some actors are good from the beginning like Seojun, but that’s very few.’

Kim Jong-ho smiled watching Seojun taking notes hard. As Lee Ji-seok said, he could feel his love for acting even though he was still young. He really liked the attitude of trying so hard while doing so great.

Lee Ji-seok was also proud of the friendly atmosphere between Seojun and Kim Jong-ho.

Kim Jong-ho, who likes and good at acting, was also talented in teaching.

There were times when a good junior he taught became a star.

But the end was not so good. The junior, who initially loved acting, suddenly became an actor who enjoyed only fame and not acting anymore.

As such experience accumulated, Kim Jong-ho’s personality, which was already unpleasant, became unbearable and teaching someone became a very rare happening.

Lee Ji-seok was not able to give short advice until a few years later.

But something unexpected happened.

Kim Jong-ho quietly opened his mouth when he saw that Seojun was troubled about what to do with a line.

“You have to speak faster and more desperately there. Didn’t you come to the clinic to save your dying mother?”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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