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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 103

“But one thing is for sure.”

-What’s for sure?

“Since Bell Natra and Shadowman met each other, I think there will be a backstory of the past. From an omniscient viewer’s point of view, we guess that both are family members and they instinctively recognized each other like those crazy dramas, but Shadowman doesn’t know yet. I think it will probably be revealed in Assemble 2.”

-From the perspective of an omniscient viewer?

-A crazy drama. Are you my sister?

-Last time, we were doubting whether William was the villain or hero, and this time the theory that they are siblings?

“Assemble 2 will serve as a rest fot Redborn, and growth of Shadowman.”

Bell Natra’s appearance and the preview of Assemble 2 shocked those who had been waiting for Lee Seojun’s next work.

[When will Shadowman 3 released?]

[Preview to announce the 2nd movie of Assemble!]

[There’s Bell Natra, but there’s no Jin Natra!]

[Find the missing Jin natra!]

-Who wants to go explode the Marine headquarters?

-I was waiting for Shadowman 3 to come out after “Assemble”. But…”Assemble 2″?

-Seojun isn’t coming out again this time.ㅜㅜ

– I really need to watch Seojun acting even if he uses a stage name. I want to watch Seojun’s acting since VOD is good too.ㅜㅜ

-How many times do I watch rewatch Seojun’s movies these days?….

When everyone was suffering from headache after being hit by Assemble 2 trailer, the drama production company “Waves” was in a frenzy for other reasons.

Producer Choi Min-sung and writer So Eun-jin ran after hearing the news, and now they were also speechless.



The head of the planning team in charge of producing and planning of the drama nodded at their question.



“Really? Really?””

“Yes! Yes!”

Writer So Eun-jin and producer Choi Min-sung shouted hurray in response to the head of the planning team.

How many dramas and movies have been rejected by Lee Seojun throughout the whole year? Among them, some were successful, so everyone wondered what was the standard for accepting script in Lee Seojun’s eyes.

They wondered so because they wanted to meet his standards for a next time.


They felt happy but also puzzled. It was a little scary too.

“Why did he choose our drama?”

“I don’t know. Is it because it’s a historical drama?”

“There was a historical drama which starred actor Lee Da-jin. And it was a hit.”

The planning team leader, who was not interested in such concerns, quickly brought up the subject.

Waves, a drama production company that was only thinking about who to cast in the gradually disappearing genre of historical dramas. How much it would cost, whether there should be money, and if it could be a box office hit to attract investors. Has now having a smooth sail ever since Seojun accepted the script.

Investors began to emerge one by one, even though it was a historical drama. Now a days, historical drama are slowly being forgotten, but with Seojun this was an opportunity for them to seize.

All of them were from famous companies that had nothing to do with historical dramas. Production company employees were very, at first no investors were interested in them and now they are choosing who will invest for the drama.

And a broadcasting station, which had the fastest information gathering power, has contacted them immediately.

“The channel where to broadcast the drama is decided.”

Rumors have begun to circulate in the whole entertainment industry.

A huge drama will be released on KBC.

* * *

Ring, ring.

Seojun was watching the television when his phone rang. He look at his phone and it was Lee Ji-Seok.

“Hey, Ji-Seok!”

-Seojun! They said you were going to appear in a drama!

“How did you know?”

It was only a few days ago that he told Daho that he would do it.

As soon as Seojun has decided for a script, he wouldn’t take back his words, but for now only Cocoa Entertainment should be the one who knew about it.

The production company and the broadcasting station wanted the contract to be stamped as soon as possible.

They didn’t care how much would be Seojun’s talent fee, but still Cocoa Entertainment wrote a reasonable contract.

Cocoa Entertainment, production company, and broadcasting station. Everyone related to the drama has already learned about Lee Seojun’s next work.

All of them were itching to spread the news in public. They couldn’t stand it, but they had to keep it a secret until a proper promotional plan was established.

Nevertheless, there were still outsiders who knew about Lee Seojun’s next work. Lee Ji-seok was one of them.

-I will be in the drama too!


Seojun was surprised by the unexpected news. Lee Ji-seok was really glad that there was such coincidence happening in this world.

-For a while, I have been thinking of trying an historical drama. And when a good script was given to me, I immediately signed the contractm But when I signed the contract, you also accepted the script!

“Wow! Really? It’s nice to film with you again.”

Seojun and his parents were worried because it would be his first drama, but they would be relieve if they knew that Lee Ji-seok was also present.

– It’s been a while since we filmed together, right?

The Devil was four years ago and Re-investigation was two years ago. The scene was too short in Re-investigation to say they filmed it together.

“Yes! I’m really looking forward to it.”

Seojun nodded one after another.

* * *


An article came out on the Internet.

[(Exclusive) Actor Lee Seojun will appear in a drama!]

– What? Lee Seojun’s drama?

-Finally!! But from which broadcasting station? What drama? What genre?

– This reporter’s news is fast, but there’s no content.

-Wait. More news are going to appear soon.

[Actor Lee Seojun will appear in KBC drama!]

[Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok, The two actors are united again!]

[KBC, “My Clinic” airs in April!]

[An historical drama set between the royal family doctor and clinic]

[Prince of Joseon, Actor Lee Seojun will play Prince Seongnyeong!]

[Let’s find out about Prince Seongnyeongng!]

“I’m curious, but it’s like a spoiler for the drama!”

Park Sung-won was looking at the articles that Lee Seojun would appear in the drama.

All of them were similar, but there were articles that stood out exceptionally. Park Sung-won couldn’t take his eyes off from the article.

Mouse was pointing to an article title, [Let’s find out about Prince Seongnyeong!].

This was the problem with historical dramas. There was already a set ending, because it was written in the history. No matter how it was change for the historical drama is, it would not have much changes from the true history.

T/n: In Korea, if there are Historical Drama it should always end the same as what happened in history. They could changed some happenings before the ending but they should never change the end.

‘Is this a spoiler or not?’

The mouse cursor trembled. Park Sung-won, was struggling in his head, and ended up…


He couldn’t overcome his curiosity and clicked on the mouse.

[Let’s find out about Prince Seongnyeong!]

Let’s find out about Prince Seongnyeong, the character who h actor Lee Seojun (10) will act.

Prince Seongnyeong, Yi Jong (君君)

t/n: Seongnyeong is his title and Yi Jong is his given name. When referring to royal they must call him with the title rather than his given name.

1405 (Taejong 5)~1418 (Taejong 18)

Fourth son of King Taejong, his name is Yi Jong. From an early age, he was favored by the king for his mature and intelligent attitude.

His Brothers are Prince Yangnyeong with 11 years of age difference, Prince Hyoryeong with 9 years of age difference, and Prince Chungnyeong with 8 years of age difference. Prince Chungnyeong will later become King Sejong the great.

Prince Seongnyeong, the youngest son of King Taejong, died of being caught in Changjin at the age of 14.


Park Sung-won, who was reading the article, screamed without realizing it.

[At the age of 14, he died of being caught in Changjin.]

That one sentence made the whole Internet buzz.

-He will die?

-He’s the younger brother of King Sejong the great, but he will die?

-I’m about to cry.

Lee Ji-seok walked along with his manager Yoon Sung-oh toward the conference room where the script reading of ‘My clinic’ will be held.

Yoon Sung-oh checked the time in the empty hallway.

“Aren’t you too early?”

“There’s nothing to do anyway, and Seojun said he’d come early. It’s his first reading, so he will feel comfortable if he saw someone he knew.”

Yoon Sung-oh agreed at Lee Ji-seok’s words. It seemed that Lee Ji-seok was really looking forward to work with Seojun.

Lee Ji-seok opened the door of the conference room.

“I’m the first one…Jong-Ho?”

The photographers had already prepared themselves in advance, but among the actors there was already someone.

Kim Jong-ho, whose name was called, flinched and looked back. In Kim Jong-ho’s hand, there were two plaque with names.

[Heo Yuseon, Lee Jiseok]

[Taejong, Kim Jong-ho]


Kim Jong-ho, put down the two plaque on the table. Then he went to his seat and opened his script.

“Hey, aren’t you going in?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Lee Ji-seok, who returned to his senses at Yoon Sung-oh’s words, sat in his seat.

While Yoon Sung-oh greeted Kim Jong-ho, Lee Ji-Seok took out his script barley tea to drink from his, Lee Ji-seok looked at Kim Jong-ho with his arms folded.

“Jong-Ho, do you have something to feel guilty about?”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapters!

1 year ago

Most princes in Korean historical dramas seem to die early lol

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