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Superstar From age 0 Chapter 69


“Actor Lee Jiseok and actor Lee Seojun!””

“Is this a dream? Is this a dream?”

There were only seven members, and the response was enormous.

Everyone glistened and breathed heavily.

Lee Ji-seok and Seojun thought about taking a step back from their intense reaction. Yoon Sung-oh felt very nervous at the current situation.


Kim Sun-gon hit Kim Seong-Wu’s back, who was the closest.

Fortunately, everyone came back to their senses with a sharp sound. They took a deep breath and calmed down.

“Oh, oh, oh, hello. Actor Lee Seojun. I’m a huge fan.”

Seojun shook his hands and smiled, holding each of the theater actors’ hands, who asked for a handshake.

Kim Seong-wu, who ignored the Kim Sun-Gon, brought clean paper and asked Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun for their autographs.

“Photos! Let’s take pictures!”

“Give it to me. I’ll take it for you. I don’t really like pictures.”

“Oh, thank you!”

At Yoon Sung-oh’s words, Kim Sun-Gon, who was thinking about whether to be excluded from the picture, thanked him.

Kim Sun-Gon’s cell phone captured the seven theater actors, Seojun, and Lee Ji-Seok. And they took a picture again with Lee Ji-Seok’s phone.

“Senior. Send me the picture later.”

“Me too!”

Kim Sun-Gon posted the picture in their group chat room of Kakao Talk.

Everyone downloaded it with a happy face. Lee Ji-Seok, who received a phone from Yoon Sung-oh, also sent the picture to Seojun.

“Is it okay to post this on the internet? For promotion,” asked Kim Sun-Gon.

“It’s fine.”

Unlike Seojun, who answered without much thought, Lee Ji-Seok, who had suffered from fame, scratched his cheek.

“We don’t care, but if you promote it that there is a celebrity, it’ll be that hard. In particular, Seojun who has the attention focused on him these days so many people will definitely cause some disturbances.”

Once they made a mistake, they might not be able to deal with it.

“It’s already been three days since we stood on the stage without an audience. You were the only people who came to watch our play today. Without the audience today, we might not have showcased this work at all. Some of our members may have quit the play. But we like plays. I want to continue. So we can overcome it.” Kim Sun-gon said with a smile.

All members of the Wind Theater nodded. Han Ji-ah said with a solid expression.

“I’ll do my best not to disappoint those who trusted me.”

Seojun, who was listening to people’s stories, tilted his head.

‘Why are they so worried about posting only pictures?’

Seojun was not yet familiar with the life of a star and the daily life of a celebrity.

“I’m going to ask Ji-Seok later!”

After talking about photo, Kim Seong-wu, who sold tickets carefully, opened his mouth with the spirit of the youngest who has just become an adult.



“If you saw any shortcomings in our play, please tell us”.

Everyone wanted to say it, but they couldn’t.

The fact that Lee Ji-Seok made his debut as a drama after doing plays was a fact that everyone here knew except Seojun.

Lee Ji-seok looked at the clock without realizing it.

“I have to take Seojun home…”

Seojun, who noticed what he is implying, raised his hands.

“I’m curious, too!”

“Then shall we talk a little bit before we go?”

The members cheered at Lee Ji-seok’s answer.

* * *

The Internet became noisy with photos posted on SNS two days ago.

[#Lee Seojun #Lee Ji-Seok #My neighborhood #Play]

[Title: I watched my neighborhood

I’m a fan of Lee Seojun I browsed his name every day. Then, I saw the picture less than 10 minutes after it was uploaded. As soon as I saw it, I ran out! The tickets were almost sold out and I was able to buy tickets for the last play!

After a minute I bought mine, it was sold out! (Laughs)

I had a lot of time, so I looked around the shops near the small theater and ate.

There were many people like me, and there were people here and there.

The owner of the store I went to said that there were suddenly more people and that he wanted this to continue happening.

Anyway, when I entered the small theater, there were few audience seats and the stage was very close. When you buy tickets it is on a first-come, first-served basis, numbers 1 and 2 are written on the table, which is the best.

Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok chair was even marked. They were some people taking pictures while sitting there.

By the way, I think it will soon turn into a big theater.

The play was fun. I kept laughing. Everyone laughed a lot.

And after the play, I talked to the actors, and everyone asked about Lee Ji-Seok and Lee Seojun. The actors responded to the audience enthusiastically as if they expected that they will ask about Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok.

‘Lee Seojoon, Lee Jiseok, and their manager all enjoyed it. At first, I didn’t know it was Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok. I knew it when we took a picture. I had lunch with Lee Ji-Seok and Lee Seo Jun at the naengmyeon store in front of the building. Lee Ji-Seok even gave us a piece of advice on the play. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t acted in a play for a while so he came to watch. Also, Lee Seojun learned with us.’]

-That naengmyeon store is where I usually ate. And I realized I ate together with Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok. They didn’t seem to know that I went there too.

-Ah, Lee Seojun and the actors learned together. So cute.

– In 30 minutes, tickets sold per day tickets were sold out. I failed to buy one again today. I hope they can move to a bigger place soon.….

-I am looking for it now. They have a contract period, so it’s kind of weird to just move away.

-The naengmyeon restaurant is going to be crazy too. Everyone was worried because that neighborhood wasn’t having any people lately. Thanks to the two, the shops survived.

-My opinion. I just forced myself to laugh, and the acting wasn’t good. I don’t know why they recommended it.

-It’s not a recommendation. They just watched a play and took a picture together.

-Me too. I wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for the two.

-Aren’t they promoting this because they received money? Their skills weren’t that great either.

-It was fun for me. It felt like my stress was relieved.

-I agree. But everyone only cared about Lee Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok and only asks the actors that question. I couldn’t even asked about the play.

-It was a bit weird to just talk about that. The actors were good at acting. I’m looking forward to their next work.

-First of all, it’s all about work. Still, this was an opportunity to make their name known, so it could be a good opportunity for the theater group. They have to make this work and lead it to the next one.

Seojun, who got into Lee Ji-Seok’s car, read the comments while looking at the screen of his cell phone.

Two days ago, when he even gave advice to the theater actors and left the small theater, Seojun asked Lee Ji-Seok.

‘Why should I worry about posting a picture on the Internet?’

Lee Ji-seok, who had been thought for a while, said he would know if he waited a little longer.

And now…

Seojun, who got into Lee Ji-seok’s car to go to the filming location of the drama, finally realized what Ji-Seok meant back then.

Throughout the two days, Yoon Sung-oh and Lee Ji-Seok collected comments that they thought could be read by Seojun.

They thought about whether they could show it to him or edit it, but it would be a little insufficient to explain it in words. Lee Ji-seok couldn’t take his eyes off from Seojun’s face.

And Seojun nodded without showing other expressions. When children browse the Internet or watch YouTube, they need a guidance from parents or adults, because malicious comments were inevitable.

“This much is already okay.”

Lee Ji-Seok continued with a sigh of relief.

“People wonder what celebrities eat, watch, and do. Among them, fans are the ones that pay attention to them more. In particular, Seojun doesn’t have many eyewitnesses and no interviews, so people will be interested in what you do to the smallest things. See? There’s an article already, right?”

As Lee Ji-seok said, there were all kinds of articles on the Internet, including the meeting between Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun, the play the two watched, the introduction of the play, and the interview with the owner of the cold noodle shop.

A reporter even made a click-bait title with “A play highly praised by Hollywood actors!”

Seojun tilted his head when he read the title. It’s not wrong, but it felt too exaggerated.

“In a play, an actor sees the audience’s reaction in real time, it is immediately marked. It’s fun. It’s not fun. I was looking forward to these articles, but if they don’t meet the audience’s expectations, it’s not good for the theater group either. Also, the theater is already small, but if people suddenly flock because of our name value, will the actors be hit by people, and can they even act properly? I was worried about that.”

“I see.”

Seojun nodded. He looked at the cell phone screen again.

[A play highly praised by Hollywood actor Lee Seojun!]

[Lee Ji-Seok and Lee Seojun’s play is different!]

[A play chosen by great actors who thought it was and even gave advice]

These were the titles of articles that really made people look forward to.

The people of the Wind Theater that Seojun met a few days ago came to his mind.

‘Will they be able to meet the public expectation?’

“Will you be able to do well?”

“They have to overcome the pressure. They said it themselves. They can overcome it. If they overcome this ordeal, they’ll be a great troupe.”

Lee Ji-Seok stroked Seojun’s worried head and said.

“Seojun. Celebrities like us are what people pay more attention to than ordinary people. I don’t know what kind of things will happen when I inadvertently post a picture of a word that unconsciously said or promoted.”

Seojun nodded at Lee Ji-Seok’s words.

“Seojun you don’t have an SNS, do you?” Manager Yoon Sung-oh said without realizing it, like an occupational disease.

“No, I don’t!”

“Don’t make it from now on either. That’s the root of all evil for celebrities.”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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