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Superstar From age 0 Chapter 68

All the actors of the small group ‘Wind’ gathered. Some came from other troupes and some were new to Plays.

They saved money and rented this small theater, but there was no staff who would manage and produced the stage.

All of this was created by actors only.

There were only Seven people on their trupe. All of them loved theater and acting.

“Sigh. How many did you sell?”

“Only three tickets. One child and two adults.”

“That’s a relief. Our play is for the General audience, we almost couldn’t even sell three tickets.”

Everyone smiled faintly at the words of Han Ji-ah, who will play the heroine.

Kim Sun-Gon, the leader of the ‘Wind’ group received a phone call earlier from Kim Seung-wu, the super president.

“It’s not time to laugh.”

“What? Why?”

“They bought it at a regular price.”


“They said they like watching plays and bought it at a regular price even though Seong-Wu gave 40 percent discount.”

Everyone was speechless at Kim Sun-gon’s words. They said they like plays. That word stuck in their hearts.

“SEONG WU, why did he sell at a 40% discount? The rental fee won’t even be covered! And why is he offering a discount at the regular price?….”

Han Ji-ah couldn’t continue to talk, perhaps because she was too emotional while talking like she was scolding.

It’s already been three days since she only looked at the empty audience from the stage.

Even a thousand won (TL: 1$) matters.

Kim Sun-gon clapped his hands.

“Everyone, wake up! They bought tickets to watch a play because they like it! We are going to show them a play that’s very worthy of their attention!”


It was their first audience after a long time. There were only three people, but everyone were very excited.

“Hello! Are you here to watch the play?”

One child, two adults. It’s these people! Han Ji-ah welcomed the three with a bright smile.

The three people who were looking for the entrance to the small theater nodded at Han Ji-ah’s words.

“The entrance is this way It’s on the second floor, so you have to go up. You can give me the ticket.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Han Ji-ah received the tickets from the three people and tore them in half. With Han Ji-ah’s guidance, Seojun and the two adults climbed the narrow stairs and entered the small theater.

The theater was small. The stage and auditorium were very close and there were only a few seats.

Han Ji-ah smiled and said to the three people looking around the theater.

“You can sit anywhere. If you want the center is good, and if you want to see the actors up close, the front seat is good too.”

“Where do you want to sit?”

The theater was small, so there was little difference whether it was in the middle or in the front, but Seojun still took time to choose.

“I want to see you in the middle.”

“Yes, then we sit there. We can watch it here the best.”

Han Ji-ah smiled brightly at Seojun’s answer, he informed her of her ideal spot. There was no one in the audience, so she thought they would go back. Contrary to her worries, the three didn’t care much.

“It’s going to start after a while later. Enjoy watching it.”

“Thank you!”

“We’ll enjoy it.”

Han Ji-ah left, and Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun took off their hats.

“Oh, I’m sweating”.

“But it’s cool here.”

“Don’t take it off like that. Both of you.”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. There’s no one else watching.”

Yoon Sung-oh sighed at the words of Lee Ji-Seok. Seojun turned his head around to see the small theater.

When they sat down, the stage was really too close.

‘I think I’ll be able to see the actor’s sweat.’

“But it’s really small.”

“I think this is the smallest theater. The rental fee will be really cheap.”

“But there’s no one here… They don’t think they can even earn something. I guess this is their everything.”

Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun nodded at Yoon Sung-oh’s words. Seojun and Lee Ji-Seok were a little sad to see an empty theater.

* * *

“I don’t think I can go up!”

Han Ji-ah jumped in. Kim Sun-Gon slapped his forehead.

“How can the main character guide the guests?”

“My clothes are also casual clothes, right? There’s nothing to dress up for! More than that, three people… I don’t think I’ll go. There were those people who said there weren’t many audiences and went back!”

At that time, there were five people, but because there weren’t any other audiences they returned to their homes.

“Okay. Okay. Get ready for the stage.”


They were Han Ji-ah and other actors who were excited about having an audience after a long time. Everyone waited for the curtain to rise on the stage with an excited face. Kim Sun-Gon applauded.

“Everyone is so excited. You need to Calm down.”


When Kim Sun-Gon put his hands down, everyone reached out and put their hands above his.

They will their usual routine. But today, there was an audience. Everyone shouted the title of the play with pounding hearts.

“My neighborhood!”



“I can hear them.”

“Ahahaha. This place lacks soundproofing.”

They don’t know what they’re talking about, but they could definitely hear the sound of “Fighting! My neighborhood!” The two actors and the manager laughed at the loud voices of the theater actors.

They were more excited about what kind of play it would be and what kind of acting it would be.

Soon, the lights on the audience, where only three people were sitting, darkened, and the stage was illuminated.

“I guess it’s about to start”.

Lee Ji-Seok and Seojun’s expressions changed.

Yoon Sung-oh shook his head. They were actors who will change in an instant when it comes to acting. Lee Ji-Seok has been there for five years, but Seojun is just a newbie. He even appeared in Hollywood movies even at a young age.

“Do they know that Lee Ji-Seok and Lee Seojun are watching their play?”’

There’s no way they would know.

Soon, Yoon Sung-oh also focused on the stage.

The play began with an incident that took place in a small neighborhood.

The heroine, a detective, drew laughter as misunderstandings and delusions happens while she investigated the local people.

She eventually caught the criminal as if she were catching a rat while stepping back, but the detective could not resolve the misunderstanding of the local people until the end.

“I’m not a real estate agent! I’m a detective! A DE. TEC. TIVE!”

They heard the child’s clear laughter. They also heard the laughter of the two adults. Kim Sun-Gon, who was looking at the stage and the audience, put strength into his hands. This was their real reaction. As expected, the play was good.

“Sunbae! It’s your turn to go out!”


Han Ji-ah and other actors also put smiles on their faces.

“Hey, if you laugh like that, you can’t act! You’re supposed to be sad!

“Sunbae! You have to be really serious right now, but you’re laughing so hard!”

He couldn’t help it. It was so exciting and fun.

Their heartbeat was like it was about to explode.

It was just before his clothes were sweaty and his makeup was erased because of the hot lighting and the acting, but it was good.

This is why he couldn’t get out of here.

“Let’s get out of here!”

The play ended with a pleasant laugh.

Yoon Sung-oh smiled and applauded.

“It’s so much fun!”

“I know. I didn’t expect much. Everyone did well and the content was fun.”

“That’s right, Seojun.”

At Lee Ji-Seok’s words, Seojun answered with a small hand, clapping hard.

“Everyone, you did a great job.”

Obviously, in Seojun’s eyes, something lacked in the performance of the members, but that was because Seojun’s has been exposed to high quality performance. Seojun knew that, too.

In addition, dramas and movies actors studied hard in acting and it further raised Seojun’s standards for acting to the fullest.

The general public may thought they were good, but in Seojun’s standards it was not enough.

But it was good. He could feel on their actions how much they loved acting. Just like him in his first life.

Seojun praised their hearts more.

Small but loud applause rang in the small theater. The actors standing behind the curtain heard applause and eventually shed tears.

“Hey, don’t cry. We haven’t even taken a picture yet.”

“Yes, but it keeps coming out.”

“Wipe it now.”

Kim Seong-wu, who sold tickets and went on the stage and wiped away her tears.

At that time, he was really glad to talk to those people. The members were delighted even with the blurry view.

Everyone stopped crying and stood on the stage holding hands with red eyes. When they bowed down and greeted, they heard applause again.

“Do you want to take a picture with the actors?”

When Kim Sun-Gon’s eyes turned a little red, a person without a hat looked back at the child and the man wearing a hat. The child shrugged and the man wearing the hat smiled quietly.

“There’s nothing we can do. It was really fun.”

“I like it, too!”

“It’s going to be crazy.”

Yoon Sung-oh sighed and guided the two in front of the actors. He looked like a bodyguard, so the actors tilted their heads.

“Seong Wu, what are these people doing?”

“I don’t know. I saw them coming out of the naengmyeon restaurant.”


Han Ji-ah and Kim Sung-woo, who were whispering, closed their mouths.

The leader of the small group, “Wind”. Yoo Sun-gon smiled brightly and took a step forward.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes. It was a lot of fun.

“Thank you….”

Yoo Seon-gon, who was trying to bow, stopped talking. This was because Lee Ji-Seok took off the hat that he was wearing.

Lee Ji-Seok’s handsome face was revealed in the bright lighting. Starting with Yoo Sun-gon, everyone in the stage clearly saw his face.


“Lee Ji-Seok!”

Kim Seong-wu, who unknowingly spoke, covered his mouth. Lee Ji-Seok continued to say hello with his eyes.

“Seojun said he enjoyed it, too.”

“It was so much fun!”

Seojun also took off his hat and bowed and smiled brightly.

What? Who?

A moment of silence subsided in the small theater.

As if they finally recognized Lee Ji-Seok and Lee Seojun in their head, among the theater actors, a scream ‘Argh1’ burst out.

“Lee Seojun!”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

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