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Superstar From age 0 Chapter 65

A picture appeared above the screen. The image cut was released at Marine Museum. Seojun, in the picture, was looking somewhere with cold eyes.

“This villain has such an aura! That was actor Lee Seojun. Oh, he is not a villain yet. He had never done anything bad. This invasion of the Earth was done by the bad guys who aimed at Jin Natra. But you all know, right? I feel like he is going to be an incredible villain!”

-Yeah, it’s really scary.

-It was scary but also sad.

-I felt Jin’s feelings so much while watching the movie that I became sad and scared for him.

“But I think I’d blame everyone, too. According to the official setting, there is a 5:1 difference between planet Natra and Earth time. So it’s been a year since William disappeared from Earth, but it was five years ago that William fell on the planet Natra. If William was four to five years old when he disappeared, Jin Natra would be nine to ten years old.”

-I’m sure he grew up more than William.

-But I recognized that the Central Park scene was Lee Seojun. I saw many pictures of his.

-What should I eat to be that big like Seojun?

“Everyone. Think about it.”

The YouTuber stopped for a moment and moved to the other side.

“William grew up well without his parents from that age. There were even bullies, but until he went to the memorial hall, he was just an ordinary kid who laughed and chatted with Mac.”

-I really thought it was a hero.

-His smiling expression was that of an angel!

“Yes, I was like that, too. But he found out that his father, whom he loved the most, was the one who put him in pain. He knew his real parents were eagerly waiting for him, and on the other hand, he knew that all the daily life in Central Park, which he envied while watching all day, was a time he could have experienced instead of a hard time. He is smart kid.”

Moviegoers and viewers recalled Jin Natra, who recognized at once that he was a child in the picture with just simple clues.

-His expression was so sad

-I almost cried there. It’s sad, but I was scared of a sudden change.

“But this is what I thought.”


“Think about it. Mac is a character who accidentally came to Earth from Natra, and Jin is a character who went to Natra from Earth. Mac had a lot of good people around him. He was an orphan who grew up being loved. But what about Jin? He lived unfortunately without anyone to rely on.”

-What about Bell-Natra? Isn’t she okay?

The Youtuber frowned.

“I won’t say it because I’m not sure, but Bell Natra doesn’t seem to be such a good person. Anyway, Mac and Jin have a completely opposite past.”

-So, is it hero vs villain?

“Yes. That’s right. This movie is like a turning point between Shadowman and Jin Natra. If ther overcome this crisis well, he is a hero, and if they don’t, they are a villain. The two will be divided here again.”

A picture of the Shadowman and Jin Natra appeared on the screen, and a picture appeared at the bottom of the shadow.

“A helper appeared for Shadowman!”



It was Redborn, smiling confidently.

“MAC is very lucky. On the other hand, what about Jin who went back to Natra?”

A large question mark appeared under Jin Natra’s picture. Anyone could have expected it.

Jin natra has no one to rely on, let alone a helper. And that’s one of the reasons he became a villain.



The comments were filled with tears.

Everyone thought of the first scene.

A cold laughing voice. And a father who made himself living an unhappy life.

The Youtuber nodded.

“As you all guessed, I’ll stop here. I think the most important thing in this movie was actor Lee Seojun’s acting. That’s what happened when I watched Shadowman 2. From the scene of the memorial hall, I thought actor Lee Seojun will enter a bad path. That’s how I felt, of course.”

-Yes, me too.

-It’s so serious from there!

“That scene was up to actor Lee Seojun on how Jin Natra will develop. Malice blooming in sorrow. A sprout of evil that will change enormously in the future. If actor Lee Seojun was like from ‘The Devil’ with a good aura, we would have thought Jin Natra might become a hero in Shadowman 3. However, actor Lee Seojun stepped our hopes very well. He had really done a perfect acting!”

-No matter how much I think about it, in Shadowman 3, he will be just a villain…….

-No matter how it comes out, it’s….

-When Jin Natra saved the child my hopes went up but it went down suddenly.

“I hope Shadowman 3 will come out soon! Of course, I’m looking forward to ‘Assamble’ too!”

News started appearing here and there, after the YouTuber’s live.

[Acting transformation! How can he act like this at a young age?]

[The evil hidden in sadness, What’s the secret to his success in Hollywood?

[Real situation! There’s a kid who grew up in his hands]

[How far Seojun’s acting can go?]

[So when is Shadowman 3?]

[Super heroes, Assemble!]

-I thought he was definitely a Hero. I still have his angel appearance in my head.

-That’s unfortunate. How come he came to earth?

-It must be complicated. His father did something wrong, but he still love him. He don’t even remember his biological parents waiting for him.

-I think it’s because his body grew up. He is too big to come back a year later.

-But Lee Seojun is really good at acting. The Close-up shot… I thought I was really suffocating at his stare. An actor who even acts with his eyes.

-I got goosebumps there, too. Scary yet sad.

-While watching the movie, I got emotional with Lee Seojun and blamed the Shadowman. Why didn’t he save him?

-Me too! lol. I know it’s not the shadowman’s fault. lol

-But really?

-I don’t think so. There are so many people in the movie theater. No matter how much you cover it, there’s no way they can’t recognize Lee Seojun.

-I know. Even though he grew up a lot, he still looked handsome. I recognized him in the movie at a glance.

-It’s interesting that there aren’t many sightings of Lee Seojun.

– Is he in the US? No. If anyone saw him in the U.S., a picture would have been released.

-Aren’t people around him protecting him? Since he is still young.

-That would be the case if there are nice people. But now that he will be attending in elementary school, that’s going to be hard, too.

– One or two people will post picture soon.

-But only from those who watch movies. People who don’t watch movies won’t know him.

-He is still on the news.

-Even my mom and dad know that a Korean child actor named Lee Seojun is very popular in foreign countries, but they don’t know what he looks like. But they know his picture of an angel.

-There will be a lot of people like that. lol. I know he is famous but they don’t know its face lol

-I think he’ll become famous soon if he comes out on TV.

* * *



“My teeth are shaking.”

Seojun fiddled with his front teeth with his finger.

Shake shake.

Seojun ran in front of his mother and shake his front teeth.

It really shook. Seo Eun-Hye, who was preparing dinner, stopped for a moment.

“I guess you are still a child after all.”


“Your Baby teeth will be taken out and soon a strong permanent tooth will come out.”

“This is uncomfortable. Can you take it out now, mom?”

Sojun doesn’t like it if his move so much.

Seo Eun-Hye shook her head.

“If you wait a little longer, it’ll come out on its own.”

“It’s really uncomfortable.”

“It will fall down soon just wait.”

Seojun was uncomfortable, but he left it alone.

He didn’t want to care about it, but he kept shaking his front teeth with the tip of his tongue.

After a few days.

“It’s out!”

His front teeth felt empty.

Seojun kept looking in the mirror.

One of the front teeth fell out and it was now empty. His mom and dad were busy taking pictures, saying he was really cute.

The feeling of the lips and tongue touching the empty front teeth was strange.

“Mom, my pronunciation is weird.”

In addition, his pronunciation came with a very airy one.

Seo Eun-Hye thought it was cute, smiled and said.

“It’s because the wind went between your front teeth. If you have permanent teeth, you’ll be fine again.”

“Hmm. Can you understand me?”

“Yes, It’s fine.”

“It’s a relief that it fell after filming Shadow Man”.

“Wouldn’t they fix it with CG?”

“Is that so?”

The next day, when he went to elementary school without paying attention to his pronunciation anymore, most of his friends in the same class lost their teeth.

Some had two front teeth missing, and others had their lower teeth missing.

Everyone laughed looking at each other’s faces.

“Seojun teeth fell too!”

“Yes, It fell yesterday!”

“Mine is the day before yesterday. You have to throw it on the roof to get new teeth.”

At Ji-Yoon’s words, Seojun and his friends tilted their heads. Their house is in an apartment. Everyone lived in the same apartment.

“Where is the roof of the apartment building?”

“Isn’t it the rooftop?”

“Don’t go into the rooftop!”

Everyone nodded at Seojun’s words. And everyone’s heads tilted again.

The homeroom teacher, who was listening to the children’s chatter, smiled and told them another way.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Thanks for the chapter!

1 year ago

Awww these cute kids!!
I think my friends also tried to throw their teeth to the roof too tho 🤣
I can’t cuz my arm is so short lol
So it’s so like that on Korea

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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