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Superstar From age 0 Chapter 64

The child was listening to Mac’s explanation. This [Memorial Hall] was for those people who disappeared into the wormhole.


Someone made a sound without realizing it, but no one cared.

This was because they thought that they couldn’t resist themselves from making sound at the shocking discovery.

Park Sung-Won also covered his mouth and only looked at the screen.

William was there. Mac tilted his head and alternately looked between the picture and the child he was with.

In the scene where the child realizes who was the one in the picture, Park Sung-Won and the audience feel chill.

They wondered how he would become a hero a while ago, but now it didn’t feel right.

The feeling they felt from William was not what a hero has.

Park Sung-Won wanted to reject that fact in his heart.

‘No, that can’t be true. He was so nice.… and I recalled the god from The Devil. He seems to be very different now. In a little bit……. he may be a hero.’

Then, Bell appeared, and the story of Jin Natra, the child, was revealed.

Only then did Park Sung-Won, who thought of the scene that first appeared before the logo, open his mouth.

The child’s aura changed in an instant.

From his parents who lost him, the hero who failed to protect him, and his beloved adopted father, who has been the cause of the painful separation from his birth parents…

The child, who was kind by nature, could not endure the pain and betrayal.

“If you had to defeated Natra…”

The child who lost his happy daily life with his mother and father shed tears. It flowed down along his cheek.

“You could have saved me.”

Park Sung-Won, who couldn’t give up at the thought he was a hero until the end, understood it at that moment.

He felt malice in the eyes of Jin Natra. He felt small but clear malice coming from the very kind William.

Mac shouted.

“Come back! William!”

In everyone’s head, they remembered William smiling brightly, the crying child shaman, and the angel who descended like a blessing, but when Jin Natra’s face was zoomed in, they completely forgot about those good characters.

All the audience was captivated by the cold expression and made their spine froze at the chilling aura emitted from the child.

“I’m Jin natra.”

Jin Natra left Mac behind and boarded the spaceship.

The spaceship’s door was now firmly closed. At the same time, many other spaceships appeared in the sky.

They were spaceships coming from Natra. Bell, who boarded Jin’s spaceship with Jin, shouted.

“Those guys! I can’t believe they followed us all the way here!”

The other candidates giggling came to Bell’s mind. They hated Jin Natra, and it seemed that they had decided to get rid of him.

The other candidate’s spaceship opened and attacked Central Park, where Jin Natra was located.

The door opened, and the candidates’ soldiers fell onto the ground.

Amidst the mess, Bell recalled what had happened five years ago.

“I need to go and help. Jin. What do you want to do?”

Bell, who became indecisive, asked, but Jin Natra only looked silently at the battle scene between the Shadowman and the other spaceships on the screen.

After that, citizens who went on a picnic were seen crying and bleeding while evacuating.

Leaving without hesitation, Bell Natra ran to where her soldiers were. And the battle began. The battle went on without a break.

At that time, other people stood out. It was a child who happily held hands with his parent for an outing.

The child was crying alone in the war. Perhaps it was because he missed his mother and father.

Jin Natra’s eyes shook.

Natra’s spaceship was now falling over the child. Jin jumped up from his seat without realizing it.

The Audience noticed that this was the last chance. The last chance for Jin Natra to become a hero. Everyone clenched their hands tightly.

Go back! Go back!

Save the child!

Someone saw Jin Natra running. It was a shadow man. Jin Natra saved the child under the falling spaceship after Shadowman beat all the enemies.

The child returned safely in between the arms of his mother and father. There were tear marks on the dusty face, but the child smiled brightly in the arms of his mother and father.

Jin Natra, who couldn’t take his eyes off toward the touching scene, covered his face with both hands.

Everyone was speechless by the malice emitted from his back.

“Why did I saved him?”


Jin Natra bit his lips. A drop of dark red blood fell to the floor.

The audience held their breath.

Here, a new Villain was born from sadness.

None of the audience had time to think of the angel Lee Seojun. They didn’t think of anything. They just focused on the screen.


“Why didn’t you save me?”

Park Sung-Won got goosebumps at Jin Natra’s cold eyes. Lee Seojun’s image, which seemed like an angel before they knew it, is now a Villain.

The child, unable to handle too much pain, began to vent his resentment out.

Jin went into his room. There was a teddy bear on the table. The audience recalled the same scene from the last video on Redborn. The teddy bear, after five years since Natra’s time, is now very old.


Bell, who finished the battle, returned. She was full of wounds, but she still had a bright face.

“Isn’t that doll named William? The earlier man also looked at you and called you William.…. Your name must have been William before you lost your memory.”

Jin Natra looked at the teddy bear without saying much.

Shadowman stood at the center of the ruined Central Park. He couldn’t take his eyes off the spaceship William was on.

“Why. Why did this happen?”

The broken mask fell to the floor. They could see Mac’s confused face.

The movie is now finished.

“Oh my…”

Everyone was exhausted and couldn’t move from their seat even though the lights were now on.

They came to watch a movie of Battle and action, but surprisingly, their emotions were drained due to a single movie. It didn’t mean they didn’t like it. They couldn’t take their eyes off the screen for a single moment.

Park Sung-Won moved around to relax his tensed muscle. The audience got up from the chair with their things.



“Will there be a video at the end?”

Someone’s words rang in the whole quiet theater. Those who were pulling themselves together and organizing their things sat calmly back in their chairs again.

What kind of shocking video will we appear this time? Park Sung-Won also looked at the screen with expectations.

The white letters slowly climbed up. And soon, the screen changed as everyone expected.

[What do you think? Isn’t it hard to do it all alone?]

Redborn reached out his hand. After a while, the black gloves held the hand. The audience can’t forget the outfit they just saw! The audience’s mouth opened on its own.

[Nice to meet you, Shadowman!]

A confident Redborn and a tired-faced Shadowman stood facing each other.


It was a preview of [Assemble], where Marine’s superheroes all gathered.

Park Sung-Won, who was leaving the theater, suddenly looked back.

Park Sung-won was the last one to come out, and there was no one left in the theater, but he recalled the child standing back there. At that moment, he froze.

“Lee, Seojun?!”

Really? Did I see it wrong? Park Sung-won, who was still in shock, ran to his home.

[Title: I think I saw Lee Seojun at the movie theater]

“Wow. Very Shocking.”

“Seojun, didn’t you know?”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

Whether he knew that or not, Kim Hee-sung and Seojun were leaving the movie theater leisurely.

“I had no idea!”

“Even the actor didn’t know, so the security was very strict.”

“I didn’t even imagine it! Shadowman with Redborn!”

“Seojun, no spoilers, okay?”

* * *

“Hello, I am your favorite YouTuber back again with another Movie Review!”

He waved at the camera. Two weeks have already passed since Shadowman 2 was released.

Perhaps, because it felt like everyone had watched it, the comments were filled in an instant without even starting the review.

“Now Marine must have decided to shock people with Promotional videos. Wow. A movie with superheroes that I only saw in comic books will be made! So I looked upon the Internet for the title.”

A bright logo was posted on the monitor.


“Assemble! The title of the next movie is Assemble. The only superheroes that have already been confirmed to appear are our heroes, Redborn and Shadowman. I’m looking forward to what other heroes will come out.”

The assemble’s logo disappeared from the screen.

“Next, as the title suggests, I’ll talk about Shadowman 2.”

-You got it wrong again, right?

-Oh no. Lee Seojun is a villain!

The YouTuber shook his head.

“Yes, I got it wrong again. Why are the results the opposite of everything I say? Honestly, aside from the picture of Central Park, you know this picture.”

He posted a picture. It was a picture of the angel Lee Seojun.


-A 1 million won angel!

-My friend also picked up 100,000 won. I thought it was a cigarette butt, so I picked it up to throw it away, but there are two 50,000 won bills inside!

-I have it in my house too. I pray before it every day.

“I have this at home, too. The day I saw this picture, my mother won a 1 million won gift certificate. I printed it very big and hung it in a frame. And my sister put pictures of Brown Black around it. It became quite noisy because of the renewal of their contract, right?”

He posted a picture of his living room. Seojun’s photos and Brown Black’s photos were hanging on the wall.

Six years after Brown Black’s debut, the renewal of Korea’s best idol group is approaching. The Youtuber shrugged.

“Well, let’s stop with the introduction. Isn’t this the hero of this picture? I thought that filming Central Park was a diversion. But this picture is so powerful that I thought Seojun would be really awkward if he became a villain.”

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Haha avenger is coming!!
So Seojun is gonna be like Loki xD
There maybe hope then

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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