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Suddenly a husband and children chapter 18

All four of them headed to the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is the favorite playground of the twins. And their favorite game is playing house.

“Lucy, I’ll make you something delicious. 

Papa says, “Hey.”

“Aren’t I that too big to be the baby, Lucy?”

“Ugh, no, Papa.”

As Lucy said, Izak lay beside Lucy with a wobbly face.

The baby has to lie down all the time.

If he don’t do what Lucy says, she will surely cry at the top of her voice, and so Izak has become an enormous baby.

“Goodness, um…”

 “Mama is the nanny!”

“So who is Lucy?”

When asked by Estella, Lucy rolled her eyes and said clearly. 

“I’m Mama! Ruth is Papa!”

Then Ruth familiarly went to Izak’s side and began to sing a lullaby, stroking his face with his hands.

“Sleep, sleep…”

Lucy opened the door and pretended to come in and called Estella.


“Yes, ma’am.”

“I worked hard today, I’m tired.”

Then, she sighs for a long time and pats her shoulder with her own hands.

Estella quickly massage her small shoulder and said.

“Madam, are you having a hard time?”

Estella found it cute that her kids are pretending to be adults.


As soon as Ruth sees Lucy, he runs to hug her. Lucy struck out such a loose and said firmly.

“You are annoying!”


“I’m having a hard time, go to Pa-Izak.”

Then he returned towards Izak like a sore thumb.

When Izak was lying still, Lucy was like,

“Oh, my God! He’s like a statue.”

“Papa, you have to cry because you’re a baby! You need to cry!”

Then he presses down on Izak’s body as he tries to get up.

Estella was trying hard not to laugh the current situation of Izak.

He was fakely crying while Ruth was tapping his butt and Lucy nagging at Ruth.

But then she realizes that the Mama and Papa they were acting was the their relationship.

“Hey, the baby will now cry! I am busy so you handle it.”

“…Lucy, shall we go over there and make macarons?” Somehow, not feeling the mood, she change the subject, Estella quickly grabbed Lucy’s hand and said.


“Lucy, I want to make it too….”

“Yes, Ruth, come with me.”

Estella took her two children to a corner of the greenhouse away from Izak for a while.

There was much dirt in the corner for children who liked to play with the mud. Estella asked the twins, who kneaded the soil, familiarly coated with bracken hands.

“Lucy, what were you trying to say earlier? When the baby cries, what was Lucy going to say?”

“Nanny, take the baby! I’m busy working!”

“… that’s what Mama usually says?”


Estella swept her lips with her tongue without realizing it, feeling her mouth dry, throat is stuffed, and somehow also chest feels stuffed.

‘That’s what I said…?’

Estella could not raise her head to the children who naively informed her of her atrocities.

“Mama? Mama?”

“…sorry, guys.”

Speaking in a sullen voice, Lucy quickly looked down to see Estella’s face. Ruth quickly follows Lucy as he looks up.

“Mama…? Mama…Don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying.”

She didn’t cry, but she became really sad.

Estella had never like this before.

In the past she was loved a lot.

She was a princess who was immature but had no dark past because she was loved by everyone.

An innocent and lovely princess who was not hate by others, that was her.

Her young self loved Izak so much.

Although it was an immature first love of an innocent princess, she remained unchanged with her feelings even after many years.

But why are there so many mistakes in her marriage with him, whom she loved so much.

‘…I miss my dad.’

Does Benjamin de Messian, King of Messian and Estella’s best friend, know? That his daughter in the future has such a lousy marriage.

Estella missed her father.

A father who was infinitely sweet to her and mentally supportive.

She guess she is not mature enough to think about her father when she’s having a hard time like this.

“What are you taking you so long, Lucy?”

After a long time, Izak came to pick up the three who never returned from the dirt.

Estella didn’t want to face Izak, so she lowered her head quickly.

How did Izak feel watching the children playing house?

She’s certain he hates her very much and he is very hurt.

Izak seems to have been playing with the kids more than her so he must have know.

“I’m not changing my mind.”

Izak said, gently raising Estella’s bowed head.

“You have to endure this.”

In the meantime, the twins hand over hard made soil foods. The children’s eyes were sparkling.

They were looking forward to how delicious they’ll be.

Estella barely pulled the corner of her mouth and pretended to eat them deliciously. 

“Delicious! It’s perfect!” They reacted with a smile on their face and they acted as if they were eating deliciously.

Estella hasn’t noticed that Izak’s gaze has been directed at her, not the twins.

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