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Suddenly a husband and children chapter 17

Estella has now heard the story of the love and war of the Countess from her servants and now their own point of view after many hours.

Before they bid their goodbyes, Countess Chess sent her husband out first and held Estella’s hand tightly.

“Princess, people say that a marriage is a life of patience, but I don’t think so. I think we should be considerate of each other, and above all, respect and love one another.”

“What if one side is too wrong?”

“All you have to do is ask for forgiveness. I originally snorted when my husband constantly visited for six months. How long will that last? We even extended the divorce period.”

“Was it possible to extend it?”

Countess Chess nodded quickly and continued.

“You can extend it for two months before the end of the divorce re-consideration period. From then on, it does not extend and goes straight to the court. Many couples often avoided divorced after thinking about it. And I’ve had two extensions.”


“I was half-confident when we applied, but now I think about it we made the right decision. Marriage is to be thought carefully, but divorce will need much care decisions. Especially if a couple has childrens, they’ll need to be more careful.”

Estella’s heart tightened on the word “children.”

“Did you ever reconsider about not having a divorce because of the children?”

“There was a time, but it never became the main reason. In a family where parents are not happy, children will eventually end up unhappy. Even if it was a single-parent family. At first I was confident that I could raise my children alone. But they become needy of a father figure. When I saw that he was sincere towards me and the kids, I started to waiver.”

How the hell is she supposed to show him that she was serious?

“My husband is complaining to whatever I do.”

“I was like that, too. But if my husband didn’t give up and keep showing sincerity, I even wanted to trust him at some point.”

Estella nodded her head still. Was it possible for Izak to trust her again at some point?

“Are you close to your children?” Countess Chess asked while looking at Estella’s sullen expression. Everyone knew that Estella and Izak had fraternal twins.

“I don’t know.”

“Be friendly with your children first. Children are pure and honest, so they can tell if you are serious or not. Children’s feelings will then be passed on to their parents.”

That was also a problem.

Estella knows in her head that the twins are her children, but she couldn’t remember the memories she had from suffering for ten months, the memories when she delivered them, or even how they were made.

She can’t help but feel like they are not really her children.

She feels like she’s looking at someone else’s cute child.

“Don’t think too hard. You might not know, your kids could become your cupid?”

“I don’t think it’s going to be easy to get close to my children.”

“If you give them love, they’ll give it back. You can treat them the same way as other people do. With respect, courtesy, and love.”

She can feel comfort and stability within the hand of Countess Chess.

Estella somehow felt like Countess Chess was her sister, so she nodded her head without realizing it and asked.

“May I contact you often. Talking to you calms me down.”

“Of course, I’m more than welcome.” The conversation with Countess Chess was a great comfort to Estella.

Now the question is, can Izak’s agree to restore their marriage, just like the Countess Chess dud?

Just as she was about to get a little sullen, Estella shook her head and slapped her cheek with both of her hands.

“Let’s not be discouraged. Who am I? I’m a Messian, the Princess Estella.”

“Mama!” Lucy said with a twinkle in her eye.

At the call of the children, Estella finished reminiscing.

In front of her were two small, chubby children rubbing their faces against Estella.

“Let’s have fun, shall we? Let’s play!”

“Mama… let’s play…”

Ruth, who holding her hand next to Lucy, glistened his big eyes and imitated his sister. Estella looked at the children.

“Do you want to play?”

“Yes, Lucy and I want to play house with Mama, and Papa! I’m sure it’ll be fun! Lucy will make something delicious with Ruth!”

“Mama, Lucy… I want to play house with Papa too. I’ll make whatever Mama likes.”

With such pleading from them, she couldn’t say no, speaking with their eyes glistening, using sweet words.

“Shall we go and play house?” Estella said with a grin.

“Yes! Good! Good!”

The children replied with excitement.

“Let’s go, then.”


Lucy seems to look like Estella.

While Ruth looks just like Izak in his childhood days, holding Ruth’s hand and starting to pry through the room with short his legs.

Ruth was being dragged by Lucy but he did not let go of her hand.

Estella got up from her seat to head towards the greenhouse with the twins.

“Yehey!” Lucy runs toward the kitchen and started ‘Cooking’.

Ruth then quickly follows Lucy and wiggled around and cooked in the pantry copying her movements.

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Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I woke up, 7 years later. Suddenly, I have a husband and children. Izak, who I had a passionate crush, became my husband. This gracious situation made me realized that I have given birth to twins! I thought it was a happy situation… but why are we now in the middle of divorce? Divorce before I can enjoy my marriage. I don’t even remember how twins were made. Estella, facing a divorce crisis, tries everything she can to change the cold heart of Izak…! “Chew, Papa and mom.” “Mom likes Papa, don’t you like her?”” A lovely mother, a twin, who claims to be Cupid. “Well, not now, though! I’m not ready yet!” “What? Did you think that the twins came down from the sky?” “I told you we should talk!” “I thought it was a body conversation.” I’m talking to my ex-friendly, cold-hearted husband, who I was trying to communicate with. “This guy is supposed to love me anyway.” The seven-year warp marriage of Estella, the beloved princess of the Messianic Kingdom, who has no basis for her unfounded confidence


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