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Suddenly I have a husband and children Chapter 15

It was the day of meeting Countess Chess.

Estella began preparing to go to the Rondonia Salon early in the morning.

“Are you going out somewhere?” Izak asked when he saw Estella coming out of the Toilet room after finishing preparation.

“Oh… I’m going to see someone for a while.”

She couldn’t say that she was going to visit a wife, who forgave her asshole husband, and ask how the relationship got better again.

“Oh, I see.”

As if he was not interested, Izak shrugged for no reason and replied. 

“I’m not seeing a guy, so don’t worry,” Estella added jokingly. 

“I am not worried at all.”

Izak said so and went out to the back mountain with the children. His voice seemed calm, but he seemed to be concerned about Estella’s outing. 

The Rhondonia Salon, was a salon that Estella often went to.

It was like her own yard seven years ago. But now it’s different.

Over the past seven years, the Rhondonia Salon has changed the owner many times.

Usually the owner’s portrait would welcome others, but the salon’s current owner, Madame Della Lang, welcomed Estella very personally.

“Oh, my Princess! Why did you come here after such a long time? Whom you will be seeing?”

Madame Lang was from the Etheria, a neighboring country of the Kingdom of Messian, with the appearance and tone of the Etherians possess.

She was currently sticking close to Estella and has been glued to her side ever since she got off the wagon.

Entering the salon, Madame Lang said privately.

“Princess, the people you’ve met last time are asking you for another meeting.”

“The people I’ve met?”

“Yes, the men that brought the jewels.”


“Yeah! Jewelry! A big red ruby! He said he would give you rings or necklaces as you wanted!”

Madame Lang said excitedly, and Estella went pale.

There’s something Izak said last night. The rings that her boyfriends gave to her were ‘Memories.’

She disappointed Izak throughout their marriage, and then she hit him with the divorce papers!

“…Oh, no!” Estella begun to panick deep inside.

In an instant, she foresaw the future. The cold back of Izak leaving with the twins. Estella shook her head quickly whilist clinging to him but being dumped coldly.

“What do you mean, no?” Madame Lang asked with a curious face.

Estella doesn’t know what to say, so she was still thinking about the future.

She asked for the last time.

“Do they like me a lot?”

“What? Uh um, Yes. Don’t you like them too?” Estella’s face turned pale at her words.

‘Oh, my God, no.’

“Tell him I appreciate it, but I refuse.”

“Yes, but…”

“I’ve decided to settle down with only one man from now on. I’ll try to make up for the actions I’ve been doing.”

She was now her 19 years old self.

Estella spoke to Madame Lang with earnest eyes. But Madame couldn’t figure out what Estella was talking about.

Settle down? A man? Make up for it? Although jewelers what was the Princess iked, there seems to be some misunderstanding, especially since Estella was strange today, so Madam nodded, saying she would do so from now on.

“Is Countess Chess here? We were supposed to meet.”

“I’ll show you the away, Princess.” Madame Lang led Estella to one side of the salon.

“Countess, the Princess is here.” Countess Chess quickly got up from her seat and greeted her while slightly lifting up the dress hem. The Count also bowed to Estella.

Madame Lang pretended to leave but still watched Estella intently.

‘What happened to her…?’

She was like a different person now.

‘You’re different from your usual Princess. Is this part of the plan?’

Whatever it was, She decided to watch her quietly for now.

Madame Lang was a woman who swore allegiance to the Princess.


Estella returned home with a pleasant face.

As Izak looked at Estella, he wondered what she had done and whom she had met with. Who was the person that made her look so happy? However, Izak did not intend to ask her questions. Estella didn’t like him prying into her private life like that.

So he held back his desire to ask and lifted the teacup. Now the two were having tea time together.

 This was something Estella earnestly asked for. 

A few days ago, Estella offered Izak a pretty bold deal. 

“Let’s have tea time together, let’s make it three times a day!” 

 Izak accepted her proposal.

Three times a day, which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Now, the distance between herself and Izak has narrowed down. 

There was no common conversation as they have tea time, they would only sip the tea and stare at each other. This was because Izak would only criticize. 

Estella was now afraid to ask him about anything.

It was the same as today.

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