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Suddenly I have a husband and Children Chapter 13

“I don’t like it.”


“It’s up to you to leave the room, but it’s up to me whether I want you back or not. You separated from the room without telling me, and I didn’t think you were shameless enough to come in without telling me again.”

Izak has put up a wall stronger than what Estella thought. 

“But Izak, you always distance yourself from me when I try to do something.”

“It’s different with the bed.”

“Not even a chance?”

“So, do I have to do everything you ask me to do?”

“Who asked you to do it all? I just want us to live like a normal couple…”

Estella wanted to argue more, but Izak’s opinion was more important. 

Izak looked at Estella and tilted his head to her face.

‘Did Izak have a plan?’

“Okay, let’s do that.”

Suddenly, Izak changed his mind and allowed Estella to sleep with him. 

Estella was a little nervous, but she quickly took the bait.

Estella ordered her servants to move all the things in her room to the couple’s room. 

After the separation within these three years, the servants looked at Estella and Izak, wondering what was going on. 

They wondered if the two, who were so cold to each other, finally reunited. Looking at Izak’s cold expression, they don’t think that’s right.

Estella had a lot of luggage. Unidentified document boxes and accessories. Estella looked through them and didn’t know what they were.

“What are these?”

When she opened the accessory box, all kinds of rings were there. Hundreds of rings, not one or two or dozens. They were  all studded with brilliant jewels.

Although collecting accessories was her hobby, did she collect this much? Estella picked up a long, snake-like band of rings from a box.

“Why is there so much?”

Then, Izak came into the room. 

“What kind of rings are these? I’m not usually extravagant–” Estella asked for to herself while quickly putting back the rings.

“Don’t worry and keep reminiscing.”

“What? What is there to reminisce about?”

“The rings…They are re gifts from your lovers.”


“Oh, you don’t remember, do you?”


“These are collections of gifts from your lovers. You were obsessed with rings.”

Estella quietly and quickly put the boxes in a corner.

“Oh, haha. I don’t care about rings anymore. What’s good about rings, anyway?”

Estella, who was trying not to offend Izak somehow, felt sorry for him.

 Izak no longer said anything sarcastic or criticized her. Instead, he stared at Estella’s finger.

Estella had no wedding ring on her finger.

Izak closed the door.

Estella awkwardly sat on the bed and looked at Izak. 

Was she digging on her own grave? Why did she ask about the ring? 

She lay down on the bed and closed her eyes.

Feeling that the light was covered, Estella opened her eyes again.

She saw Izak’s face.

“What, what, what, what…You’re…”

Estella, embarrassed, stuttered heavily. 

“I heard we’re going back to being normal couples.” Izak said with a nonchalant face.

“Ahh… Ehhh…”

“Then what else is there to do besides that?”

Izak said so and began to untie his necktie ribbon. His hard chest caught Estella’s eyes as the ribbon tying around his chest slowly unraveled.

“Oh, no! No! No!”

Estella quickly closed her eyes and screamed, covering her opened eyes with both hands. 

Izak looked down at the embarrassed Estella and said,

“I’m just taking off my clothes.”

“Argh! Hurry up and cover it up, hurry up!”

He turned his head to the side so as not to look at his chest, but Estella’s eyes opened by themselves and glanced at Izak’s chest.

“You keep on looking.”

“I didn’t see it!”

Izak reached out to Estella. 

Estella quickly turned her eyes away and shouted.

“We can’t do this!”

“I haven’t touched you yet.”

“I’m still nineteen!”

“My wife, you married me when you were nineteen. We spent the first night at your age.”

“Well, not now, though! I’m not ready yet!”

Estella got up, pushing his chest. 

Then she quickly ended up rolling in a thick blanket over her whole body, while still wearing pajamas.

“What? Did you think the twins came down from the sky?”

Izak looked at her with absurd eyes.

“My memory is still when Izak married Lily. Oh, my God. I didn’t even have a hand with Izak yet. But how can… I don’t know!”

“Then why did you come here?”

“I’m just going to sleep with you.”

Izak’s eyes squinted at her words.

“So aren’t we doing it?”

“We need to have a conversation.”

“I thought it was a body conversation.”

Estella freaked out. Body conversation? 

Estella has never held hands with a man except her father, the king, or kissed another on the cheeks.

What happened to her a while ago was like a slow-walking child suddenly started riding a horse. 

“Do you enjoy me being embarrassed?” Estella said, holding on to her still fluttering heart.

“Yes, it’s fun.”

Estella was embarrassed again by Izak’s blunt response.

“It’s fun to see a person, who’s always been cold, being embarrassed by me. When I try to have a conversation with you, you would always cut me off.”

“You’re so childish right now, aren’t you?”

“I know it’s childish, but it’s funny. This situation was funny.”

Giving Estella a chance was…

In fact, his biggest desire was to pay back what he had suffered throughout the years he spent with her. 

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Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Suddenly I Have a Husband and Children

Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I woke up, 7 years later. Suddenly, I have a husband and children. Izak, who I had a passionate crush, became my husband. This gracious situation made me realized that I have given birth to twins! I thought it was a happy situation… but why are we now in the middle of divorce? Divorce before I can enjoy my marriage. I don’t even remember how twins were made. Estella, facing a divorce crisis, tries everything she can to change the cold heart of Izak…! “Chew, Papa and mom.” “Mom likes Papa, don’t you like her?”” A lovely mother, a twin, who claims to be Cupid. “Well, not now, though! I’m not ready yet!” “What? Did you think that the twins came down from the sky?” “I told you we should talk!” “I thought it was a body conversation.” I’m talking to my ex-friendly, cold-hearted husband, who I was trying to communicate with. “This guy is supposed to love me anyway.” The seven-year warp marriage of Estella, the beloved princess of the Messianic Kingdom, who has no basis for her unfounded confidence


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