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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 20

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The mercenary, who could not break my stubbornness, shrugged and whispered with his colleagues.

The blacksmith master gently took out three types of crossbows and laid them down.

“You’ll use it as an auxiliary weapon, so you want something easy to carry, right?”

It’s convenient to find someone that knows what I want even if I don’t tell him.

As he said, the reason why I wanted the crossbow was to make Goblin hunting more comfortable after a surprise attack.

“I’d recommend this if it’s a secondary weapon. The range is shorter than the others, but you can still use it up to 100 meters and fold the bow within a bolt. Like this.”

Among the three crossbows, the one he recommended was the smallest crossbow, which did not appear to be 40 centimeters long.

The best thing about a crossbow is its portability.

When folded, the wings could only be seen as a small club.

Ting! Ting!

Pulling the pin located at the bottom spread the bow, and pulling the trigger, the tight demonstration bounced back with a threatening sound.

The biggest drawback is that there is no automatic loading function as it was easy to carry.

It was made like this to reduce it’s size.

“Isn’t it just for supplementary purposes? If you don’t intend to die, that’s enough.”
He is right.

It’s what I wanted to do. To load it up in advance and take a step at a time when needed.

“I’d like that one, please.”


The fast-shot crossbow bolt penetrates Goblin’s shoulder.

By inertia, Goblin floated as if pulled by a magnet from the front, then rolled miserably over the floor.

I pulled out a spear, ran fast, and pierced it the back of the goblin crawling on the floor.
As I became more familiar with the crossbow, hunting became much easier.

It’s not as good as a supplementary shot, but it was very useful to have a long-range attack.

So I’m planning to buy another crossbow when I go back to town today.

Automatic crossbows are not bad, but I think it would be better to have two crossbows that can be shot right away and easy to carry.

“Shall I try to locate a Hobgoblin?”

The time I invested for this quest is now about 10 days.

After filling the desired amount, I thought it was necessary to confirm the existence of the target before finding a new equipment.

So I came deeper into the forest than usual today.

There are other monsters in the Forest of Peace that are more dangerous than Goblin, such as Ogre and Orc.

I’ve already found them several times while hunting Goblin, but I’ve avoided fighting them for my safety.

It is fortunate that there are fewer beast with extremely advanced sense of smell, such as wolves and bears.

Monsters also have a good sense of smell, but they are also not comparable to beasts, so they have not yet allowed to attack first.

Hobgoblin’s physical abilities fall short of Orc and are similar to those of Ogre.

Nevertheless, it is placed on a line similar to orcs because of its high intelligence.

If novice mercenaries were beaten by Goblin, then they must be a Hobgoblin.

Equipments were often used by loyal mercenaries, so they needed to be more prepared.

“By the way, if the quest is already this difficult, what will happen in the future? I’m worried.”

The difficulty level difference between 50 goblins and 5 Hobgoblins right after hunting 50 goblins was too big.

Rather, I think this was a little too much, as long as it’s after I get my hands on combat-related skills while conducting other quests.

Ten minutes after complaining with myself, an explosion happened.


Suddenly, I leaned down, frightened by the sound of the explosion in the middle of the forest.

“What, what?”

The quiet birds of the forest flew up in unison, and smoke rose not far away.

‘Should I take a look at the situation? Or should I just run away?’

There are two choices I can make in this situation.

But my hesitation was not long.

“Let’s run.”

With a cautious personality, I wouldn’t dare to enter a place like that.

I turned right away to get out of my place.

On the way,

[Quest Occurred] Rating: D
Contents: Gordon, the wizard of the village of Karas, is battling monsters. Support him and wipe out monsters.
Rewards: Two Lower reward cards, intimacy with the wizard Gordon.
Failure penalty: Expulsion from the village of Karas.


The system, contrary to my opinion, has created a compulsory unexpected quest, as if it was time for a new adventure here.

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