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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 19- Unexpected Guest (1)

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Three goblins coming around smelling rabbit blood.

However, the Goblins were embarrassed when they found that the smell of blood that had been luring them was a squarely chopped liver.

The goblins, who realized it was a trap, tried to get out of their place quickly.
One penetrated my spear, which ran aimlessly from its back.

The other two got carried away when a colleague was hit.

Perhaps if this equipment wasn’t long, they wouldn’t have chosen to run away immediately.

My armor was meager, made of wood except for the guntlet and shields with iron plates. They’ve been waving daggers threateningly, wondering if they would threaten me.

“I have to.”

I lifted a heavy spear to the level of their eyes with all my might.

There was an “immediate death” to Goblin hanging from my spear like a skewer.


At the same time, the spear lightened, and the decomposed Goblin body scattered in front of my eyes with light.

It’s not that big of an effect, but the addition of scattered meat and blood was enough to block the view.


Now, I swung a fully familiar spear through one more, swinging my right arm against the other.


Small shields with iron plates are hung on my right arm.

Thanks to this, Goblin and the Small Shield clashed loudly, and dangerous sounds were heard from the relatively weak Goblin.


Goblin died instantly when I hit his heart accurately, and it was not easy to target the weakness of a moving target.

As a result, unlike the first Goblin, the second one was struggling with a spear pierced without immediate death.


So I stepped on him and pulled out a spear.
When the spear was pulled out roughly, the second goblin was shocked to death.

Whether the ribs were broken on the shield’s charge, the third Goblin, which was giggling on the floor, was neatly pierced with the spear.

It took only 10 seconds to catch three goblins.

Now, preparation and induction take longer than Goblin hunting.

In fact, I don’t think there’s a problem with catching two or three even if I’m not being this careful, but this was a rule set by myself.
Always be cool and safe.

There is no need to take risks.

So I didn’t fight even if I had a good chance of winning unless I thought it was the best.

If I didn’t mind my defense, I’ll get to the goal in no time.

Although prudent, my Goblin’s hunting speed naturally increased as I got used to the battle.

With more than 20 goblins hunted today, I was no less than a beginner mercenary already.

[Goblin: 50/50, Hobgoblin: 0/5]

Thanks to this, the number of prey designated in the quest has already been filled in.

But I’m still hunting Goblin to have money.
Hobgoblin was comparable to Orcs, so I had to be carefully equipped to complete the quest.

“That’s it for today.”

Packed with Goblin daggers and leathers, I put it in a hidden bag on one side.

The reason why the battle ends here is because of Mana consumption, even though there is quite a long time left before sunset.

Slaughter, which is not a combat skill, is an active skill that is being used well in practice.

The MP is not marked separately, but the Slaughter obviously consumed a small amount of Mana and the remaining Mana was completely zeroed in from the previous battle.

The Mana figure roughly rose to a percentage in my head even though it was invisible, and the recharge time was quite long.

So when the spell efficacy dropped, I no longer became greedy and ended the battle.

I can still continue hunting without using Slaughter, but in that case, the only thing I can gain from knocking down a Goblin was a dagger.

Therefore, rather than continuing the inefficient battle, I need a personal maintenance time when the Mana was low.

“Huh, that’s great. I guess you have a talent for hunting. Why don’t you just be a mercenary?”

“Not bad.”

50 Goblin and 5 Hobgoblin quests.

It’s been 5 days.

Now the chief of the village of Karas snd the guards, did not stop me from moving through the forest of Peace.

Rather, I am grateful for hunting monsters in the western forest where mercenaries do not visit often.

When I stopped by the blacksmith’s and put down my luggage, the mercenaries, who were the guests, turned towards me.

“Here you go.”

I disposed of 23 Goblin daggers and received 2 silver and 1 iron coins.

On top of that, if I dispose of 23 Goblin leathers, I will get about 1 silver, which is quite big for a daily wage.

“Isn’t it time you have a new armor? You must have saved some money.”

I nodded at the owner of the smithy shop.
But not right now.

“I’m going to collect some more and buy a good one at one time.”

The total amount I have now is about 8 silver coins.

That’s a lot for a five-day hunt.

Today, I have collected 3 silver coins, so if I struggle for a few days more, I can have a proper level of defense.

“My current equipment is perfect for hunting Goblin. It’s a simple and easy-going look.”

“You’re going into the woods alone these days, aren’t you? Then, if a monster suddenly appeard from behind you, it can be a disaster.”

A mercenary, who likes to meddle in our conversation intervened, but I shook my head saying it was OK.

As long as I had a map function, I didn’t worry about those.

Rather, if I were heavily armed now, it would become too heavy and I will not be able to stick to the way I have fought so far.

Therefore, even if I were to buy armor later, I am planning to buy leather armor with iron plates on only the important parts.

What I felt after a few days of fighting was that, if I didn’t have any colleagues, it would be better to keep my gloves thick so that I could run away quickly rather than bump into each other.

“Can I see the crossbow instead?”

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