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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 18

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I think it would be better to practice the four moves that I learned from the guard, such as stabbing, cutting, hitting, and blocking.

I said i wouldn’t put much meaning to my dream until yesterday, but I changed my mind even though it was only the third day.

I won’t stop trying to get a job till I’m satisfied with, but I can’t take the quest lightly anymore.

As nearly 200 million won has already been raised and invested, it was natural for priorities to change.

After working out for two hours at Jujitsu gym following the two hours at the gym, the time was running toward midnight.

I’d like to practice swinging more, but unfortunately, it’s time to go to on an adventure.

Back home, I washed myself clean, and laid down in bed, I rolled up the corners of my mouth.

“Let’s go.”

I closed my eyes with anticipation, even though I may went through another real battle.

Braveness or reckless.

I thought both of them were far from me, but I guess I liked these things, unexpectedly.

Expectations may be due to adventure or simple rewards, but I have also stepped into the world of my dreams today.

“Do you feel yourself?”

Now I opened my eyes with a sense of familiarity, and I saw the guard’s lounge lined with practice spears on the tent.

“How long have I been lying down?”

The familiar guard shrugged at my question.

“Maybe it’s been 10 minutes? Looks like you’ve had a lot of mental burn. I’m sure you’re relaxed now that you’re in town.”

It’s only been 10 minutes. The reality and the flow of time here are arbitrary.

When I got up from my seat, my whole body smelled stuffy.

I remembered rubbing grass and mud against Goblin to remove my smell.

“I think it’s better to wash up before stopping by the inn.”

“I guess so.”

“Looks like you’ve hunted a few goblins.”


“I thought you were reckless, but you knew how to fight.”

Even ordinary people, who have not fought, have no reason to lose to a Goblin if they are faithfully armed.

But practice is not as simple as theory.

The reason why I was able to enter the forest and finish hunting safely is because there is a map function that I possess.

“Did you find the baggage you wanted?”

“No, so I’m thinking of going back into the woods tomorrow afternoon.”

No matter what quest comes out, I plan to save money by hunting Goblin.

“I see. Take care of yourself.”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

So I got out from the guard, I headed to the laundry area indicated on the map.

There were many women hitting the laundry in the laundry area.

“Well, let’s go settle the bill.”

Washing myself regardless of the eyes of the women, I shook off the water roughly and headed to the market.

“Oh, you’re back alive.”

The first place I visited was the blacksmith’s shop.

I decided to dispose of the Goblin dagger there.

“The Goblin weapon only pays for minerals. If you still want to sell it, I’ll give you 9 pieces of iron coins. I’m paying for this a lot too. Goblin’s weapon contains a lot of impurities.”

Although he was a merchant, I didn’t think he was the right person to play tricks on customers, so I sold it right away without playing hard to get.

That’s 4.5 copper coins.

It feels cheap for a life-threatening fight, but I think it’s not bad because I’ve earned more than to stay in the inn.

It was very hard to earn more than three copper a day from a regular part-time job here.

Next stop is the general store.

There, I sold one Goblin leather, and the store owner said it was in great condition, so they gave me four iron coins more.

If I would have sold all the Goblin leather, today’s profits would be 6.5 copper coins.

“That’s not bad.”

If I get used to hunting, I’ll catch more monsters, so there’ll be more fights.
All my assets now are 1.4 silver.

Among them, I decided to invest a silver coin to leather gauntlets with iron plates.
It was to protect my hand in front of the spear for more safely.

In addition, I bought a few more spikes, leaving only three copper coins for accommodation.

“What a day.”

Living a day here seems to suit me so well now.

Before heading to the inn, I headed to the vacant lot where I always practiced swinging.

In the meantime, the sun was hiding beyond the Bert Mountains.

Practice stabbing at the red sunset for about 10 minutes.

Finally, today’s quest has occurred.

[Quest Occurred]
Rating: E
Contents: Hunt 50 Goblin and 5 Hobgoblin.
Rewards: 2 Lower reward cards, combat skills.

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— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

I noticed that you always use window for some words that it shouldn’t be. like spear etc. but it became window..

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nice that he has now have a drive to work hard practicing

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