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The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 17- Investments (2)

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“Thank you, Father.”

– Don’t overdo it.


I breathed a sigh of relief after finishing the phone call with my father.

Although I am unemployed now, thanks to the trust fund I have accumulated, my father gave me 70 million won without saying much.

I wanted to ask for a business loan, but I couldn’t bring enough excuses to give so that they could grant me one.

On top of that, if I take out a loan as a deposit for my studio lease and add up to 120 million won in the meantime, I can make it.

And I recalled 30 million won in my monthly account, which I had never looked up to.

The money that played a decisive role in my dismissal from the company, and the money that I was neglecting because I felt like I was treated as trash if I were to use it.

That adds up to 150 million won.

“Are you Jung-woon?”

-Uh, what’s going on at this hour?-

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

-What do you want me to do?-

I didn’t end there and I even asked for a loan from my friends Jung-woon and In-sik.

The two friends willingly lent money, and each of them gave a huge sum of 20 million won.

Thanks to that, I could feel that the two guys were really good to me.

I should do better in the future.

For your information, I did not contact Cho-hee and Woo-chan, who are currently estranged to me.

If they contact me anyway, I won’t be able to talk to them well.

The total amount I have now is 190 million won.
It was a considerable amount for any ordinary people.

I moved quickly to open a stock account and bought T Chemicals shares.

“I never thought I’d do something like this..….”

I thought I would never step into a volatile market like stocks in my life.

The money I collected with the help of my parents and friends.

If the newspaper was wrong, it would ruined the trust of those who believed in me, but if it was wrong information in the first place, it would not have been rewarded as a Lower Level reward.
This was a golden opportunity.


After the market closed and I secured all the stocks at the right price, I swept my hair away.

The present price of T chemistry was 9,200 won.

But the newspaper said it would go up to 89,000 won.

In addition, there were other information in the newspaper, but it was far from the information on T chemistry that made the biggest profit within a month.

“Can I get more information about the future?”

If the lower compensation is this high, it is hard to tell what level it will be if information about the future is obtained from intermediate and higher rewards.

However, looking at the effects that are clearly different from the last lower-level reward, information about the future is not likely to be readily available.

“Come to think of it, the reward is given randomly according to the grade, but if I’m the only one who gets it, I don’t know if it’s really random, do I?”


My schedule has been rescheduled for the unexpected reward, but I have not put off what I am supposed to do today.

“Didn’t you really work out recently?”

“Yes, I’ve been busy.”

“You’ve got a lot of muscle for that. You are still staying fit.”

Joining the best-equipped fitness center in the neighborhood, I was conditioned by my trainer.

After about half an hour of testing, I was able to see that the skills gained from carrying out the quest were reflected in reality with the trainer’s response.

It is clear that muscles have been added to all parts of the body, which were not particularly plain.

It was much more comfortable to move the body, even though my strength increased by only 2 and my stamina and mana increased by 1.

“Well, that’s fine. If you’re right, you’ll get a good result with a little effort. Do you have any training requirements?”

“I’d rather grow muscle strength, stamina, and quickness than show muscle off.”

The trainer nodded loudly in my answer.

From the look on his face, I guess he liked my answer.

He also had a well-balanced body shape rather than a bumpy muscle.

“Okay, let’s work on the course together.”

Time is all that remains for an unemployed anyway.

He organized an intense course and we immediately started exercising.

After two hours of training, my whole body was heavy and exhausted, but I didn’t finish there and cut it off until late at night at a nearby Jujitsu studio.

It would be nice if there was a place to learn swinging skills, but sadly, the spear was too minor in Korea, and although there was swinging skills in Wushu, it seemed far from practical.

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