The Quest Rewards Are Real!

The Quest are real! Chapter 14

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-The west gate of Karas village, the direction of the Forest of Peace.

“I don’t have the right to tell you what to do as an outsider, but I really don’t think this is right. If you need money, why don’t you look for work in town?”

I shook my head calmly at the chief’s suggestion.

“If it’s just about money, it’s better to follow what the chief says. But I have to go into the woods.”

The chief sighed, wondering if here was an important piece of luggage I lost in the woods.

“If so, wouldn’t it be better to make money and hire mercenaries after? If you work hard and pay me back, I can lend you one.”

The people of this town were very kind.

Considering what I’ve been through in Seoul recently, I think this place full of affection is a really good world to live in, even if there’s a lot to be desired.

But I can’t go along with the chief wanted.

My purpose was to complete the quest and return home.

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re so stubborn.”

Even after I decided to hunt Goblin, I need to try my best.

“In addition to the systematic quests, shouldn’t I complete the community quests like the chief’s request?”
I went everywhere thinking, but no other quest occurred.

I may only be able to complete one quest at a time.

A resident quest may also be from the system.

After all, the only way I can wake up is to hunt Goblin now.
“Then I’ll be back.”

So I crawled out of town despite the chief’s dissuasion.

Leaving him while I was waving my hands behind, I went down the hill where the Goblin had previously been chasing me.

And a little later.

Facing the woody nature, I swallowed my dry saliva.

[Forest of Peace]

My current location on the map has changed, and the sunlight has been blocked by trees, making the surrounding atmosphere darker.

I made my way carefully, looking at the map in case a monster appeard.

The only monster I can hunt with my current equipment is a Goblin.

The weapons are fine, but running into monsters above Goblin with this crude armor was a life-threatening situation.

So if Goblin hunting is easier than you think, I’ll make money out of it and get a proper gear.

The quests that will occur in the future are more likely to be more dangerous than this.


How long I’ve been walking in the woods?

I quickly hid myself as a red dot clearly appeard on the map.

The distance is about 200 meters.

I wasn’t sure if it was a Goblin because I couldn’t see the target exactly.

Nevertheless, I tied a rope that I bought and a hanging it on branch nearby, and laid spikes that penetrated deep into skin when a monster stepped barefoot.


The first monster to appear is Goblin.

I lired him by opening a small wooden can containing rabbit liver from the inn.


Whether the smell of blood reached him, the Goblin began to creep in.

I quickly sealed off the can of rabbit liver, wondering if I’d attract other monsters.

50 meters away from him.

30m, 20m.

And when the distance narrows down to 10m.

Even though I erased my smell with mud and grass, he could still smell the smell of humans and felt him flinching.

I made a quick dash, standing on the edge of a sharp, twinkling window, leaving no room for it.


A question that comes to mind here.

“Will a Goblin be able to fight back when an armed man comes at him?”’

For your information, the answer I thought about was to ‘run away’.

All right, let’s go.

He freaked out as I wished and ran away.

Last time he smelled me and dragged his colleagues, it was clear that he judged that he couldn’t beat a human 1:1.

As small as he was, the monster Goblin was cautious.


Sadly, the place where Goblin fled was where I had just set up a trap.


The Goblin, with his legs receiving pain, fell forward because he couldn’t see the rope hanging between the trees.

And by falling, the Goblin was greeted by spikes everywhere.


Goblin screaming.

Without delay, I thrust mu spear into the Goblin, who fell to the ground.

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