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The Quest Rewards Are Real! Chapter 16

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7:45 AM

Despite spending more than a week in the dream, in reality only about seven hours have passed.

The time spent over there can be long or short, but when I wake up the time passes was still the same.

‘I’m sure completing the quest is the condition to wake up, but I don’t know why there’s so much time difference before waking up.’

On the first day, I woke up in a few hours after I completed the quest in the forest, and on the second day, I completed two quests and woke up only after the conversation with the chief.

And today, I woke up in my dream after I completed the quest and arrived at the village for about an hour, but I couldn’t see anything in common, so I crunch my forehead.

“I’ve only completed four quests, so I can’t figure everything out.”

The exact thing that I know, things like gods and aliens may have led me to this situation.

Just in case, they are still eating popcorn while looking at my situation thinking it was just a game.


But then.

The reward card that was placed at the bedside fell to the floor by itself.


Thanks to that, I tried to divert my anger toward the card, but I coughed out for nothing.

“Hmm! I don’t want you to punish me for my profanity. He’s usually like this. And anyone would be upset if they were in this situation. I’m rather calm.”

I don’t know what I am talking about.

It’s pathetic to see myself making excuses for no reason.

I lifted myself up with a deep sigh, picking up a lower-level reward card that fell to the floor.

I’m in the best condition today.

After I completed the quest, I felt very refreshed as if I had slept in an oxygen room.

“I should start working out.”

The Goblin hunt, was surprisingly tough.

However, more dangerous situations are likely to occur in the future.

Therefore, I need to secure any means to protect myself.

“I wonder if exercising in real life affects my ability in the dream.”

I don’t have a fixed schedule until tomorrow, so I’ll start right away today.

But before that.

The first thing to do is to check the reward.

Gold letters were engraved on the black card, and a message window appeared in front of me asking if I would use the reward card.

As I nodded, a colorful white light covered the studio.


But I felt that the effect is more noisy than last time.

Why is that?

Since the reward is random, will there be any othet prize?

[NewsPaper acquired for section A]

My anticipated expression was immediately shattered.


Frowning, I snatched newspaper slowly falling out of the air and threw it on the floor.

“It’s making me look forward to it.”

But for a while.

Feeling something strange, I glanced down at the newspaper.

‘But it’s a hard-earned reward, wouldn’t it be different?’

It could be a false hope.

However, I picked up the newspaper, recalling the fact that it was not the lowest level, but the fact that it was particularly spectacular.


And sure enough.

[Wednesday, 06/10/2020]

It’s a newspaper that’s far from ordinary.

It was future information containing an article about a month later.

Swallowing dry saliva, I quickly picked it up and unfolded it on my desk.

[A serial murder on K University campus]

[The police checked the CCTV, but the investigation was difficult because the video was not saved for an hour before and after the incident.]

In the newspaper, there’s an incident that would make the reader scared.

[We defeated Japan 3-0 in the warm-up match for the Olympic team]

Kubo was completely sealed off, and Lee Kang-in flew.

A sports article that makes the reader feel good.

[T Chemical, which was on the verge of being delisted, has seen its stock price soar due to the development of new semiconductor materials and the massive investment of S Electronics. It’s almost 10 times the growth compared to a month ago….]

It also included an eye-opening content.


The best reward that would not be insufficient to be called a treasure.

It wouldn’t have been better if there had a lottery number, but it was worth a million depending on how to use it.

Quest number four.

Fourth reward.

I think we’re past the stage of questioning whether this is real or fake.

All I have to do now is raise funds to invest money.

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