The Quest Rewards Are Real!

The Quest Rewards Are Real! Chapter 15- Investment (1)

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Perhaps because it was a real world, it was nothing like a game where the hunted monsters disappeard and left a drop item.


Goblin’s desperate struggle to survive was greatly seen.

I twisted the spear in my hand and stabbed it deeper, and the one who was stabbed in the middle of the back was wriggling and struggling.

“I am now in a bad mood.”

No matter what monster it is, it is bound to be awkward.

Maybe it’s more uncomfortable because I am a human.

But there’s no way I am shocked by monster hunting and couldn’t do it anymore, it was because I was scared to back off.

Rather, I picked up a spear and stabbed Goblin again for confirmation.

“You’re dead.”

Someone may look at me and be cool, but this was a perfectly realistic judgment.

I don’t have to be careless and take risks just because a monster was caught.

[Cold Rusty Dagger.
Rating: General
Weight: 0.3 kg
Length: 21cm (14cm)]

“That’s a good size.”

The most valuable thing one can get from hunting Goblin is their weapon.

Sometimes there are Goblin carrying pockets of money taken from humans, but the only possession of Goblin I hunted was a rusty dagger.

Goblin’s flesh and bones are worthless and cannot be eaten.

Among the by-products, leather can be sold at a low price, but there was no one here knack for skinning, so I only took one dagger.

While a large number of similar sizes in the blacksmith’s shop cost five copper coins, it was so crude that I wondered if I could get something in exchange.

However, it was not a bad auxiliary weapon for me, who was well-dressed but poorly armed.

‘Let’s move before the smell of blood spreads.’

I quickly got out of the place after dismantling the traps I had set up.

[Quest completed successfully] [You have acquired slaughter skill as a reward] [Quest completed using wisdom] [Intelligence increase by 1.] [Quest completed using a nearby weapon]

[Strength increase by 1.]

[Perfect first performance without a scar] [All capabilities are increase by 1.]

It seems to be the same as hunting that it becomes easier when experience builds up. This was difficult to begin with.


As a result of targeting Goblin alone, I was able to hunt five Goblin within three hours.

Strength: 5 -> 7
Stamina: 3 -> 4
Agility: 3 -> 4
Intelligence: 23 -> 25
Mana: 3-> 4
Luck: 1-> 2

Perhaps because it was the first battle to fight with weapons, the increase in capability was more noticeable as the quest was completed.

Can I also feel the change in reality?

[This skill acquisition adds a list of skills to your ID]

The magic ID was used as a status window for the game, as well as skills can be identified through ID.

-Slaughter (Active / LV-)

Of course, the system is unfriendly, but…….

I grinned as I saw the real list without explanation.

‘Well, we’ll see what the effect and methods are by experimenting. There’s a Goblin body right in front of me.’

Stretching down Goblin’s body, I reached out with my palm spread out.


As I uttered commands reminiscent of the skill being used, the Goblin’s body began to decompose with the feeling of something escaping from my body.

[Goblin Leather] [Goblin bone] [Goblin flesh] [Goblin Teeth]

And less than a second later, the monster by-products dropped and piled up like garbage.

“It’s like a drop item.”

The pile of by-products flowing with blood is Goreic, but convenience seems to be getting closer to the game.

I quickly got out of my seat after packing up the leather which is the most valuable among the Goblin by-products.

If I wake up now, there would be a Goblin’s body next to me.

But after a long time of traveling, I didn’t wake up even though I was out of the woods.

Is there one more quest to complete?

“Oh, you’re back in one piece!”

As I approached the village, the guard at the watchtower recognized me and quickly opened the door.

I put mud all over my body to erase the smell, and I’m just grateful that I am recognized by him right away.

And then, as soon as I entered the village.


Suddenly the world was colored with darkness.

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