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The Quest Rewards Are Real! Chapter 13- Battle (3)

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Even if I don’t lose anything now, I don’t know what penalty will happen later, so I need to understand what’s happening to me.

So first, I decided to investigate the quest, the central case of these dreams.

What would happen if I didn’t complete the quest in my dream?

This is what the first investigation is about.


I asked the chief not to bother me the rest of my time during the investigation and learned how to use the spear at the guard, and after continuous practice, I was able to swing the spear fairly good

I’ve been swinging my spears for a week, so it’s only natural.

Yeah, for a week…….


I put a spear on the floor.

I swinging in the backyard of the inn with the short wooden spear.

I didn’t wake up once in the past week when I didn’t complete the quest.

Now I only have one silver left.

If I do nothing to hold out, I can only stay at the inn for three more days, but it is right to think that I can’t go back to reality unless I complete the quest.

Holding out any longer was a waste of time even with the few money left.

It was time to step up.

“No choice then.”

Determined to hunt Goblin to complete the quest, I tightened the laces of my shoes made of leather and cloth, and recently moved to the house of a carpenter.

“Are you here to pick up what you asked for?”

“Are you done?”

“Well, it’s not bad.”

In doing so, he handed me over several large and small wooden boards.

At first glance, one can’t tell what it’s for.

“That’s great.”

It was an armor.

Wooden shields, wooden helmets, large wooden boards to protect ships and back, and small wooden boards to protect the wrists.

They are pieces of equipment that were quite sloppy.

Attack from muscular or even humans, could damage it but Goblin’s attack could be stopped by a woodblock.

So even if it doesn’t look good, I’ve got these in place to increase my survival rates.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wear it all over your head and go into the woods?”

When asked by the carpenter’s worried question, I smiled, saying, “I’m fine.”

It was a commercial smile for me, but from his point of view, he shook his head and tried to stop me.

“No matter how important property is, people’s lives come first. The Forest of Peace is a place where monsters appear,  not as much as Kent Canyon. It’s already been years since the villagers were banned from going there.”

“I already made some traps.”
I responded to the carpenter before I left with my luggage there to enter the forest later.

Typical areas where monsters appear in the village of Karas include the Forest of Peace and Kent Canyon.

Kent Canyon, which is preferred by mercenaries, is a place with good hunting efficiency over time because it has many monsters and has a high frequency of appearance.

In the forest of Peace, on the other hand, there are fewer monsters nesting in than in the canyon.

However, unlike grassland canyons, there are many places to hide, so there are more surprise attacks, and the problem was that it was not easy to notice the monster’s approach due to the severe limitations of vision.

“I know it’s dangerous. But I have an idea, so don’t worry.”

Difficulties in navigation and surprise attack is nothing to be worried about for me.

‘Cause I have a map function.‘

The map is marked with red dots when a monster approaches a certain distance.

So if I got my act together, I would have know it if they tried a surprise attack, and I wouldn’t have been beaten.

“This is it, Jihoon, you’re too stubborn. If you’re smart, you’ll do well on your own. But if anything happens to you, it’s not good for me or the chief.”

I paid a copper and leave behind a benevolent farewell.

Of course, monster hunting is not easy even if there is a map function.

So no matter how prepared I was, I couldn’t help but still be nervous.

‘I’d like to take it lightly, saying it’s just a dream…….’

I wondered if this was really a dream in the past few days due to excessive reality.

This situation I am facing is so realistic in itself, and believing it to be a dream seemed to be so naive.

Therefore, I decided to consider this phenomenon as another reality and be more careful.

I was forced to fight to get back to my original body, I didn’t actually want to fight if there was another way.

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