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The Quest Are Real Chapter 12

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Surprisingly, there were many kinds of spears.

The spears were categorized according to the type of spearhead, which could be cut shorter or longer upon request.

Also, the price was reasonable, perhaps because it’s metal cost less than long swords or two-handed swords.

Strength, of course, is as good as the sword, although it was never cheap.

In this world, commoners have to work hard to earn five silvers a month.

That’s why weapons are so expensive.

“There’s no such thing as attack power.”

Given that it is not as aggressive as a game, it can be seen as a system that adapted to extreme reality.

Just as an individual’s ability is marked, there is no level.

Indeed, when killing a rabbit, it is natural to see that it was killed instantly by bending its neck without marking damage.

Perhaps I won’t be having too difficult to deal with Goblin, when I am well armed.

Of course, I don’t have enough money to be armed.

The weapon I could buy with my money now is, at best, short-spear or long-spear with a wooden shield.

An armor costs more than a weapon.


I tilted my head at the words of the blacksmith who was watching me.

“Aren’t you ruling out the sword? Obviously, if you can’t handle a weapon, it’s advantageous to have a long reach.
But young people don’t really like spears because they have such a strong desire to be a knight.”

“You use a spear with mana don’t you?”

“The mana spear and the normal battle spear are different. I think the normal spear is more of a soldier’s perseverance than a knight’s.”

Life is more important than romance.

I just made a natural choice.

“The guards carry swords instead of spears whenever they eat Kkambap (Military food). They think they’re some kind of knight. In this countryside, you can’t even learn how to hunt, so it’s nothing more than a show-off.”

“How come?”

Is that what I’m expecting.

“Huh? Knights uses techniques that strengthen the body and release energy over weapons.”

He was saying, ‘Why are you asking for the obvious?’

I asked with a nonchalant nod.

“Is it hard to learn how knights do?”

“Yes, you have to go training under a knight or attend the Royal Academy in order to learn. The Aura method is like a treasure, so you can’t teach it casually.”

It also seems to be similar to the martial arts system.

“Is there no one who are naturally enlightened?”

“It’s not like there’s a developer in the Aura’s Law. Those who taught themselves are all the guardians of an era.”

I was very satisfied with his presence to cough up information as I asked, but I felt it was time to step down as I slowly saw doubts in his eyes.

“I’d like to buy either short-spear or a long-spear, can I touch them?”

“Of course.”

Afterwards, without growing suspicions, I stepped down with my hands behind me.

“The spear looks like a normal branch tree, but it’s made of various kinds of wood rolled up and glued together. Thanks to this, it’s elastic and doesn’t break easily. Our Karas blacksmith’s weapon is cheap, but we don’t have anything to make roughly. That’s why they are often use by mercenaries who are always on combat.”

The black-coated spearhead certainly didn’t look normal.

Nodding at the sight of the owner full of pride, I seriously looked at the spear.

The 1.5-meter short-sphere was as stable because it was short.

However, with both arms wide open, it felt shorter than expected and looked ridiculous.

But the 2m long spears were too long to control.

“I think about 170–180 cm length would be appropriate.”

The short-spear (1.5 silver coins) should then be replaced with a long-spear (2 silver coins) and cut it.

Including the cost of cutting the spear, the short-spear was about three fairy tales cheaper, and if the difference is that much, the longer spear blade would be better.

“Did you already decide?”

I nodded when asked by the blacksmith.

“Please cut the long-spear window by 20cm. Is it possible right away?”

“Of course.”

Eventually, I chose a long-spear with even a small area of attack.

“Don’t you need Javellin? Why don’t you buy one and practice the javelin?”

Javellin has a short feel at the end of the rod, it was as if he had a large arrow.

Unlike short-spear and long-spear, which can be used to stabbed and cut, it was used only for throwing.

If it’s for throwing, a dagger would be better than a spear that’s uncomfortable to carry.

I shook my head and bought only one Long spear.

“Two silver coins.”

“Here you go.”

Forty percent of my money was lost in an instant.

Although I bought it for combat practice while spending time at the inn, I can’t help but feel it was a waste.

If I buy the right shoes, my spending will increase.

“Please add a shoes.”

“There you go. Now, hold on.”

I nodded as I grabbed the long spear handed by the blacksmith.

Even though it was only 20cm shorter, it was definitely easier to handle than the 2-meter long-spear.

“That’s great.”

The owner smirked, attached the spear to the cut, and fixed it with a short nail.

Thanks to this, it became as clean as before the spear was cut.

“I don’t think you’re very relaxed, but I’ll give you a little spear as a bonus.”

There’s no reason to refuse something given free.

“Thank you.”

I smiled pleasantly and packed the wooden spear he handed me.

“I’ll be back then.”

“Good night.”

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