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The Quest Are real Chapter 10

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When I asked him, he stared my way, and said with a cold expression.

“How can you be treated so well when you look at a person like a fool and ignore him on a new topic? I couldn’t understand it.”

As I narrowed my eyes like I don’t understand English, he nervously pushed past me.

“What an idiot.”

Why is the assailant pretending to be the victim?

I hardly understood what he was saying.

This is because after understanding the company’s system, I have never openly complained to the big boss.

‘If you complain, you lose more than you gain.’

I don’t even know that much.

“Come to think of it, Cho-hee and Woo-chan said something similar.”

I remembered what my two friends said yesterday when they left for a drink first.

Saying that I ignored and looked down on them.

Would it be my fault if some people felt this way even if I didn’t mean it?

Or should I say their credentials?

It was a situation that was not easily understood by me.

“I hope I get a curse as a reward later so I can curse him.”

As I went to bed again today, it led me to a fantasy world in my dream again.

What’s embarrassing, however, is that the soles of my feet, which were injured in yesterday’s chase with Goblin, were intact in reality, but there are still wounds here.

Fortunately, because the herbs that the chief applied worked, there was no pain, and the wounds was scabbed, so I had no problem walking.

Today, I’m going to investigate many things in my dream.

As this situation is no longer temporary, it is necessary to grasp the principles of this dream.

How long I can stay in my dreams and so on.

What happens if I don’t complete the quest.

When I fall asleep or wake up, how things go over here, etc.….

There’s a lot to check.

-Knock knock

“Jihoon, are you awake?”

With a knock, the voice of the village chief of Karas was heard from outside the door.


Then the chief entered the inn room.

The chief, checked my face first and somehow put on a look of bewilderment.

“I’m sorry to doubt you yesterday, but the wizard, who was on a trip, just came back. So I showed him the list of authentic products, and he said everything was fine.”

“That’s a relief.”

Maybe the situation was pre-arranged to be like this?

But I was interested in the existence of a wizard.

I asked, looking at the chief who was visibly relieved.

“Are wizards good at counting?”

He responded me whether he thought my question was out of the blue and why I asked him something obvious.

“The wizard itself is a scholar. He doesn’t compare with the residents of this remote village. And magic is closely related to mathematics, so he can calculate it just by looking at it like you.”

Magic is deeply related to mathematics?

I’m now more interested.

Among the many subjects I learned at school, I was most confident in math. (TL: Me too)

“Maybe I can meet the Wizard?”

How good would it be if I were to learn magic?

Chief shook his head firmly at my question.

“I’m sorry, but he is not a person that can be casually met. A wizard status is not different from an aristocrat.”

I think the chief gets a lot of help from the wizard.

I don’t think they treat each other like a friend from the way he talks, and is the chief’s position higher than I thought?

Well, I don’t have to bite off when he said no.

Moreover, I was an outsider.

“What are you going to do now?”

A day or two of goodwill, but he won’t be able to keep looking after me for a long time.

The chief’s question also meant what would I had to do after I felt better.

“Can I stay in town for a few days. I don’t have a set purpose right now, so I want to know more about here.”

“Yeah, I’ll offer you for free a bed and a meal by today. Instead, please understand that we have no choice but to receive the price from tomorrow. Anyway, this inn is a commercial facility.”

“That’s enough.”

After that, I was able to figure out the monetary unit through a conversation with the chief.

Iron coins, copper coins, silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins are used here, with 10 iron coins equal to 1 copper coins, 10 copper coins equal to 1 silver coin, and 10 silver coins equal to 1 gold coin.

As the value of metals that make up money is all different, high-value money maintains its value by mixing several metals.

Thanks to this, gold coins were much higher valued than copper.

For your information, copper is the only metal that doesn’t have any of it’s metal mixed in.

“Then I’ll be going. Stay free.”

“Thank you.”

The five silver coins I received yesterday after completing the chief’s quest were a considerable amount of money.

In general, it was money that commoners could only earn only after a month of hard work.

Considering that the daily fee for the inn was three copper, including meals, it was the amount that could last more than two weeks without doing anything.

“By the way.”

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: E

Contents: Hunting 5 Goblin

Rewards: Lower Rewards Cards, Slaughter Skill

I frowned at the quest that occurred while talking to the chief.

The first quest to reward a skill.

But the difficulty of the quest has never been the same.

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