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The Quest Are Real! Chapter 9- Battle (1)

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‘Man is an animal of adaptation.’

I don’t know the source, but I think it’s perfectly true.

[Lowest Rewards]

[Lower Rewards]

[Do you want to use the cards?]

I’m in the middle of a crazy phenomenon right now.

Nevertheless, given the situation I felt more anxiety rather than expectations. It seems that the stress I have been receiving has been considerable high.

An adventure in a dream that is out of my daily life stimulates a forgotten childhood innocence, and the rewards of the adventure leads to reality. This is simply fantasy.

“All right.”

I used two reward cards.

[You have used your lowest reward card]

[You have used a lower reward card]

Like a random box of mobile games full of gambling energy, two rewards appeared, showing off their colorful effects.

[You earned 50,000 won]

[Mana increases by 2]


I earned 50,000 won with the lowest level reward and 2 Mana stats, which is for my ability, with the lower level reward.

Mana hasn’t bothered me as much as I don’t know how to use it yet, but what’s surprising is that 50,000 won came from the lowest level reward card even though it’s the same grade as yesterday’s.

It was 10,000 won yesterday and 50,000 won today.

They said it was random, but isn’t there a big difference?

“I just woke up, and I can’t believe I made 50,000 won.”

It’s not that bad.

No, it’s very nice.

Thanks to this, I thought I could make a living without working.

It’s 30,000 won a day, combining yesterday and today.

It’s not much considered as a daily wage, but if the dream continues, the reward may grow.

I smirked and shook my head.

It’s not like me to cling to an uncertain future.

I decided to consider it just a funny side income.

“Well……. I’m actually in good condition. There’s no scar on the soles of my feet.”

It was the same as yesterday, but when I wake up from that dream, I felt extremely better.

In addition, the fact that my foot injured during the chase with Goblin was fine showed that an injury in the dream did not affect reality.

But I don’t know what will happen if I experience death in my dreams, so I’ll try my best to save myself.

And there is one thing I needed to check.


It was whether the functions available in the dream also apply in reality.

“It seems that It can’t be done.”

Maps, including ID function, can not be implemented in reality.

It is impossible to confirm whether the increased abilities apply to reality because they are focused on Intelligent and mana.

For now, only the money earned by dreaming and the refreshing feeling of waking up are bonuses.

“But where is this?”

Still, the real life adventure was very suspicious.

Of course it’s suspicious, and I don’t know who the hell is doing this to me and for what reason, but I don’t have much to complain about.

“I’m curious about the purpose, but…….”

Should I visit a shaman or a pastor witg this case?

Even if I investigate this phenomenon, I will not be able to get anything realistically.

“Let’s eat.”

I don’t have a specific schedule today.

On days when I don’t have a schedule, I’m usually stuck in a nearby library, but for now I’ll collect survival-related information at home today.


[Would you like to deposit 50,000 won?]

Just in case, I stopped by the bank to make sure that the 50,000 won I got as a reward was no a real bill, and I have no problem in using them.

“Oh, who is this?”

And as I left the bank after finishing my business, I heard a familiar voice behind my back.

When I turned my head to greet him, there was a face that I would never forgot.

“Team Leader Park.”

He was my former boss and team leader Park Sang-ho, who always cared about me.

He was probably the one who did the most to blame me for the crime, when in fact it happened internally.

“Hey, I’ve heard that Jihoon lives in Sadang-dong, but I didn’t expect to see you at the bank at this time? Given that you came to the bank at this hour, you must not have gotten a job yet?”

I snorted and shrugged at the sight of this person.

“If you’re not good enough, you should have a good personality.”

“It’s because of the team leader who was jealous of my performance.”

He is no longer my boss, so I don’t have to hide my words.

Team leader Park’s eyes wriggled at the my answer, but soon laughed and said.

“Well, Jihoon did a pretty good job. What are you doing then? I’m still working and Jihoon is fired. Work life isn’t about people who are capable, but to people with wits?”

“I see. I hope you’ll continue to wag your tail to your superiors like dogs.”

The unemployed and the head of the working team of a well-known conglomerate.

It is an incomparable position, but there is no need to be daunted.

It’s not like his rank can hurt me.

“Yeah, at least say what you want. It’s going to be hard. Which company would hire a person who was fired due to internal corruption a year and a half after joining the company?”

I didn’t feel very happy to see his face so excited saying whatever he wanted.

The insult I felt was not so small as to be filled with jubilation for retorting him with words.

His voice was raised and we were getting a lot of people’s attention.

I felt foolish to deal with Team Leader Park anymore, so I took a step with a smile, while he kept making fun at me in my back.

“Why don’t you lower your standards? I think a factory or a construction site would be fine.”

I’m the one who’s going to get a job, why is he making a fuss?


As I left the bank, one question arose, I quietly turned my head and asked the team leader, who was flushed.

“By the way, why do you hate me so much?”

Team Leader Park who bothered me throughout my career.

I’ve talked back to him a few times when I was a freshman, but I’m not that hostile.


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