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The Quest Are Real Chapter 6

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For a moment, my palms were covered with sweat.

In the future, I should look more frequently at the map.

But now, I know that the background of my dream was a fantasy world, even it’s a small income, it is still income.

Moreover, I’m worried that a quest like hunting a Monster will come out later.

“But just in case.”

I found something useful as a weapon.

The size of the branh tree wasn’t badly off.

All the pieces of wood that fell on the ground are those that seem to break if I were to touch them.

I wanted to cut down a branch of the tree using sharp stones, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to stay in one place for a long time.

So I took off my t-shirt and tied it with a rock the size of a fist to make a blunt instrument.

I don’t know what it’s called, but it looked so intimidating that it would make someone hard to approach it if I held it in my hand and swung it.

Subsequently, the string was made of a T-shirt soaked in water so that it wouldn’t break easily as the stone moved quickly.

Suddenly, my sport changed from hiking to survival.

“Come to think of it, this is not my outfit before I went to sleep.”

My current outfit here was a white cotton shirt and black training pants.

What’s more, the weaponized T-shirt was made to catch rabbits yesterday.

Is this the basic clothes in this strange dream?

Well, it was still clothes.

It was a trifle issue compared to the big problem at hand.

[Karas Village]

Since I was moving carefully, it took longer than expected to reach the destination.

It was not until another hour after I met Goblin that I could reach the end of the forest, and then I saw a village with wooden walls on a hill slightly away from the Forest of Peace.

“That’s a relief.”

I no longer had to spare myself, so I ran down to the village.

On the way…

I felt something chasing me from behind.

When I looked back, three Goblins were following me closely.

I used to look at the map frequently in the forest, but my carelessness caused this situation as soon as I saw the village.

One of them was especially familiar to me, and it was the Goblin I first found.

I wondered why the guy, who seemed to have a good sense of smell left, but he actually went back to call a colleague.

Goblin, who is treated as a small mob in the game, seems to be cautious and difficult to deal with here.

One makes you already falter, but there were too many to fight back.

I’m not a real character in the game, and it was impossible to deal with three monsters without any proper weapons at the same time.

I threw a stone that I got while running.


Luckily, one fell from the stone.

It was not life-threatening as it’s not powerful enough, but I think it was a big achievement just to separate one from them.

“Hello! I’m being chased!”

There must be some sort of soldier guarding the village if monsters were roaming around not far away.

I ran towards the village screaming, while the Goblin, who was chasing me hard with his short legs and wielding a dagger in his hands, screamed as if he was very annoyed.

The vivid dream, which I thought it was nothing short of reality, began to sink in me as I lose my strength on my knees, wondering if I should have improved my physical capabilities in the time I was unemployed.

At this rate, I’ll be caught up before I get to the town.

It was then.
The village’s heavy gate, which had no responses earlier opened, and five young men with long spears in their hands ran toward me.

I’m afraid my luck hasn’t run out yet.

Thanks to this, the goblins, who had been on the rise, immediately turned their backs and ran away.

“I’m alive.”

And as the distance between me and them widened, an arrow flew from the village.

The target, of course, was Goblin on the run.

“Are you all right?” As my legs relaxed and collapsed, a young man who was not much different from any ordinary Korean approached me and asked.

“Yes, thank you for your help.”

Two of the three goblins were killed by the arrows and one that was hit by my stone survived and fled to the forest.

Running away from Goblin looks pathetic, but what can I do?

From what I learned in this phenomenon, I think it is wise to save myself rather than to act as if it was a game in mind.

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