The Quest Rewards Are Real!

The Quest Rewards Are Real Chapter 4

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When they saw me looking like this, a friend named Park Woo-chan teased me.

“Hey, how can you say that when your friend is having a hard time?”

Jung-woo sain in response to Woo-chan, while showing his pissed off appearance.

While, Lee Cho-hee, the only woman among the members who I sat together with, said with a sullen look.

“Honestly, isn’t he too shameful? Originally, this was a group of talented young people, but at the age of 27, he is still unemployed.”

I was at a loss at the words of Cho-hee.

Kim In-sik, a bear-sized man, frowned, as if he couldn’t take her words.

“What the fuck is that? Do you make friends based on their abilities?”

“Honestly, we’re not kids anymore, and now we are arguing to something obvious. Jihoon must at what level he should be to fit in..”

Jung-woo works for a Finance company, Woo-chan and Cho-hee work for the Government, and In-Sik is a doctor.

Not long ago I had a business card and didn’t need bow to them, but now I’m just unemployed.

“That’s funny and pathetic. Not too long ago, the parents used to love Jihoon.

Cho-hee and Woo-chan looked at each other and shrugged.

This was my first cold shoulder from my friends. I usually moved forward with my life without any difficulties.

Until now, I felt that the eyes of the two seemed cold, but I didn’t know they would ignore me openly in this meeting.

Since the five of us were always together, we have never ignored each other and fought.

As In-sik said, Cho-hee and Woo-chan were being far too mean to a friend.

“Hey In-Sik, let’s get straight. How hard has it been for us to keep an eye to eye with him? Why do we have to look out for a friend when we should be pleasing our boss?”

“Yeah, he ignore and look down on us before. Maybe this is his karma.”

It was quite shocking to know Woo-Chan and Cho-Hee real thoughts.

“What do you mean? Why am I ignoring you?”

I swear I never thought of them like that.

Because even if my personality is calculative, I am not cold-blooded enough to impose strict standards on my friends.

In-sik quietly pointed at me and said to Cho-hee and Woo-chan.

“That’s what you think, I’ve never been ignored by Jihoon. And I’ve never been bothered by him.”

In response to honest their responses, Jung-woo also spoke coldly to the two.

“Did you guys think that all this time?”

The two responded, “Didn’t you know it?” but they did not change their attitude.

“Oh, shit. I feel like a total villain.”

Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the drinking party became more and more harsh, and Cho-hee and Woo-chan stood up feeling unwelcomed.

“We’re going now. Play with your best friends.”

“Hey, this is how you’re leaving? Apologize to Jihoon first!”

“Whatever, I’ll see you later without him.”

I smiled bitterly at the back of those two heads.


After drinking until late at night with friends after Cho-Hee and Woo-Chan left, I threw myself into bed as soon as I got home.

The situation of being ignored by two friends was more irritating than being miserable.

This absurdity never happened because I wasn’t ugly.

So I vowed to get a job that doesn’t make others looking down on me.

I will be more on future-oriented than being pessimistic about the current situation.

‘I can’t sleep like this.’

I got up from my seat to wash up.

I wanted to stay up. But somehow, I felt so heavy that I couldn’t move.


I drank quite a bit, but I didn’t drink too much.

Moreover, I was strangely in good condition today, so I wasn’t that drunk.

Yet, my body did separately with my mind as if I had been paralyzed by a taser, and it was not long before I felt like I was being pulled in the air with a magnet.

And in the midst of confusion my surroundings turned dark.

The first thing I smelled in the darkness was a fresh scent full of grass.

Subsequently, the sound of the leaf clenching stimulated the hearing, and the cool wind tickled the cheeks.

Finally, my eyes opened and I could see the view, and what caught my eye as the darkness faded was the green-filled forest scenery with warm sunlight.


Maybe it was because I was familiar with this atmosphere, I could feel that it was the same forest that appeared in my dream yesterday.

If there’s a virtual reality game, would it feel like this when one connected?

Having regained complete control of my body following smell, hearing, touch and sight, I briefly uttered.



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