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The Quest Are Real! Chapter 7- Karas Village (2)

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I didn’t know it as I ran away in a hurry, but now I saw that my feet were covered with wounds.

I would buy shoes, if I could.

I don’t know who put me in this situation but they must be mean people.

As I approached the village, a big middle-aged man with a beard like a bandit approached and asked.

“How did you end up like that?”

“I don’t know it either.”

In response, he stroked his beard with a ‘hmm’ sound.

“I’m sorry, but can I see your ID? I think we need to identify you so we could help.”

He look at me from up and down, frowning.

He seems to be suspicious of me, but from his point of view, it was only natural to ask for an ID card.

[Quest completed successfully]

[Your ID will be activated as a reward]

[Intelligence increased by 1]

Quest completion message came to mind at the right time.

I nodded and looked at the notification because there was an ID card in this quest reward.

But I didn’t received any quest reward card.

Is this the same way as a map?

The message also said “ID function” instead of “ID card”.

I raised my hand thinking of my ID, and several texts came infront of me like holograms with a golden lion flag at the corner, which appeared to be a flag of this country.

[Kaelon Kingdom ID]

Name: Jihoon

Gender: Man

Class: Human

Date of birth: 25 May 1076.

Place of birth: Royal Decree of Cardia.

Criminal history: None


The middle-aged man, who had been squinting at me until just now, gave a small exclamation.

“I’ve never seen a magic ID before. I’m sorry If I doubted you. It was an inevitable. This was for the safety of the village, so I hope you could understand.”

The ID Function that I could read in Korean.

I don’t know if it’s automatically translated or if their texts are Korean, but I wasn’t that surprised and laughed awkwardly.

Since the conversation I already had with them was Korean for me, I decided to dismiss it as just a setting.

‘As long as he is not suspicious of me anymore.’

“Thank you for saying that. Nice to meet you Jihoon, I’m Torres, the village chief.”

He was the chief.

“I’ve been saved thanks to your help. Good to know you, Chief Torres.”

I tried to get rid of the unnecessarily fancy ID cards that caught people’s eye, but I tilted my head when I found a “[+]” sign near the bottom of the ID.

And I pressed it without thinking much.



Stamina: 3

Agility: 3

Intelligence: 23

Mana: 1

Luck: 1

Like a game, a status window appeared.

There was no levels, but looking at the numerical ability, I thought this place was really starting to look like a game.

“You’re very intelligent, where did you work at? An administrator?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have looked at it recklessly, but it was inevitable because you showed your ability so openly. By the way, you seem to be someone with status to possess a Magic ID. We only encounter an administrator once every three years.”

I removed my ID from the air when he said I shouldn’t show my abilities.

“I’m afraid you’ve been involved in some sort of incident. I’ll take you to the inn, go get some rest there.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have the money right now.”

I replied in a very meek manner.

“Don’t worry, my village of Karas is not that mean. Just relax.”

“Thank you.”

I accepted his offer without refusing.

It didn’t take as long as yesterday, but now that I’ve completed the quest, won’t I wake up?

Following him, I sneaked a look at the condition of the village of Karas.

Most of the roofs and framing of the buildings were woods, but the walls are brick walls.

A village with a medieval atmosphere, a basic element of fantasy.

And unlike what I saw on the outside, the inside of the village was quite big.

There are shops in a small market, and the inn where the chief was guiding me to was quite large, indicating that it was a village usually frequented by outsiders.

“Our village of Karas is one of the most visited monster hunting grounds by mercenaries. You’re lucky to have made it out of the woods safely, because Goblin, Orcs and Ogre appear around here.”

“I’ve been in the woods for quite some time, but I’ve never felt any other sign of life.”

“That’s the way it should be. There are no mercenaries in the woods. You came in at the front gate of the village, and mercenaries usually hunt in the canyon to the east. It’s safer there and it’s more efficient to hunt.”

When I turned my eyes and looked at the map, a place called Kent Canyon was located to the east of the village of Karas.

The inn owner wiped my bloodstained feet with water and applied medicine made by crushing herbs to the wound.

They’re so nice to me when I have nothing to do with this town.

Is this a situation where something experimenting with me in this situation like a game trying to get the story going?

“Keep this on for now.”

What he handed over was a slipper, commonly called a flip-flop, made of straws woven and a wooden board.

In addition, he handed me back my T-shirt that I had converted into a blunt instrument, but fortunately, it was only wrinkled and the shape remained the same, so there was no problem wearing it.

By the way, when do I wake up from this?

Sitting in the room that they guided me to rest, I stayed still and tilted my head looking at the chief of the village even though the owner of the inn already left.

“Do you know how to calculate?”

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