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The Quest Are Real Chapter 5- Karas Village (1)

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I spent Five minutes wandering in the woods.

I bit my lips with a helpless expression.

I can’t believe I’m having this ridiculous dream again after yesterday.

I simply thought that it was just a dream, but the 10,000 won given as a reward and the process of going to the dream was so bizarre that I couldn’t take it lightly anymore.

I may have hoped for a hospitable ambience because I was human, but the unfriendly circumstances without any explanation caused more anxiety rather than anticipation.

“Is this the work of an alien?”

It is only natural to think so with this unusual phenomenon.

These circumstances, can only be done by an alien or by a divine prank.

Is there anyone else who experiences this kind of nonsense besides me?

[Quest Occurred]
Rating: F
Contents: Head to the village of Karas.
Rewards: Lowest Reward Card, ID Function.


While being preoccupied with my thoughts, a quest came to my mind which convinced me that this dream was a continuation of yesterdays.

Thanks to this my thoughts became more complicated.

“Got no choice then.”

As I realized from yesterday’s experience, I have to complete the quest in order to wake up.

I have to fulfill them even if I didn’t want to.

I didn’t know the purpose of the quest, but all I can do now was to complete what is given to me.


But there is one problem.

I don’t know where this forest is, so how can I find the village of Karas?

I thought of one thing I have forgotten to have received.

“That’s right.”

Just as today’s quest had two rewards, so did yesterday’s rewards.

‘Map functionality is enabled as a reward.’

I rolled my eyes diligently at the rewards that seemed to be very necessary now.

I think the map function would appear in the corner of the notification window like the games.

However, no matter how much I rolled my eyes and looked around, I couldn’t see a “Magnifying Glass” which represented the map.
(note: I don’t know if it is the Light Bulb or a question mark, as long as it represents the wisdom or intelligence. In the Raws there is only one syllable Ji 지)

Well, I’ve been wandering around until now, and I’m sure I’ve would have noticed this with my eyes.

“Just in case,” So I thought about the map and said it out loud


[The map unfolds]

A map the size of a translucent A4 paper appeared before me.

This allowed me to realize that this system existed in this dream.

[Forest of Peace]

The place where I am now is called Forest of Peace.

On the map, it was a small forest right at the entrance of the Bert Mountains, and it did not look that far from the village of Karas.

Thanks to the friendly map I know my current location, I took a simple walk in the direction of the village without any difficulty.

-Swish swoosh

-Chirp chirp

Unlike the spooky atmosphere yesterday at night, the view of the sunlit forest was so beautiful that I could not help but admire its full of vitality.

Walking through the phytoncide-filled forest seems to clear my mind.

The nature’s greenery that I’ve long forgotten.

Since graduating from college, I have been stuck in a concrete building, so hiking after a long time made me think that the current situation I am in was not necessarily bad.

“It looked pretty close on the map.”

I decreased my speed and walked slowly. Since I had such peace after a long time, I quietly enjoyed the walk in the woods.

At this rate, I think I’ll have to walk for another hour.

No matter how beautiful the forest was and how enjoying the hiking was, it was not easy to move through the bumpy forest without a proper path.

Moreover, I am barefoot now, so I had to be careful in each step I take.


When I walked probably about two-thirds from the starting point to the village of Karas.
Like a mini-map of a game, there was a problem with the map right at the corner of my location.

A red dot from not far away from me.

When I felt a sign of a large population in that direction, I hid unknowingly.


When I found out something that showed up, I couldn’t help but open my eyes wide.


About 1.2m tall and close to human appearance.

However, its nose and ears were too large and pointed compared to their faces.

The ragged irregularly grown hair and itd combo with green skin were enough to arouse someone’s disgust.

It was the appearance of Goblin, commonly classified as a basic monster with slime in the RPG.

If it was a normal dream I would have rushed in and attack it, but this dream was nothing out of ordinary.

With vivid senses, there was a 100% possibility I would feel pain if I receive a hit.

Furthermore, even if the goblin was naked, he had a sharp yet crude, dagger in his hand.

No matter how young a child is, he is still dangerous if he holds a blade in his hand.

Also, as this dream could affects reality, I had no idea what will happen if I died.

I think the best answer is to hide like this now.


As if his big nose wasn’t a decoration, he looked around, sniffing like an animal.

He tilted his head to see if something was wrong and slipped back.

The Goblin slowly drifted away from the map.

I let out a sigh of relief as I calmed down my chest.

“I thought I was dead for a moment.”

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