The Quest Rewards Are Real!

The Quest Rewards are Real! Chapter 3- Strange (2)

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After washing up in the bathroom, I rubbed my temples looking at the black card still lying in the corner of the desk.

How am I supposed to take this?

A strange dream that forced quests like a game.

But the reward for the quest, suddenly appeared in reality.

[Lowest Rewards]

When I picked up the card, golden words were engraved on the black card again and a message popped up in front of me like a hologram.

[Do you want to use a card?]

What a bizarre situation this was.

Don’t tell me… I am still dreaming?


Something I don’t know the answer of.

Frankly, it is best not to be entangled with it.

But why?

I had an intuition that this card wouldn’t be anything harmful to me.

It was as if waving its hand with a smile saying ‘I won’t hurt you.’

Standing still and fiddling with the card, I decided to try it.

If it were me before, I would have just ignored it, but after going through so many abnormal things, I thought it was the only best thing to do rather than to judge if it was right or wrong.

Also, I was interested in situations that are far from my daily life as the current life I have was already difficult.

[Do you want to use the card?]

If I have already decided, all it left is the action.

I nodded without hesitation.


[You have used your lowest reward card]

And a brilliant white light burst from the small card.

“What, what?”

The pure white light began to get smaller, and soon burst like firecrackers, and the shiny light powder scattered in the air like snow.

In place of it, appeared a piece of paper.

It fluttered and slowly fell off, then i took it with my hands without any difficulty.

[You earned 10,000 won]

Holding the green bill in my hand, I blinked with a stupid look on my face.

In contrast to the unrealistic circumstances, the rewards were far too realistic.

It’s a situation where I should lose strength in my shoulders.

I didn’t expect much, but I couldn’t hide my curiosity when I recalled the extravagant effect.

“Is this real money?”


–Would you like to deposit 10,000 won?–

That was real money.

When I deposited the 10,000 won bill into the ATM machine, I laughed in vain.

It’s good to get money, but this was also a situation that can’t be taken lightly.

It seems that what happened in the dream led to reality.

But it happened in a really ridiculous way…….

It was a situation that destroys common sense so far.

This doesn’t change anything much.

It was only 10,000 won that I got hold in my hands through this ridiculous miracle.

“I don’t know if I will be dreaming it again.”

It was foolish to cling to miracles with wishful observations.

Ordinary people may make a fuss saying this situation was nonsense, but I calmed down myself as fast as my heart returned to its original beating.

What I have to do right now was still the same as yesterday.

Job application and interview.

[An abnormality occurred in which the moon looks crushed around Seoul this morning. Scientists say it’s a temporary phenomenon caused by atmospheric instability, so it’s not a big problem to worry about.….]

On the way home, a news from the bus station electronic display caught my eye.

In the electronic display, the moon above the dark sky was shaking just before sunset.

“That’s amazing.”

I didn’t pay much attention to it and went my own my way.

What I had to worry about right now was not the phenomenon, but the interview this afternoon.

A pub in Seocho-dong.


When I sighed and hit my head on the table, my friend since high school “Kim Jung-woo” tapped me on the shoulder.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m sure you’ll find a good job.”

He has a handsome face in a neat suit.

Jung-woo was compared to me in many ways during high school.

However, although he went to the third-rate university due to messing up the CSAT, it was still a prestigious university with a high name value, and now he is a popular employee from a Finance Company.

“I never expected Jihoon to be like this. You would never know what would happen to someone’s life.”

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