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The Quest Rewards are Real! Prologue

I’m a self-centered that hates losing.

Thanks to this, I often hear that I lack consideration and have no affection, but no one took issue with this because I have always had that much result.

With some ability, people themselves wrapped their cold personalities up as blunt.

Maybe a good appearance played a part of it.

I entered Seoul National University, where all high school seniors want to go through a humanities high school that leads to prestigious gate in Seoul.

After four years of college, two years of military service, and a little break, I got a job at a large company that everyone in Korea knows at the age of 26.

I was a specimen of Eom Chinah and the greatest pride of my humble family.

“Jihoon, I’m very frustrated right now. Just do what you’re told to. Why do you keep messing up?”

“That’s… ..because the work is so inefficient. Isn’t this a faster way to finish?”

“I mean, you don’t like the way they’ve been sticking to it for a long time?”

“What? That’s not what I’m saying, why don’t we make some corrections when there’s a better way to go…”


“You’re very good. Do you want to embarrassed me that much?”

“Oh, no.”

“Last warning. Go back to your seat right now, organize the data in that inefficient way, and post it to me, okay?”



Sadly, the best outcome and title of my life was off-road, full of dirt, sand and gravel, not an extension of the solid road.

The inside of Korea’s high-tech conglomerate was as unreasonable and as sensitive to minor changes during the military.

The bosses said they hated the way their subordinates stood out, and warned them not to be bothered if anyone showed motivation.

On such a subject, the results of his subordinates’ efforts are well made to be his own, so this can be seen as worse than the military.

In terms of personality, I want to point out my mistakes by looking at the problems one by one, but when I think about my parents’ expectations and future life, I had to swallow my anger and continue my work life.

“Well, that can’t be true.”

“Jihoon you were in charge of H Chemicals! What’s gonna happen to you if they pull out? A whopping 5 billion disappeared in the air, and it doesn’t make sense not to know!”

“Wait! I just added the emailed transaction history to the report! I’m not in a position to manipulate the data!”

“There was a problem with the report itself!”

“What the….”

“What’s the big deal about Jihoon?”

“I can’t avoid being reprimanded!”

“Report! Show me the report!”

“No! You’ll probably check your account. You’d better be prepared if you get stabbed.”

As much as everyone persevered, no matter how shitty the company was, they endured it.

I thought I killed my own feelings and assimilated into the word irrationality, but was that not enough?

I was fired after a year and five months after I joined the company when I was embroiled in a cash outflow scandal.

What’s absurd is that 30 million won was deposited into my salary account on the day of the investigation.

If anyone has an idea, it would be suspicious, but somehow the case ended without further investigation.

“That’s what I told you. Just do what you’re told. Thank you for leaving without further charges.”

“I can’t end it like this. Let’s wait and see.”

“Jihoon, don’t try to raise this case any more. We could have a civil lawsuit for the loss of 5 billion dollars.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I mean get the hang of it.”

Despite the loss of 5 billion won, the company was busy covering it up.

If you’re not a fool, one can already know what happened.

This case was caused by the company’s top man.

It could be a slush fund issue, or a bribery issue.

But the obvious fact was that there was nothing I could do in this damn situation.

“I think you can get a better job. I’m sorry, but you doesn’t seem right for us.”

<<Interview number 101, ID Cho Jihoon. I look forward to seeing you better next time. Thank you for applying for a job at the head office.>>

A downhill for the first time in my life, far from the word “Best”.

Funnily enough, once I went downhill, it was getting faster and harder to escape.

In a year and five months, the record of being fired by a well-known conglomerate was stigmatized, and interviewers shook their heads no matter how well they explained the situation and wrapped it.

It was a moment when I realized that life could not be done with just individual effort and ability.

“What’s this?”

An unexpected miracle came to me as I was slowly getting tired of the endless war of attrition.

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: E

Content: Hunt 5 Rabbits

Rewards: Lowest Rewards Card, Map


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