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The quest reward in the dream is real Chapter 1- Strange dream (1)

In a dense forest, the sound of leaf clenching stimulated my ears. I stood barefoot in the grass, looking up at the dreary night sky full of clouds.

“Is this a dream?”

Unless I suddenly sleepwalk, this situation is more like a dream.

I still have a vivid memory of going to bed, but this is what happened to me as soon I closed my eyes…

Is this the lucid dream that I’ve always heard of?

“This is a very strange situation.”

However, even if I were to do something shameful in this dream, or if I were to do something evil, everything will be gone as soon as I wake up.

Moreover, in a lucid dream, I can control the situation as I wish, so I can experience how to be a God for just one day.

An ordinary 27-year-old man would invite a pretty woman to enjoy a crazy party, but the only thing that came to my mind right now was the face of the “team leader and my direct boss” from my previous job.

“These sons of bitches.”

Until a year ago, I never showed hostility to others this much, but my personality has changed a lot recently.

I took this opportunity to dream of bloody revenge and really hoped that the two would appear before me.


However, contrary to what I heard about lucid dreams, it had no effect, only the sound of the leaves clumping in the forest stimulated my ears even more.

“Of course it is.”

Nothing is going well these days, so I slumped in the woods while laughing.

“Don’t tell me I’m gonna have to stay like this till I wake up, am I?”

Then this was not a bad lucid dream. It’s definitely a kind of nightmare.

A dull, empty nightmare.

I can’t even hear a single cry of bugs.

The sky is full of clouds, so I can’t even spend time watching the stars.

No matter how much a dream this was, if the atmosphere is like this, the fear that didn’t exist initially was now gradually blooming.

It wasn’t long before I got up from my seat and looked around.

Even though it was a dream, it was still a forest without a single light, but the view was brighter than expected, so there was no difficulty in distinguishing what is the surrounding scenery.

I stood up without a sense of purpose and soon confronted an absurd scene.

<<Spotted bunny:

White Rabbit

Black Rabbit>>

There was a fairly spacious vacant lot in the middle of the forest. And there were no other signs except for plants, and all kinds of rabbits running around there.

Moreover, the rabbit had a friendly name on its head like in a game.

“What’s this?”

I don’t know why.

But that wasn’t the end of the absurdity.

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: F

Content: Hunt 5 Rabbits

Rewards: Lowest Rewards Card, Map

“Is this a game?”

Literally, the concept of this dream seems to be a role-playing game.

But there is no reason why I should dream of this kind of concept.

Rather than bothering myself to catch the rabbits, I think I should wait here until I wake up from my dreams.

The creepy atmosphere has disappeared thanks to the rabbits.

As I sat down, some rabbits wandered around and approached me.


A regular RPG would give me a dagger to kill them, but I, a bare-handed man, needed to wring their neck to hunt these guys.

I am not a philanthropist, but I was not emotionally dry enough to wring the neck of a rabbit running around with a helpless face.

[Quest Occurred]

[Quest Occurred]

[Quest Occurred]

[Quest Occurred]

However, the dream continued to post hologram messages in front of my eyes and urged me to do the quest.

I clearly ignored the message.

I could say that now, I’m good at holding back my temper.

After a long time of ignoring those alarms, the mischievous message soon disappeared.

I think I realized that this dream itself was useless because it was caused by the action of my brain anyway.

“What the hell.”

It’s been more than 10 hours since I had this strange dream.

I’m not sure if the flow of time in this dream was the same as reality, but there’s no sign of me getting out from this environment.

I made all sorts of fuss to wake up, but my body didn’t listen.

And then hours later, when I got more anxious and impatient. The quest appeared.

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: F

Content: Hunt 5 Rabbits

Rewards: Lowest Rewards Card, Map

I remembered the message that I had forgotten.

“It’s like…….”

It’s like it’s saying ‘complete the quest if you want to wake up.’


With a short click with my tongue, I glance at the bunnies gathering around me.

“I have no other choice.”

As I said earlier, I am not a philanthropist.

Although my emotions are not dry, I can still force others to sacrifice for my own benefit.

It’s just that I didn’t want to do it earlier, but this was not a matter of twisting a rabbit’s neck whether I like it or not.

What’s more, isn’t this place just a dream?

There is no need to feel guilty.

I took off my baggy white t-shirt, tied the ends together to form a sack, and started picking up the rabbits right nearby.

I’ve already experienced that rabbits run away when I touch them, so I have to secure as many as possible when they’re gathered in such a defenseless manner.

“Oh, my…”

However, no matter how fast my movements were, it is not comparable to the quickness of the rabbits.

I only got two of them, while the other rabbits widened their distance from me in an instant.

“I can’t help it.”

I pulled out a rabbit I caught and twisted its neck.

[Hunt 5 Rabbits: 1/5]

Fortunately, there was no rule that HP should be zeroed to complete a hunt like an RPG game.

Also, there’s no damage mark.

But when I twisted the rabbit’s neck, it felt so real that I couldn’t stop myself from frowning.

The climate of the forest was early autumn.

The occasional wind, strong grass, and the sensation felt by my whole body were already too vivid for me, but when I twisted the rabbit’s neck, I thought again “Is this really a dream?”


Since I killed the rabbit, no matter how long I waited, they didn’t come at me in a group.

The quest will be completed only when three more are caught, but if they continue to stay about 10 meters when I approach, they ran away at full speed.

It must be very hard to run and catch a rabbit.

I thought of a survival TV show and tore the clothes off the bag and made four traps with the branches.

And when I lured the rabbits there, I caught one in every ten rabbits.

I finished the hunt easier than I thought.

[Quest completed successfully]

[Map functionality is enabled as a reward]

[Quest completed using wisdom]

[Increases intelligence by 1.]

The messages made my eyes dizzy.

For some reason, there was a lack of compensation, but I didn’t care because there was no guarantee that I would continue to dream the next day.

My only concern is ‘Can I wake up from this dream now?’


After a while.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt the world was turning dark.


When I opened my eyes, it was not the grotesque woods, but my own room with a familiar view.

The 10 Pyeong (33sqm) studio smells like trash, because I spent most of my time at home as I couldn’t find new jobs.

“That was a strange dream.”

I was still surprised when I woke up, It was such a realistic dream that I thought I might have fallen into another world.


Usually, when I dream, I wouldn’t sleep deeply, but when I stretched out, I felt so light that I wondered if I ever felt this refreshing before.

And when I opened my eyes.


Something hard fell on the floor, that drew my attention.

“What is it?”

It was a single card.

A black card on both front and back.

It was slightly larger than a credit card, and the material was both plastic and metal.

It was my first time seeing it, so I lifted it and tilted my head.

But then.

[Lowest Rewards]

On the black card, there were some words suddenly engraved with golden ink.

[Quest Reward Card]

[You can obtain items and abilities randomly depending on the class. Would you like to use a card?]

Suddenly, a message window appeared in front of me.

Frightened by the window, I threw away the card.


Note: 1 Pyeong is about 3.306 sqm

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Transmigration In every dream

Transmigration In every dream

Score 7.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
In real life, Cho Jihoon was fired after being framed. The downhill road he faced for the first time in his life, which was far from the word hump, was harsh and he couldn’t get out of it. When he realizes that life is not something he can do with his own efforts and abilities. A quest occurred in Jihoon’s dream. If he finished a quest in a dream, he can get a reward in reality.


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