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Sorry for no update for 2 months, it is not procrastination this time. I had some problems in life that I needed to care of.

This is the first chapter of the paid chapters.

Laughter filled the training ground.

Those passing by, ran away after hearing those laughs, and the bird sitting on a nearby branch flew farther away.


“Hey, don’t overdo it. He might die, hahaha.”

Voices could be heard between giggling and laughter.

Mahol tried hard to contain his anger. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists at those who touched his body. He endured it all, he needed to endure all of it

It didn’t hurt much, perhaps, because he had been in this pain for too long.

He felt that the world was unfair for making him go through this kind of situation.

One day, this group of people came to him for no reason and began to bully him.

At first, they only bothered him with words, but the harassment got worse, and now they started beating him openly.

“Hey, there’s someone there.”

“What? Hey, hey.”

Mahol couldn’t even hope for someone’s help.

Those who bullied him were those who couldn’t be touched by teachers.

They reign as kings as they are the only aristocrats among the commoners in the academy.

No one would want to help a commoner with no power like him.

No one has given him a helping hand for these past three years, and it would still be the same in the future.

He would just grit his teeth by himself and vowed to pay it back later.

“I’ve never seen him before. Did he just transfer?”

An unexpected event occurred for the first time in Mahol’s academic life.

Someone approached him. Mahol tried to see his face, but it was hidden by the bullies.

All he saw were 2 pairs of legs of a man and a woman.

One of the bullies approached the person who just arrived.

The bully must have been annoyed to have been ignored, for it was the first time someone went against their words so far.

‘He’s probably the same.’

So did the others.

At first, he come to see himself (Mahol) being bullied, and then went away like he didn’t see anything.

That’s how it has been.

And it would be the same for that man too.

However, it didn’t take long for this idea to change.

Mahol heard the sound of joints twisting.

The bully collapsed screaming.

“What’s going on?”

Only then did Mahol realize that this was an entirely different situation than before.

The bullies faltered and stepped back.

As the light of the sun illuminated the man’s back, he asked Mahol.

“Are you okay?”

Mahol looked at the face of his savior.

It was the first time that someone looked at him with such a worried look.

“I think these guys are bothering you… Can I help you? I’ll take care of them if you want.”

A stranger, which Mahol had never seen before, brought up the word “help” to him.

‘Is he really trying to help, or is there any purpose behind it?’

Mahol was tired of thinking about anything.

All he knew was his despair for that help.

So Mahol nodded.

A woman, who was with his ‘savior’, approached and helped him.

Mahol looked at his back.

‘What if he will get bullied by them like me?’

‘Can he really help me?’

Mahol had all kinds of thoughts.

Although, he agreed to be helped.

Mahol didn’t know why he was trying to help him, can he really help him (Mahol)?

“Don’t worry.” The woman who was with his ‘savior’ opened her mouth.

‘Did she read my thoughts?’

Mahol showed a soft smile, trying to say that he was okay.

“The young master is a man who keeps his words.”

Mahol felt relaxed by her words.

Strong faith.

In order to have this belief, that woman must have seen it countless times.

“You acted as if you were going to rush in.”

His savior spoke.

And Mahol felt the air getting heavier.

Something started weighing down mercilessly as if there was a stone on top of the body.

After a while, it disappeared.

No, it only disappeared for him and the woman.


Each of the bullies in front of his savior was suffering. They were either holding their neck or chest.

Mahol noticed that his savior only emitted his aura towards the bullies.

“Is this possible?”

Was that possible? Was it possible to emit and control Aura at will?

At least none of the people he met could do that.

Maybe, those who exude this heavy Aura were frequent in the world of Nobility.

That’s why doubts arose in Mahol’s heart.

He didn’t know why his savior came to help him, but by carefully looking at his savior he could tell that he was a person nobler than his bullies.

Luxurious clothes, expensive jewels as decorations on top of them. He even got a maid with a luxurious appearance.

This was only possible if he were from the higher nobles.

Mahol was certain that he was grateful to his savior.

Thanks to him, he was able to avoid getting heavy hits before class began.

However, it was strange for a nobleman to confront a fellow nobleman just for a commoner.

Thinking of the weird taste of the nobles, Mahol started to get headaches.


Read at Krnvl. xyz


Watching them run away, Raymond turned around and looked at Mahol.

Mahol also looked at Raymond with eyes full of complicated feelings.

Mahol might be doubting why Raymond had helped him. His conflicting feelings of gratitude for helping him were revealed on his face.

“Let’s go get you some treatment.”

His body was full of wounds, so it might become hard for him if they were left untreated.

There was a clinic inside the Academy.

If Mahol went there, his wounds could be treated immediately.

However his face hardened and shook his head fast.

Alice looked at him blankly.

Holding his left arm, Mahol bowed his head.

“Thank you for your help. I won’t forget this grace.”

And he limped out of the training ground.

Raymond was dazed for a moment by his appearance.

Mahol’s face hardened when Raymond said he would take him to the treatment room.

That means something happened inside the treatment room.

‘First of all, I’ll have to be satisfied with this alone.’

He can find out about what happened separately on another day.
Raymond was quite satisfied that he made a good impression with him today.

“Where he lives and how he lives here… Know everything about him.”


Alice bowed her head.

A day has passed.

After meeting Mahol, Raymond returned to his accommodation and slept right away.

When bd woke up at the time he usually worked out, Alice was already waiting at the door.

Since there was a long way to go before the class begins, je headed to the walking course he saw yesterday.

A garden beautifully decorated with flowers and various kinds of trees.

If they go straight that way, they will find a vacant lot.

A suitable place to exercise moderately.

“What information did you get about him?”

“His family is…”

Walking side by side with Alice, Raymond listed the information she had found out.

The first was that Mahol’s family was composed only his younger brother and him.

His parents died when he was a child, and Mahol is currently taking care of his younger brother as the head of the household.

This information was already written on the Novel.

“But where they live is not good.”

Second, she talked about the accommodation where he lived in.

When she said that they live in an environment that seems to not be human, Raymond furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

Just by listening to her explanation, he was sure it was a place he would never want to set foot on.

“His brother was initially very healthy, but now he has a disease….”

About the younger brother.

It is said that he got sick because he was unable to adapt to the environment where they lived due to his weak immune system.

No, to be honest, if they live in such a place, no matter how good their immunity is, they will inevitably get sick.

“…That’s it. I think I need more time to find more details.”

“Okay, good job.”

It’s great that she was able to find anout those details right away.

Others won’t be able to bring that much information in less than half a day.

Especially if it was a case like Mahol, it’ll be even harder.

Because the people around him won’t even try to talk because they are wary of the bullies.

Knowing her hard work, he had no intention or reason to blame her for not finding all his information immediately.

“Let’s go back.”



Class A-2.

Standing in front of Raymond was man with a muscular body and said.

“From now on, you’re a student and I’m a teacher, so I won’t respect you.”

Raymond smiled and nodded to him.

It seems that it was difficult to treat him recklessly, the son of the Count.


The teacher sighed with relief, opened the door of the classroom, and went inside.

There were a lot of noise.

This is exactly what a class room looks like.

As several students gathered and chatted loudly, it created a chaotic atmosphere.

“Quiet! Everyone, sit down on your proper sit!”

When the teacher shouted loudly and hit the desk with a book, the students went to their own seats and sat down.

That all looked at Raymond curiously when he came inside with the teacher.

And among them, there were some bullies he saw yesterday.

“Huh? That’s him.”

“Oh, my. Why did he come to my class?”

The teacher said quiet, but there were still some students chattering with each other.

When Raymond stared at them, theu closed their mouth and tried to turn their head and avoid his gaze.

“There would be a new classmatemy on class today. Let’s all welcome him.”

Students applauded the teacher’s words.

“He will no introduce myself, so everyone listen quietly.”

Then the teacher looks at Raymond.

It was a signal to introduce himself.

Raymond cleared his head and thought of what to say.

Hiding doesn’t mean hiding the identity, and Raymond decided to reveal himself.

“I’m Raymond Millennium. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

He said it short and concisely.

“Raymond Millennium? The Count’s Jerk Son?”

“Hey, hey, be quiet. He’ll hear it if you do that.”

Raymond already heard it all.

The reaction was more intense than he thought.

The students whispered looking at Raymond with mysterious eyes, and some looked at him with contempt.

“This is normal.”’

He sighed a little.

He didn’t know Raymond’s atrocities spread all the way here.

Maybe it’s a given.

Only the nobles knew about what happened inside the banquet, and those who were there did not attend the academy.

So the rumor would have not come this far.

That means that their perception of me isβ€”An incompetent jerk.

An incompetent Son of a Count, who was born as a child of Master Wizard but could not use magic at all.

And above all, it would be strange that the child of a Master Wizard entered the swordsmanship department.


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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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Thanks for coming back!. Although i forgot the story line but i love this novel πŸ™‚

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