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Alice approached and knocked on the door.

“Come on in.”

Alice came in with Raymond’s clothes in her hands.

She walked towards Raymond and showed him the clothes.

“Young master, I brought the clothes you have requested.”


A black suit. It was a simple outfit without other decorations.

It was custom-made because the already made ones are not up to his taste.

On top of the suit, he would be wearing a cape with the insignia of the Millennium family.

“This is not bad.”

Yeah, this is what clothes should be.

These clothes fit him better than those clothes with various accessories adorned.

“It’s done.”

Alice brought a mirror in front of him.

Well-combed dark brown hairβœ“


His appearance fits perfectly the description of a handsome man, moreover, wearing the black suit made him look elegant and classy.

He put the sword he got from the commander on his waist.

He is now perfectly ready.


He nodded and walked along with Alice.

“Young master Raymond is here.”

Alice told the knights.

Even if she didn’t announce his name, they all know him.

This place was the Millennium Estate, and they were Millennium knights.

Nevertheless, announcing his name was just for formality.

The door opened smoothly and the knights all look at him.

Looking at their eyes, it seems like they were telling him to go in.

Alice looked back at Raymond and said,

“Young master, I have something else to do…”

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“I hope you have a great time in the banquet.”

Alice bowed her head and left.

She have a lot of work to do during the banquet.

Gazing at her back, she entered through the doors opened by the knights.

Raymond looked around. Even though it was still early, the banquet hall was already filled with nobles from all over the world.

There were nobles standing in front of the orchestra.

They were smiling satisfied while listening to the sweet music.

There was a large fighting ring at the edge of the banquet hall.

It was a field built in case a fight starts during the banquet.

Sometimes, the children who couldn’t stand arguing to each other, would climb up to fighting ring and fight.

The most interesting thing in the banquet was obviously watching the fights.

‘Most of the nobles dressed similarly.’

The current trend of clothes are clothes with colorful colors. Most of the noble’s children are adorned with either lace or ornaments.

And since the start of the banquet, their parents and powerful aristocrats have been talking with glasses up one by one.

“Hahaha, so…”


The nobles, who are in the same group together, showed off to each other.

Their mouths were smiling, but their eyes were cold and we’re looking for flaws to nitpick on.

They shook their heads for show but behind their backs, they would speak ill of one another as soon as they notice a single gap.

“This kind of life is tiring.”

Why do they backstab each other but then smile amicably in an event like this?

Ignoring them, he took a step.

“Is there anything you want?”

A servant who was walking around the banquet hall approached Raymond and asked.

He shake his hand and sent him away.

“Huh? Who do we have here? It’s Raymond. How have you been?”

At that time, a man with a bulging stomach approached and talked friendly.

Did Raymond know this person? He greeted him without expressing his doubt.

“Oh, I’m fine. How have you been?”

“Hmm? I’m fine too. But you’ve changed.”

He looked at Raymond with a strange look.

His eyes seems like he was evaluating a product.

Raymond ignored his gaze and answered

“People can’t be the same forever.”

“Is that so? Hahaha. Well then, keep up the good work.”


Raymond bowed his head slightly and left.

He felt gazes looking at his back, but he didn’t care.

“Huh? Raymond.”

“Why did you come out this time?”

Surprisingly, there were many people who knew Raymond.

No, maybe they knew him from the rumors. He must have been a popular topic among this nobles.

From what he could remember at Raymond’s memory, only few of them are familiar with him.

He is already exhausted just from greeting each of them, one by one.

“I can’t get tired this soon.”

He sighed.

It would have been better if he had ignored them, but because he is the son of the person who host this banquet, he was required to.

Are they curious about Raymond, who attended the banquet for the first time after four years?

They showed great interest to him as they approach for a talk.

That’s why he got tired immediately.

“There are more people.”

There were so many people that he felt like the banquet hall was full.

“I have to find Selina.”

His purpose of coming here, in the first place, was to get more acquainted with Selina.

He never thought of building friendship with others.

‘She must be surrounded by people.’

Like Beatrice, she is a sword genius who fought against the protagonist until the end.

Raymond met her for the first time when he visited Count Warlug to deliver the invitation.

The basic requirement to get close to her have been established.

‘For sure she is standing out among the nobles.’

He could already expect it even if he didn’t see it himself. The scene where many young masters are hovering around her, just for a talk came to his mind.

“Where is she?”

It was time to find her.

“Young Master Raymond.”

He turned his head to the voice calling him.

And his body stiffened.

“You were here.”

Selina in a white dress was smiling at him.


There were five children around her.

Each of them had a sword tied to their waist decorated with the same theme as their clothes.

The way they looked at him while talking to Selina was full of hostility.

From their point of view, Raymond would be like an uninvited guest who suddenly intervened in their group.

‘I’m sorry. I have an urgent matter to talk to her too.’

No matter how they looked at him, he just continued talking to Selina.

What’s important to him right now was to develop a simple relationship with Selina.

“How have you been? At that time, I was worried that I shouldn’t have intervened.”

“No, thanks to you, I was able to find a problem. Rather, I should be grateful. I was able to make a breakthrough thanks to you.”

“I’m glad I helped you.”

A good start has been established.

She showed a simple smile.

Feeling a little relieved, he remembered something he wanted to talk to her about.

“Ha ha. Don’t just have fun talking to each other. Can’t we join?”

A man, who was watching their, conversation intervened.

Taking a step forward, he cleverly stood between him andΒ  Selina.

“I’m Kaham Luhaman.”

To be honest, he was slightly surprised at him.

Kaham Luhaman. After Warlug Family, the next family famous for swordsmanship was Luhaman.

Kaham Luhaman was the eldest son of Count Luhaman. He was also a talented person.

He is sociable and possess a wide network. He doesn’t look bad.

‘He wasn’t describe in detail in the novel.’

He appear for a while in the beginning, but he was among the extra he didn’t bother to take note of


“I know. You are Young master Raymond.”

He had cut him off.

Aside from already knowing him, why did he cut him off at the middle of talking?

Is he of the same kind as those apprenticeship wizards?

‘Let’s not make hasty judgments.’

To judge him in one word, there was little information about him.

There was no need to pretend from now on.

“But. Young lady Selina.”


“I never thought Young lady Selina would be close to young master Raymond.”

The way he looked at Raymond was strange.

His mouth was smiling, but his eyes were not.

Unlike the way he looks at Selina, his way of looking at him is full of contempt.

“What does that mean?”

“That’s… As you know, Young Man Raymond is… There are bad rumors, right?”

‘Oh, I see.’

‘I forgot for a while because I was only at the training ground these days.’

“He is incompetent and like to cause harm to others… I heard he is only at 1st circle.”

Yeah, he was definitely looking down at him.

His eyes were like he’s looking at a bug.

He was worse than those apprenticeship wizards he beat up.

“What’s that…? Apologize. Why are you rude to Raymond?”

Selina’s face hardened.

His voice, when he said he was an incompetent Jerk was not low. Anyone around had hear it.

“Oh? It’s true. Raymond is…”

“We haven’t seen him coming for the past 4 years. Why did he come out with this time?”

“What is he going to do this time?”

The nobles started talking to each other.

“Kaham Luhaman!”

Selina stared intently at Kaham.

What he did was to insult Raymond in front of everyone.

If it was Raymond, the original, not me, Sunghyuk, he would have been greatly intimidated by the surrounding gaze.

In severe cases, he could have run away from this place.

“This is fun.”

Raymond looked at him face to face.

Kaham was smiling as if this situation was amusing.

Maybe the others could intimidate, Raymond the son of Count Millennium, however, he is not here anymore.

Just like old times

“Incompetent Jerk…”

Raymond uttered quietly.

He thought thought he muttered it where only he could hear it, but Selina looked back as if she heard it.

Her eyes contained complex feelings.

He looked away from her and looked at Kaham.

“You’re not wrong.”

He laughed.

Raymond showed a smiled.

Kaham stopped laughing at his unexpected appearance.

“But there’s one thing that Young master Kaham said wrong.”


While talking, he thought of a person who fits the current situation.

[“The Unknown God” shines at a new incident.]

Another sentence appeared to his mind.

Ignoring it, his smile was also erased.

“I’m a fool, but I’m not incompetent.”

Bain Warlug.

The person who could pressure them, the most suitable for this situation.

That’s how his ‘acting’ began.

“But I wonder what made you say that.”

Charisma, which he didn’t initially have, started oozing out from his body.

“You must know that I’m the only son of the Millennium family.”

His charisma that slowly stretched around.

Kaham and Selina, who were in front of him, started flinching and tremblinh.

“To say that I’m an incompetent jerk…”

He raised his hand and rubbed his chin.

The energy in his body spread in all directions as if he could no longer contain it.

Selina looked at him with disbelief at the charasma that filled the surroundings.

Raymond could understand her gaze.

What he see now, was very familiar to her.

“Bain Warlug.”

The best swordsman in the Kingdom, Bain Warlug.

“I don’t know why you brought that up.”

Raymond don’t know what Kaham meant, however, there is one thing that’s clear, he showed hostility to him.

That alone insulted Raymond.

“Can you take responsibility for that?”

Raymond smirked.

Kaham Luhaman’s face turned pale.

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