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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

My father prepared to go somewhere else without the knowledge of people in the village. However, there was no way others could not have noticed his father’s suspicious movements in a small town. At a time when everyone took notice, four months came by.

“You traitor! Do you want to go to a safe place by yourself?”

A drunken village man grabbed father by the neck.

“Do you have any evidence? I’m not trying to run away!”

“Don’t lie, everyone has noticed that you are preparing to run away to another town!”

Since everyone had already caught him, my father couldn’t get away with it any longer.

“Right! I’m leaving here to protect my daughter, why are you all dissatisfied?!”

“Who thinks that they don’t have children?”

“Then you should leave this town too! You don’t even have the courage to do that!”


Father and uncle got tangled up and started fighting. I burst into tears as the grown-ups were tangled up in a fight. However, the cry of a child like me was nothing in the ears of the excited adults.

“Traitor of the village! I’m going to live alone!”

(T/L: The other sentence meant that he will be the victor of the fight.)

Uncle excitedly lifted the brick.

“Please don’t do it!”

Someone shouted out loud, but it was already too late. A thick brick hit my father’s forehead.


Stuck in fear, I ran to my father. The ground started to get wet with blood from my father’s head. I reflexively looked for something sharp enough to slash my hand. I thought that if I rubbed my blood on my father’s head, he’ll be fine…..

At the very least, I tried to wound myself by biting my finger with my teeth again. But the bleeding quickly stopped.

It was because I remembered my father’s advice, which I had always heard tirelessly.

‘If they find out that you are special, people will try to step on you and kill you.’

People took me away to aid my father who was bleeding in front of me. But in fact, if there’s a way, there was no need for them to do that, because my blood can treat my father.

But I didn’t. The words of my father, who grabbed my shoulder and pulled me towards him, kept running through my mind.

‘If your abilities are discovered, you will eventually die.’

Hide, Hide, Hide… … .

That’s what my father always told me. It was also a word that was engraved in my mind. Because I couldn’t do anything, I just watched my father bleed to death.

And because of my selfishness and fear, my father eventually died.

The puddles of blood that flowed down from my father’s head and pooled on the ground were reflecting my crying face.

That year, the sacrifice became the young son of the man who killed my father.

Because he is the son of a murderer, he should pay for his father’s sins.

People often rationalized themselves in different ways.

I decided to hide in the house on the day that child was sacrificed. In fact, it felt as if I had come to live because of my father’s sacrifice. This was the price of not saving my father. At that moment, the blood that had pooled on the floor became a lake and then a sea, and it seemed to envelope my body even now.

Why did I do that?

Because my dad always said that I have to hide my specialness? No. That was an excuse. I was disgusted with myself. But nevertheless, I still wanted to live.

I’ve been lucky this year, but I don’t know what will happen next year. At night, I looked up at the sky through the window and prayed to all the gods that existed. please let me survive

But my prayers didn’t come true.



TL: Persephone


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To You Who Never Loved Me

To You Who Never Loved Me

To You Who Do Not Love Me, 나를 사랑하지 않는 그대에게
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
It was a hero with dreams of unifying the continent that saved me, who was about to become an offering made to a monster. And inevitably, I fell in love with him. But, the sad truth is, every famed and mythical hero eventually ends up with a beautiful and noble princess. And I was just a girl he’d saved. So, when he finally did unify the continent and marry a princess like any other hero, I, who couldn’t bring myself to kill you, decided to leave forever. “Goodbye, my moonlight.”


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