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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 61

Natra’s spaceship, installed on one side of the set by the Marine Production Team.

It was only the entrance of the spacecraft that could be opened and closed with a part of the outer wall attached next to it, but it was large, because it was made of its actual size.

Some empty places were surrounded by chroma keys.

“Wow, that’s cool. Can I take a picture?”

Lee Min-Joon and Seojun admired the appearance of the flashing black spaceship.

The back was an empty structure, but the front was the real Natra spaceship they saw in Shadowman 1.

Jonathan, who heard Lee Min-Joon, smiled and said.

“It’s okay. This will be displayed at the Marine Museum after we film Shadowman 2. Even if it looks like that, the outside is well done, but the inside is empty. There would be  a separate set when filming the inside of the spaceship.”

“Really? Seojun, take a picture, and let’s brag about it to your mom and uncle later.”

Jonathan photographed the two smiling people leaning against the black spaceship.

Evan Block and Rachel Hill, who appeared on the set after finishing their makeup, also took pictures together.

In the meantime, the staff also finished preparing for the shoot. The camera started rolling in the set and everyone returned to their seats. Director Ryan sat in front of the monitor.


[The gloomy scent of flowers blooming alone]

Seojun breathed slowly. Everyone looked at the actors with a nervous look.


Bell and Mac couldn’t say anything. Only then did Mac returned to his senses at Jin Natra’s words.

He got goosebumps from the tip of his toes.

“You… You…” Mac said as if throwing up with his trembling mouth while mumbling.

“What does that have to do with me now?” Jin Natra said with a cold look.

“Why?” Mac asked. He thought about the same woman who collapsed and cried came when his son disappeared from the blackhole.

Smelling damp scent rose from somewhere. Mac cried out without realizing it.

“Your parents are still waiting for you! If you were alive like this, shouldn’t you return to their arms right away?”

“With this body?”

Jin Natra pointed at himself with his finger.

Mac, who was about to shout, said, “What does that have to do with it?”

The child looks like he is already 10 years old. It was only a year ago that Natra’s abnormal wormhole occurred.  The child back then was only four years old and could have not grown immediately like that.


“It’s because the time between Natra and Earth is different.”

Bell intervened between the two. Bell, who had no idea what to do, grabbed Jin Natra’s shoulder. Even the other Natra’s, who was led by Bell, turned away.

“Let’s go back.”


Two people headed towards the spaceship. The door of the spaceship slowly came down and touched the ground. And from it, Natra’s soldiers in armor rushed out.


Mac shouted. The two people on their way to the spaceship stopped. Bell turned her head toward Mac.

“…Understand, they might understand. They love you so much!”


Jin Natra looked at the wide open spaceship and then at the sky. It was blinding.

He looked into the spaceship with slightly watery eyes and never looked back.

Mac shouted desperately.

“Come back! William!”

“I’m Jin natra.”

And the door of the spaceship was now closed.

“Cut! Okay!”

* * *


Seojun’s eyes were sparkling. Evan Block and his stuntman stood side by side in front of Seojun.

“They really looked the same.”

Not only the same height, but also the silhouette of the body was similar. Both were dressed as Shadowmen, so it really seemed that there were two Shadowmen. (TL: Like other superheroes, Shadowman has a mask. Think of him as Batman.)

Filming of the battle scene began. The hero’s battle was the most spectacular and important scene in any Marine Movie.

Most of the budget and the bast technology are poured on the Battle Scene.

Even the shooting days were also the longest.

Director Ryan Will and the stuntmen began filming. They were more nervous than ever, the staff worked hard and did their job right.

Seojun and Rachel Hill, who came to watch, occasionally appeared in battle scenes and sat together with Evan Block, who needed to say his lines.

It wasn’t as colorful as it was seen in the movie, but the combination of stuntmen was so good that it was still very exciting.

“I want to try it!”

Seojun stretched his fist along the Shadowman. Evan Block and Rachel Hill burst into laughter at his short arm.

“We’d better not shoot dangerous scenes if we can.”


“Do you know why the release of Redborn 2 was delayed?”

“The Redborn actor got hurt.”

Evan Block and Rachel Hill nodded.

“It may be okay when there is an actor to replace, but actors who will appear in a series like us should be careful towards their bodies above all else. What the audience likes is the role we play, and how disappointed would they be if another actor appears and substitute us?”

“I see.”

Seojun watched the stuntmen with disappointment.

Shadowman treated the enemy lightly and pretended to throw something. After CG work, the Shadowman’s hand would have to be covered by a shadowy Aura.

Evan Block stood up from his seat. It was because he saw Jonathan, who came towards them to convey Ryan’s words.

“If it’s not a dangerous scene, you can shoot as much as you want.

Evan Block followed Jonathan towards the film set and switched seats with his stuntman.

The shooting began again. Seojun, who was watching the battle scene, tilted his head and asked.

“Isn’t that a dangerous scene?”

Evan Block ran around and joined forces with the enemy stuntmen.

Obviously, it didn’t look as colorful as the scene just now, but there was still an action that seemed would have seriously hurt him if he did something wrong.

“Evan has been practicing Martial Arts since a long time ago. I learned various martial arts. Now, he is better than most stuntmen. In addition, he also knows how to shoot as safely as possible. Look at him.”

As Rachel Hill said, Evan Block checked the floor to see if there was anything to hurt his body, talked enough with the stuntmen who would play the opponent, and worked together lightly.

“If someone makes a mistake like that, it’s going to be a big trouble. In fact, Evan will want to be on the scene. He wants to act perfectly from start to finish. But if there’s a big accident, it would hurt everyone here, so he doesn’t do that.”

Seojun watched the staff working hard.

The stuntmen who are moving their bodies diligently. Actors. Makeup artists and staff who will work on CG. Many people were working hard for this movie.

“Jun, if you want to participate other movies, at least learn some Martial Arts. If learn Martial Arts from now on, you will be able to participate in more action scenes than Evan.”

Seojun nodded.

‘When I go back to Korea, I’ll enroll in a Taekwondo Dojo right away!’

* * *

From the scheduled shoot to the additional shoot. Shadowman 2’s filming did not end yet, but Seojun’s shooting are now over.

On the last day of filming, a public relations staff of Marine asked if they would attend the preview here in the United States. Seojun shook his head when he heard the date of the premiere.

“Thank you Everyone for taking care of me during the shooting!”

“Jun, take care. Call me when you come back to America!”

“This is my phone number and email address. Call me even if everything is okay.”

“Oh, me too!”

When Evan Block wrote his contacts on a paper he took from his notebook, he handed it to Seojun. Rachel Hill quickly found a paper and wrote down her e-mail address.

Seojun, who received the two papers, smiled brightly.

“Be careful when you shoot, because the battle scene is dangerous.”

“Don’t worry! I am very strong even if I look like this.”

“Let me know when you film another movie or drama next time. I’ll definitely watch it.”

The three actors, who had been together throughout the filming period, will now be parting their ways.

Evan Block and Rachel Hill left the hotel after it was time for Seojun to sleep.


“What it it son?”

Seojun lied down on his side to prevent himself from hibernating with his ability. From filming at Central Park to filming at the set. He remembered the time he spent in the United States.

He also hung out with his dad when he had time.

“I had so much fun. It would have been nice if my mom came too.”

“I know. When Seojun starts attending school and summer vacation comes, let’s come back with your mom.”

Lee Min-Joon was lying face to face at his son’s expression full of satisfaction and joy.

“Yes, I want to film again.”

“You really enjoyed yourself, huh? Do you want to act again?”

“Yes! I’m going to ask Uncle Chan if he has a good script”.

“Okay. Let’s ask him when we come back in Korea.”

Seojun’s eyes slowly closed.

“Tomorrow, I have to play with Jack…”

Lee Min-Joon covered his sleeping son’s blanket well.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

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He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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