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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 60

The shooting has begun. Cameras were installed here, and there were pointed toward Seojun and Evan.

Seojun and Evan stood in their own place. Evan stretched lightly according to his routine. Seojun stomped his feet,

[The elegant steps of Baron Cat]

Seojun touched the ability that was in my heart.

[The gloomy scent of flowers blooming alone]

Seojun balanced the two Mana flowing out from body with his breathing.

Don’t be swayed by the two mana. Let’s keep it balance. Whoo. Exhale and Inhale.

Now, it was possible to control both their strength and weaknesses.

“Ready, action!”

A blonde woman ran from there. It was Bell Natra. Bell raised her eyes and her voice while looking at the child.

“Where were you? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”


Bell would have known because she was following him. The child looked at Bell silently.

Feeling that something strange was coming from him, Bell stared at Mac standing behind the child.

Mac hurriedly shook his hands away from the child’s.

Then Bell found a pendant hanging on Mac’s neck.

Bell’s eyes got bigger.

That. What’s wrong with that? Bell’s gaze went down and headed for Mac’s foot.

In the end, the shadow, which had been short of patience, flinched first at her gaze. Bell’s eyes sparkled.


When Bell tries to open her mouth,

“I’m an adoptee.”

Mac and Bell were surprised by the child’s words and looked at the child. The child looked away from Bell and gazed at the reservoir.

“All of my brothers have outstanding abilities. I was the only one who was normal.”

Bell, who grew up with the child, was at a loss. The child turned his head and looked at Mac.

His eyes were immersed in darkness.

Mac’s forehead frowned. He felt that something was strange. He had a strange feeling.

Mac’s shadow, who was pretending to be an ordinary shadow, flinched.

Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous!

“My father, who adopted me, seemed disappointed in me and didn’t say a word to me. I didn’t want to be left behind. I wanted to be loved by my father. So I did my best for my beloved father. But my race was different from them, so the results weren’t good.”

Oh, no, his eyes shined furiously.

“By the way, what’s this?”

Mac swallowed his saliva at the child’s voice. Bell was restless and signaled somewhere. The child twisted his head around.

“My life has been here. Look over there.”

Where he pointed with his fingers, there was a child smiling happily while holding the hands of his father and mother.

It was a happy family, no matter who looked at it.

“I could live like that. Regardless of my ability, my parents were here to love me. You saw it earlier, right?”

He smiled sarcastically. Still, his biological parents were waiting for him and loving him.

It was faster for Mac to feel the aura emanating from him than to understand his words.

This is!

Mac could never forget this energy. Mac’s shadow fluttered.

“But my father ruined it.”


He laughed at Mac’s voice. Bell was surprised and grabbed the child’s shoulder. How did he know?

However, Bell couldn’t talk due to the child’s disappointed voice. Bell’s hand trembled.

“Right, it’s Natra.”

Seojun moved.

[The gloomy scent of flowers blooming alone]

[Evil’s Basic Breating is activated]

[The elegant steps of Baron Cat is Deactivated]

“I am Jin Natra, the son of King Natra.”

Malice erupted from Jin Natra’s body. Mac stepped back at the cold energy that seemed to eat himself.

Bell let go of Jin Natra’s shoulders unconsciously.

Upon touching the energy, the people around him collapsed.

Jin Natra crossed his head without even seeing Bell, who was looking around.

There was a man who remained standing even after receiving this energy, it was a man with a swaying shadow.

“I know who you are.”

“Oh, my! What are you doing?”

Mac shouted at the sight of the fallen people.

He remembered the sight from a year ago. Buildings were collapsing due to the attack of the Natra ship. People were bleeding and falling down. And also the woman who cried after losing her son.

It was a memory engraved on his heart like his deepest trauma. He clenched my fist to the point of bleeding. His shadow moved as if it was his response.

Jin Natra, who saw it, smiled and continued to talk.

“Mac. No, Shadowman.”


‘Is that the guy who blocked us 5 years ago? But that pendant…… That shadow……!’

Mac looked at Jin Natra with blank eyes. Jin Natra’s face, the face of a 10-year-old child who still need to grow up with his mother’s and father’s love, was nowhere to be seen.

“If you had to defeated Natra…”

A child who lost his happy daily life with his mother and father shed tears. It flowed down along his cheek.

“You could have saved me.”

“Cut! Okay!”

Director Ryan shouted. But no one could move. They just stared at Seojun blankly.

At the memorial hall, they were surprised by the sudden change of atmosphere. They thought it was his greatest acting. But it wasn’t. More of his talent were unfolded here.

Seojun quickly released his evil skills and activated E.L.F.’s basic breathing. Then, he clenched his right hand.

[Angel’s charming wings – Low-grade]

His chilly aura immediately become warm.

The warm wind blowing from Seojun’s hand woke some people who were in depressed state after smelling his ability and also those who were watching with their soul came to their senses.

When the Mana felt by the people disappeared, Seojun deactivated his ability and sighed.

The skill was too difficult to use. Aside from finding the right ability, it was also difficult to fix after using it.

‘I’m glad I found a good ability.’

If he had Angel’s charming wings as a small life creature, he would have been able to use its lowest skill.

[Thegloomy scent of flowers blooming alone] It was also an ability that uses scent as a medium, so it would not have much an effect on moviegoers.

‘But that ‘mood’ still remains.’

Wasn’t that the same for the video that Ryan Will watched? It was enough for the Director to take a flight from the U.S. to Korea right away.

As Seojun was checking the amount of Mana he used, Jonathan’s voice was heard.

“Let’s get ready for the next shoot!”

Everyone who heard the voice returned to their position.

Seojun wiped away the tears he shed and headed to fix his makeup. Rachel sobbed and collapsed on the floor.

Sweeping over the golden hair shining under the sun, she spoke with a sullen face.

“If I didn’t hear you, I would have made a blooper. If I made an NG while acting like that, I think I would have been nagged by the director for a long time.”

Evan Block, who sat in front of her, laughed at Richel’s words. It could be seen that when she let go of Seojun’s shoulder was not acting, but her own actions.

“I was about to mess up my acting too.”

“Didn’t you experience it at least once?”

Evan Block smoothed his back neck. The sunlight was so strong that his back neck still felt some cold and he couldn’t forget the sweat flowing behind his back.

“His eyes were different. In the memorial hall, he wasn’t just looking into my eyes. I felt he could see through my soul.”

Evan Block recalled Seojun’s black eyes. His eyes, which seemed nice, turned into pain and eventually into resentment. He almost missed the line due to the obvious change. How did the atmosphere change to match those eyes?


Evan Block looked at the place where he was standing earlier during the shoot. The smell seemed to remain at the end of his nose.

With a soggy scent flowing from somewhere, he felt gloomy for a moment.

The feelings that Jin Natra was feeling hit Evan Block.

Sadness, resentment, depression, distress.

‘If I take a step back, I’ll be eaten.’

Evan Block, who thought so, turned the depression into feelings from Mac’s trauma.

It wasn’t easy, but at least he tried to look like that on the outside. It was the first time he acted so spontaneously without a plan. It felt different from usual.

“It’s okay now that the smell is gone…”

‘Was that smell an illusion?’

Thinking about what analysis he would write in Seojun Lee’s notebook, Evan Block eventually gave himself a dejected smile.

“Really. He is like a new actor every time I see him.”

“Is it there any difference?”

“When you take a close-up shot, it’ll be crazy.”

After some make-up retouch, the actors were called again to shot the Close-ups shots.

First of all, James Landon, the camera director who was filming the face of Seojun, was speechless.

Ryan Will was watching the monitor screen so he wasn’t affected much. But he was there in front row, seeing the best of acting from Seojun. He couldn’t believe that such a small child possess such a monstrous Acting talent.

Those who were overwhelmed by the resentment poured from the child’s body, as well as the eyes of his eyes turning like gradations, were still mesmerized.

They couldn’t breathe comfortably because of the damp scent and depression that tied their ankles. The gloomy smell blocked their nose, preventing them from breathing right.

‘Breathing? How do you breathe? Is this how you Breathe?’

Unlike those who fell into Jin Natra’s emotions, Seojun thought about it differently.

When the sound of the cut did not come out while he was acting hard, he released his ability and stirred his right hand to prepare to activate the Angel’s charming wings.

After finishing all his work, he stood still and enjoyed the sunshine. The sun was nice. It was not too cold, not too hot. It was a warm Sun.

Director Ryan Will, who was the first to come to his senses after the soggy scent disappeared, shouted.

“Cut! OK!”

Only then did everyone come to their senses and rub their arms. Wow, that’s amazing. They had never seen anything like that before. Everyone looked at Seojun Lee standing with surprised eyes.

“If you look at him now, he is not that different from other kids…….”

“He’s tall.”


“More than anything, his acting is amazing.”

The staff nodded. Seojun headed in front of the monitor due to Ryan Will’s gesture. Seojun’s face appeared on a large monitor. It was the part where he change his facial expression, and Seojun exclaimed.

“I’m really good.”

“Yeah. You are really good.”

Director Ryan Will stroked Seojun’s hair roughly. And Evan Block and Rachel Hill also stroked Seojun’s head till it became a magpie’s nest. Seojun laughed so hard.

Jonathan, who checked the schedule in his hand, shouted.

“Today’s shoot is over. Great job, everyone!”

Lee Min-Joon didn’t see the monitor because he was a little far away. He smiled broadly at the sound and called Seojun.

“Seojun, your mom is on the phone call!”


Seojun smiled brightly and ran towards his father.

James Landon, who had not been able to find Jin Natra, who had been vented with malice all over his body a while ago, said with a smile.

“I can see why you waited for 8 months.”

Eight moths ago he was surprised by Jonathan’s call that director Ryan will delay the filming in order to train the Child Actor.

“If you miss an actor like that, you can’t be a director.”

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