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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 59

The friend led him out of the memorial hall crying. Mac and the child looked at their backs.

Mac became heavy-hearted. From the time Natra invaded until now, he had been agonizing all year long, but he still haven’t found an answer.

‘If I wasn’t born…. Wouldn’t this have happened without me being born? Am I really the traitor they’ve been looking for?’

It was the child who woke him up from his self-condemnation by holding his hand.


“Ah. That’s the kid who disappeared into the wormhole that day.”

The child saw a picture on the wall. The child possessed black eyes and black hair, he was smiling broadly. And next to it was a picture of the same child holding a teddy bear.

But, somehow, he looked familiar. Mac, who had a sense of familiarity with the child in the picture, turned his head. The child, he was with, was also staring blankly at the picture.

Mac was looking at the picture and the child alternately and tilted his head.

‘I think the two look alike.’

It seemed that the child in the picture would grow up like this child after five or six years.

The child couldn’t take his eyes off the picture for a moment.

“… What does it say?”


Mac slowly read the notice. It was the victim’s family that Mac personally met a year ago. The image of the woman crying to death was still clear in his head. His heart ached.

“Dear William… I didn’t even expect you to disappear in a moment like that.

Why didn’t I run faster, why wasn’t I with you? I regret it every day.

I really hope you stay alive.

Just live happily wherever you are. Even if we can’t spend time with you, we’ll be able to have hope if you’re still alive. You’ll be happy.

Mom and dad will wait for you forever.

I’ll wait for you at my house anytime you come.

Come back anytime.

I love you, mom and dad.”


At that word, the child’s eyes grew bigger. The child held the pendant hanging on his neck tightly in his hand. One word that remains in his head from the time he started remembering things.


Only then, all the puzzles were put together.

He could tell.

This is was his hometown. That little child his. He has a family waiting for him.

Something came up in his eyes. The child’s head clearly remembered his family members who were having a happy day. Everyone in Central Park looked like that.

‘Me, too.

I’m here too.

I could live here like that.’

Something wriggled in the child’s heart.

‘I was able to be happy!’

The child’s eyes looked at the picture on the wall turned cold.

Seojun stopped [E.L.F.’s basic breathing]. And [Evil basic breathing] started. At the same time, he used another ability.

[The gloomy scent of flowers blooming alone – lowest level]

Only this flower blooms at a radius of 10m.

It looks similar to a grass, so no one knows it’s a flower.

When people smells the scent of flowers, they will feel depressed.

Seojun’s body exuded chilly energy.

Seojun conducted many experiments after opening the door of the evil library.

And he also knew that when he had enough mana in his body, he could use the skill of good and evil at the same time.

He also learned that the ability to use more of the two abilities can be determined through the ‘breathing method’.

[The elegant steps of Baron Cat] and [The gloomy scent of flowers blooming alone] were activated together.

A cool aura flowed out of Seojun’s body due to the synergy of [Evil’s Basic Breathing].

The child, who used to be like an angel, changed in an instant. It was different from when he was in Central Park, looking just normal.

Right now, coldness was all over his body.

At that moment’s change, Mac, no, Evan Block’s expression turned weird without realizing it.

Since the script accurately stated that “the child’s condition was not recognized”,

“Cut! NG!”

Of course, the filming stopped.

At the same time, the staff and actors, who were quietly watching, without blinking they expressed admiration.

They also noticed the surrounding atmosphere towards Seojun changed in an instant.

“Wow, that’s…”

“I heard he is a genius, but this is beyond imagination.”

The camera operator was also too busy to admire that eventually an assistant director of Ryan Will yelled at him.

“Everyone be quiet! Let’s start filming again. And Evan Block!”

“Oh, I’m sorry!”

Evan Block couldn’t take his eyes off from Seojun, who became ordinary again. He came to his senses at the call of Ryan Will.

The more he knew, the more he couldn’t know the end of Seojun’s talent.

When hr thought he already showed of all his talent, this actor showed more skills than him.

He was now very interested at the Child’s future.

‘Maybe it won’t end in just Movie Series.’

No other great actor has ever exceeded one Movie Series. Once they are part of a Series, they will be only remembered on that one and only character.

Evan Block started preparing for the shoot with a smile.

“It’s my first time making NGs.”

Seojun felt amazing. It was not another shoot to take a bust shot or a close-up shot. It wasn’t his own mistake, but it was his first time making an NG.

“Maybe, he was surprised because I used a different Mana?”

Even when everyone was returning to their seats, they couldn’t take their eyes off from Seojun and were still amazed.

“I feel good!”’

These people were affected from the after effects of using a breathing exercise.

“People who are going to watch the movie would also make this kind of expression, right?’

Seojun smiled as people’s expressions came to his mind at their completely changed appearance.

‘Good. Let’s put a bit more.’

The filming resumed by Seojun was too excited that he brought out too much mana.

“NG! Jun! You put too much energy into your acting!”


The staff and actors were once again surprised by Seojun’s cooler atmosphere than before, but director Ryan evaluated it coldly.

‘I can’t believe my first NG in my life is because I was too enthusiastic.’

Seojun bit his lips and went back to filming. Evan Block tapped Seojun’s shoulder to cheer him up because he couldn’t stroke his set hair. Fortunately, after that, they were able to get an OK and started shooting close-up shot.

The next set was an outdoor set. There were large trees and green grass.

It was a set with clean running tracks and Chroma keys were installed everywhere. (TL: Chroma Keys used for visual in movies.)

“It seems like they are making all these things, too.”

“That’s right, Seojun.”

“Dad, I think it’s the same as Central Park.”

Lee Min-Joon, who looked around again at Seojun’s words, nodded.

It was the same as Central Park, where they first took pictures and recreated the scene with this set.

“Why is Chroma Key here?”

“It’s because they are planning to synthesize this place and the reservoir with CG. It’s a waste to make another reservoir.”

The two were surprised to hear sudden voices from their behind.

When they turned their heads toward the voice, there was a blonde woman smiling broadly.

Lee Min-Joon and Seojun welcomed the woman.

“Hello, Rachel!”

“Ahahaha. Jun, hi”.



Rachel Hill waved at the two. The three sat in a prepared chair in the actor’s waiting room built near the outdoor set.

Seojun asked.

“If the background is Central Park, can’t we shoot there again?”

“Then everything will be revealed in public. Everyone’s curious if William is a hero or a villain. What if he says his line there surrounded by many people?”

“That’s true.”

“Can I join?”

Seojun was talking to Rachel Hill, when another person intervened. It was Evan Block. The three actors and Lee Min-Joon sat in a chair and talked together.

“Evan, you’re going to shoot a battle scene from the day after tomorrow, right? May I go and watch you?”

“I don’t think there’s anything worth seeing even if you come there. Chroma Key is the only background and counterpart. And I’m not filming the battle scene. Most of them are replaced by stuntmen. Well, just get into shape in close-up shots or bust shots. Wearing tights full of sensors.”

Evan sighed. Everyone laughed at his appearance. He recalled Shadowman he looked liked a fool without any CG.

“The Shadowman’s attack is mostly CG work, so there’s really nothing to watch.”

“I still want to go!”

“Can I go too?”

“Okay. Shouldn’t you get permission from the director rather than me?”

“Yes! I’ll take it as a Yes!”

Seojun ran towards Director Ryan and asked. Directer Ryan agreed immediately.

“He says it’s okay!”

“… I think the director likes Jun a lot.”


The three laughed at Seojun, who did not refute. Why? He really likes the director too.

Lee Min-Joon took out the snacks that Seojunn brought from his bag and distributed them to the three actors.

Rachel, who was smiling joyfully with a snack, opened her mouth.

“I heard there was a blooper. Evan, this isn’t like you, this is the first time I’ve seen you re-shoot it, but you’re NG was still amazing.”

“Oh, that.”

Evan smoothed his chin. It’d be nice to tell her in advance. She will film together with Seojun in a scene today.

“I was surprised that the atmosphere surrounding Jun changed in an instant.”

“The atmosphere?”

“It’s hard to explain in words…. You’ll know when you see it. You’d better be prepared.”

At Evan Block’s advice, Rachel Hill rolled her eyes and looked at Seojun.

Seojun, who was focusing on eating the snacks his father gave him, tilted his head at Rachel Hill’s gaze.

Director Ryan Will came to the place where the four were sitting. The two adult actors headed to the dressing room to change, and Lee Min-Joon went to answer a phone call from Kim Hee-sung.

Director Ryan Will sat in front of Seojun.

“Today’s shoot is the most important.”


“This scene will be a turning point.”

Director Ryan Will opened his mouth with a serious look.

“Whether you’ll be a hero or a villain. It depends on the mood you are going to express.”

Seojun nodded heavily.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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1 year ago

Maybe only SeoJun who get happy when he got NG

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Thanks for the chapter!

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