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Suddenly I have a husband and Children chapter 9

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Then the girl stretched her hands out to her as if she wanted to also hug Estella.

Estella looked at them with uncomfortable eyes.


She opened her hands awkwardly and hugged the two children.

‘I’m sure they are my kids.’

Perhaps they noticed Estella’s awkward actions faster than anyone else, but the children still came to of Estella’s arms again.

“Ruth, Lucy. You’re not going to make it hard for her, are you?” Izak said, hugging the childre with an expression of “I knew it.”


Seeing the children hesitating, hade her feel guilty for no reason.

“…well, I don’t remember anything… I can’t help but feel like I’m an outsider”

Yeah, she feel like she is an outsider among them.

The two children in Izak’s arms suddenly looked at Estella as if they were unfamiliar with her actions.

Izak also looked at Estella with an expression difficult to know what he was thinking.

An outsider.

Estella quickly approached the children and asked them.

“This is Ruth, and this is Lucy, right? Ruth Mondis. Lucy Mondis?”

Her eyes are like Ruth, the boy. While the little girl, Lucy, eyes went up like a cat.

This was Estella’s way to avoid the awkwardness between them.

Izak said in a low voice.

“Rustel de Messian, Lucia de Messian.”

“Oh, they followed my last name.”

Estella said with delight.

“It would have been a good if they inherited the Mondis Surname.”

Izak didn’t respond at her words.

Estella quickly changed her words because she thought she made a mistake.

Every word she says felt like she was barely avoiding a trap hidden.

Estella sweat from her forehead.

“Hey, who named them?”

“I did.”

“Good job.”

Estella smiled and stroked the children’s cheeks.

At their age, their cheeks were plump and soft, zhe unknowingly squeezed the dough.

She got excited and hug them with excitement

The children turned to Izak’s arms, wondering if they were hated by Estella.

“Oh, you’re so cute that I don’t know what to do.”

In disappointment for no reason, Estella smiled awkwardly and removed her hands.

“Hey, Izak. I’m not lying, I really think so. It’s not memory loss, I leapt from the past to the future.”


“Maybe the behavior I’ve shown me so far, and the kids being unfamiliar with me and welcoming me too much, means I’ve done something wrong in the future, right?”


“I think I came to the future from the past to correct my previous self’s mistakes.”


“Why, because I’m nineteen years old, this was the time I love Izak so much!”


“So, can’t we just say there’s no divorce? Haha.”

Izek’s expression became mixed up with Estella’s words. What’s wrong with her?

Estella waited nervously and anxiously until he opened his mouth.

“Estella, the divorce… I’m asking you to do it.”


“You filed for divorce first.”

There was a silence.

Who, uh, wanted a divorce?

Estella felt like she was hit hard in the back of the head.

“Me? I asked you to get a divorce?” asked Estella.

“Why, why?”

“There’s no way I’ll know that. Given that you tried to hand over all the custody rights to me, you might be thinking that having a family was a burden.”

Izak put the children down, held their hands, and tried to get out of the greenhouse.

“You came to the future to correct your mistakes. Actually, I don’t think so. If you love me in the past, the future you will still leave me anyway.”

And he went out the door and continued.

“And it’s not like the scars I’ve been getting are gone. To be honest, I’m tired, too.”

The greenhouse door was closed.

Left inside the greenhouse, Estella repeated Izak’s last words for a long time.

‘It’s not like the scars I’ve been getting are gone. To be honest, I’m tired, too.’

Izak’s eyes, who said so, seemed to have no intention of building a future with Estella.

“What the hell have I been doing?”

Estella murmured helplessly.

She haveencounter this situation before. In the past, when she was about 16, a maid brought a romance novel that was popular outside.

It was a novel in which a cold husband realized how he felt and regrets towards his wife, but the maid back then said something.

The male protagonist who regretted, the so-called regretful male character. Estella, look like she was at the same shoes of that man.


“Papa, are you crying?”

The little children looked up at Izak and said. Izak hurried his steps without saying anything.

Walking down the hall quickly with his long legs, the children with short legs began to whine that he was going too fast.

In the end, Ruth, who fell, burst into tears.

Izak quickly lifted Ruth up, hugged him, and shook his body to soothe him.

“Sorry, Dad, walked too fast, didn’t I? Let’s see. There’s no blood.”

Below, Lucy asked, pulling on Izak’s pants.

“Papa, are you crying? Huh? Why are you crying?”

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