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I glanced at the person next to me who was looking towards the vending machine.

The hologram disappeared the moment people exchange their points in the vending machine, and it seems to have a function to protect personal information.

So when some people, including myself, looked carefully at the vending machine, the other Drivers, who sighed and got up from their seats, approached the vending machine.

These are the people who I tried to kill, but I feel a little at ease perhaps we were at the same situation.

Well, that doesn’t mean I’m going to take special care of them.

[These are the items available on Earth.]

[These are the supplies available in the Mu continent.]

[Supplies and skills available for public use on Earth and Mu]

[Products can be resold to thevending machines]

[Repair, and customization of the product are possible.]

All the vending machine categories had their uses written on them.

Among them, it was interesting to be able to purchase items that could be used for public use in Earth and the Mu continent, but unlike items that can only be used in one world, the exchange and necessary points were different.

For example, looking at the most basic steel longsword, If Earth and Mu continent alike needed 100 points, the most basic form of longsword among public products had the name “Arontaker.”

The price was 4,500 points.

Common equipment was both portable and durable and had more than one characteristic or skill.

There’s no rating on the items, but if I look at it as a game, I can say that it’s a collection of things that are more than rare.

Seeing the prices, made all the people here gasped.

Compared to others, I can afford points, so I can buy this and that, but there are so many kinds that made my eyes dizzy.

Then, my attention was drawn to one item.

[Rise’s Subspace]

I suddenly thought this when I saw it as a common item.

‘Maybe if I buy subspace available on both sides, I can trade openly?’

However, as if God does not want such usage, he has attached a claim to the description of the items that have emerged like holograms.

[Things from other worlds are prohibited for personal use. A ban on trade between the world, a ban on arms distribution, etc.]

I expressed a small regret.

If I wanted to make money using the knowledge of the Earth, i have no choice but to produce localized products.

Although it will beonly be slightly useful, I thought it would be better to buy proper weapons or skills because it costs 6,500 points.


I’m not the only one who’s worried.

All the other attendants around me also put held their chin and wondered how to use their points.


[A gift from the goddess of benevolence.

If you drink it, you’ll recover from any serious injuries and curses.

Common, a consumption item once

1,000 points]

I don’t know about the others, but I think it’s better to have one of this.

I bought a recovery item that has the form of red jewelry among the common items.

Then the red energy from the vending machine permeated me and a message popped up.

[Elixir has been registered as a one-time use skill]

Usually, Elixir reminds me of the form of potions, but it was amazing that they were stored in the form of disposable skills.

Of course, it cannot be written off as a common item unless it given this way.

The remaining points I have after my purchased the first item is 8,010.

I still have the accumulated 3 skill points.

I thought it would be good to get powerful skills.

There was a weapon that caught my eye.

[Increstinger / Summoned Common Weapon]

-Dark E.L.F.’s chief, Caltar’s favorite ‘Spear Staff’.

There was an added the magic staff effect to the spear.

The spear blade is made of Myrthil and the spearstick is made of the scale of the Basilisk, and it has excellent elasticity and strength.

In itself, it is not insufficient to call it best spear, but with a Magic staff integrated, it became immediately the best.

-spear blade 60 cm, spear stick 140 cm. Weight 2.5 kg

-40% more magic explosion, 20% Aura explosion, can self-repair

-8,000 points

What a perfect weapon for me.

If I buy it, I will continue to use it.

However, this spear eliminates any additional purchases.

There are also other five skills that I like.


-500 points

[Face change]

-500 points

[The Dark Elf’s Battle Chant]

-2,000 points


-2,000 points



Invisibility and Face Change are intended to be purchased for my iwn personal use, while the rest are purely skills considered to increased my combat power.

“Dark Elf’s Battle Chant” is a passive skill that will boost combat skills, and “Genoside” is a wide-area skill that explodes Mana in a range of 3 meters.

The last ‘amplification’ is a prefix active skill that increases power by 50% when using skills or magic.

If I will only buy skills, I can buy all five things at 8,010 points, but if you buy a spear, that’s it.

Looking at other items, I thought I’d buy two regular Myrthil spear (Earth 1, Mu ) with skills mixed, but that would be a compromise.


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