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The quest rewards are real chapter 79

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[There are three announcements. Please check the contents.]

How did the correction end?

I sat still on the floor and checked the messages that came to mind one after another.

[Error in Timeline has been corrected]

[In the future, your stay in Mu continent will be fixed for 5 days.

There is no limit to the number of quests that can be cleared within these 5 days.]

[If the specified stay period ends during the battle, it will be forced to shut down and your body in the Mu continent will be left defenseless.]

[In the event of a shutdown in a designated safe area, your body will be protected by the system and will be free from assassination.]

[Waiting room functionality is enabled]

[You can enter the waiting room on the last day of each month.]

[Entrance to the waiting room will be activated on the map.]

[You can enter the waiting room for 1 hour, and you can re-enter after checking out.]

[You can purchase abilities, items, equipment, skills, etc. as an accentuating point in the waiting room.]

[Points can be acquired by completing quests, achieving new level, increase in reputation, and other methods of scoring.]

[New Seekers]

[New Seekers will enter on the 1st of every month in Earth time.]

[The method of progress after admission is the same as the existing ‘Test’ and it is arranged in consideration of the time difference by country throughout the Midland.]

[The number of new Seeker is 1000 per month and can be changed after a year.]

[If a Seeker dies on the Mu continent, he will never enter the waiting room again.]

[The New Seeker and teachers of the old ones may be shared, and other points will be earned if they contribute to the growth of the Teacher.]

What’s this?

A notice with a kind explanation.

I scratched my head roughly at the content.

bviously, the last section states abouy “Test”.

Did they put a strange Test to reduce the number because the number of people who are tested survived more than expected?

Or maybe it’s really all a test, and it’s been re-adjusted after the test.

That’s why there’s a new system and a massive new people input.

‘I don’t know what the answer is.’

After all, it’s all just reasoning.

“Oh, shit!” A big man cursed looking at the sky.

“Hey, you son of a bitch! Are you kidding me?”

This was everyone else’s feelings.

No matter how great an advantage they have in reality, it wasn’t a pleasant thing to be played by.

Others anxiously looked at the brave man who swore at God to see if he will be punished by heaven, but rather he opened a new message window as if God didn’t care about it.

[The store is activated in the waiting room]

And suddenly a lot of vending machines appeared in front of us like mirage.

The appearance of each one was not much different from that of the Earth’s vending machine, but there was image of the product, which is embodied in three dimensions like a hologram, caught our eyes.




[Exchange, Repair]

There are four categories.

Within each category, five to six vending machines are placed by item (weapons, armor, consumables, skills, etc.).

Four categories were set up in one set and repeatedly, with hundreds, if not, thousands, of vending machines were placed till the end of the our view.

Most people just kicked the floor nervously, and showed no interest in vending machines that appeared out of nowhere.

But no matter how angry I was, I felt I had to look at the new system, and some people moved together with me.

[Converting points]

[Jihoon’s Point: 9,010]

When I look at people also looking at the empty space, I realized that the contents of the message are only visible to the person concerned.

I touched without hesitation and the history appeared before me.

– Highest level quest completed 1,500 X 1

-Intermediate quest completed 500 X 6

-Lower quest complete 100 X 6

-Lowest quest complete 50 X 2

-1st Circle achieved 100

-2nd Circle achieved 200

-3rd Circle Achieved 400

-Aura user achieved 200

-Aura Expert Beginning level Achievement 400

– Reputation 840

-Other 5,000

Exceptionally high reputation bonuses and other bonuses were not accurately detailed, but they are roughly estimated.

Reputation will literally be a known name value to the public, and the other bonus happened when I meet certain conditions or they were given whenever God wants to.

I don’t think anyone has as much point as me.

I think people who became Aura Expert will barely exceed 1,000 points.

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