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May 29th, 88th day in the Mu Continent.

I spent time to learn 3rd class magic and returned to the village of Karas to carry out a quest to Exterminate the Orc Intermediate Village in Kent Canyon, with other mercenaries.

Orcs were no longer a match for me, casting 3rd classes of magic and possessing an Aura of an Expert.

Now the Orc Warrior has been simply eliminated to the point where it looks like a regular orc.

The best thing about being a 3rd Circle mage is that I can use fireball and healing magic.

Thanks to this, the battle became more spectacular, while my stability with my power increased significantly.

With the completion of the quest, Agility and Mana increased by one, and skill points obtained as a reward were left for later.

I received as rewards for Intermediated Rewards card were “50 million won in cash” and “Aiming Assistance.”

Aiming Assistance seemed quite useful because it could be used not only for throwing and projecting weapons, but also for magic.

May 30th, 96th day on the Mu Continent.

I was learning 3rd classes of magic over these two weeks, but as expected, the formulas became complicated with higher classes, so even modern people could not memorize them easily.

Still, thanks to Gordon’s help, I almost mastered the most important magic, which soon led to increased my combat power.

The gap between Aura Expert’s beginner level to Regular is also wide, but the wizard seems to have a wide gap between 3rd circle and 2nd circle in particular.

The main quest that occurred at this time was to Exterminate a large Orc villages in the canyon.

In a large village, there are more than 1,000 orcs in groups, and an Orc chief appears, they have Aura like other knights.

So I had to get help from another mercenary party to take care of these guys.

Thanks to being a celebrity in Karas village, two parties were easily recruited, and a total of 15 experienced mercenaries were enthusiastic about Orc Extermination.

However, no matter how much we fight, the size of the enemy was so large that it took four days to complete the quest.

With the completion of the quest, all my skills increased by one, and this time, two skill points were obtained as a reward.

Now, a total of three remaining skill points were left as they were left unused.

Then I got three intermediate reward cards, each with “Luck +3”, “Bleeding Skill” and “Aerial Leap”.

The bleeding skill is a skill that can cause large bleeding even with shallow attacks, and the Aerial leap is a skill that can literally make me jump on the air.

Thanks to the skill, I can fly in the sky without flying magic (4th class magic)……no, I’ve become able to run in the air.

Although it is difficult to use it due to its high Mana consumption, my ability to flee seems unrivaled now.

Perhaps if I meet Park Sung again, I might leap in the air and shout, “More than empty answers!”

The D-Day, May 31st, 100th day of Mu Continent.

I called Chloe of the Information Guild over for a tea.

“What’s the status of the Seekers?”

She smiled softly, taking her mouth off from the teacup gracefully, like an aristocrat.

“32 out of 46 people are moving to Balther, and the rest remained to their villages.”

There were 51 people left except me, but did I ask too much?

Five people died while completing the quest.

In the meantime, there are three more Dreamwalkers who entered the Sword Expert beginner level.

“Then please proceed as scheduled.”

I asked Chloe.

“You recently expanded your business. Is your funding situation okay? The Seekers are all outstanding, and it takes a lot of money to make sure they’re killed.”

It was useless to worry.

Twenty days after signing an exclusive black tea contract with Royal Tower, my financial situation was not comparable as to before.

“Five platinum coins per person, right?”


I took the right platinum amount out of my inside pocket and paid for it.

This determined which people didn’t fit in with my plan.

Some of them may not have been able to complete the quest, and others may have ignored my warning.

All I could do at this moment was to pray that their deaths would not affect reality.

But I can’t take a look at every single one of the people’s situations.

As the Dreamwalkers that accepted my proposal we’re heading to the Balther and those who didn’t are in the hands of the Assassins, I drank black tea and waited for their arrival

And in about half an hour.

I received reports about the completion of the mission, perhaps because there were assassins already waiting near the targets in advance.

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