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The quest rewards is real chapter 71

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Strength: 15

Stamina: 12

Agility: 13

Intelligence: 37

Mana: 23

Luck: 6


Out of the Information Guild, I looked up at the sky.

The dull gray clouds move quickly as if it will rain in any minute soon, and the damp wind makes the robe of the Royal Tower flap.

Although I was given trustable information by paying three platinum coins, my head was complicated, especially when I could met someone like myself a “dreamwalker” again, it was quite shocking to know that there would be a fight.

It was good to know it in advance, but if I meet someone else without knowing it, he’ll have a high probability of taking my life.

According to information, 12 teams, a total of 24 people, met, and 11 teams, excluding only one team, fought, and as a result 11 people were killed.


They met after making an appointment, but why would they fight and kill each other?

Was it a compulsory quest?

‘So, what about the two who didn’t fight each other?’

If this is really based on a quest, which might be the case, a quest to kill the other person may appear also those quest that doesn’t said so.

It was not easy to grasp the exact situation with only those information revealed.

For people like us, death on the Mu continent was not the end of the whole thing, but I cannot happily commit murder in any way.

Defeating monsters and killing humans were completely different things.

Naturally, if an inevitable situation occurs, I would need to swing the spear without delay, to save myself.

If this is the case, why did they let us see each other?

They’ve could just set a limit so we can’t meet in the first place.

Isn’t this very easy for a God?

I don’t understand why he is talking nonsense like a bridge connecting the world.

I want to make sure if the genre is Battle Royale or a simple survival?

I’m glad there are only a few people who could hurt me.

“Are you done with your business?”


Data from the information guild cannot be taken out and can only be checked on the spot.

So I’ve only written down important information in my notebook, and I’ll have to investigate through it while I’m on my way back to Karas village.

And how should I treat the others.

“Why are you out here?”

“I am always like this in this kind of day.

Others may think it’s dull, but I prefer cloudy days rather than sunny days.”

“We have similar tastes.”

Gordon also gave me a casual laugh, saying It look better on a cloudy day than on a Sunny day.

“That’s great. We can go back with this weather.”

“Do you mind if I don’t say hello to your cousin?”

“He is out of town.”

Me and Gordon met each other outside the Royal Tower.

Of the 52 surviving Seeker (Dreamwalkers), only eight have teachers.

There were also two teachers at Expert, who are said to be remarkable, including mine.

Chloe (first-degree informant) said there is a growing gap between those who have a teacher and those who didn’t.

There was no accurate target goal among the Dreamwalkers, but I could see that the unexpected quest to save Gordon was created by the temple to help us have a guide.

Imagining what it would have been without Gordon was awful.

If the quest had been carried out by the Dreamwalkers alone, it would have been quite difficult.

Thanks to this, the Information Guild also showed considerable interest on the teachers of the Dreamwalkers.

This is because they are not aware, about the system and quest happening between us.

“You want a luxury wagon to go in the Village of Karas, right? Please wait.”

In the transportation guild, we rented a luxury wagons with good drivers and sat side by side even though the seats were quite spacious.

Then the carriage shook with the drivers guide, and Gordon took out a 3rd class of books from his subspace as if he had not sat beside me for no reason.

“Well, let’s start with the lesson, shall we?”

Gordon’s way of teaching is quite Spartan.

They already have the fixed training hours, but they also conducted a one-to-one tutoring classes in the carriage just like that until they reached the mansion.

If I felt dizzy due to the vibration of the carriage, Gordon will use healing magic without hesitation.

Thanks to this, I was not able to take out my notebook from the information guild until it was time to rest after the two hours of class.

“You really don’t waste time.”

Gordon shook his head excitedly at me like that.

“Break time is literally break time. Why don’t you empty your head just for that time?”

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