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The quest rewards are real chapter 37- Time Correction (1)

“Thank you for your help.”

The message to the other Seeker, were all finally delivered.

In fact, this was the most worrying part.

I was nervous about wether a murder quest would come up just by sending the message, but fortunately, the situation that I was worried about did not happen.

I sent the message to all the people I was spending the same time with here in Mu continent.

However, our Earth’s time is bound to be different if it is based on the Mu continent alone.

This also meant that there is no contradiction if we do not influence each other in reality.

At least according to God’s own rules so far.

“It has been confirmed that killing them will only bounce them off from the Mu continent, not affecting reality.”’

I rose from my seat, shrugging my shoulders.

The situation ahead is simply summed up with: Those who follow accept the meathing, lives and those who don’t, die.

It doesn’t matter if they believe the message or not.

I certainly gave them a chance.

That’s the end of it.

However, no matter how suspicious it may be, I think few people will be lazy when they hear that their lives are at stake.

If there was such a person, he would be very arrogant or nonchalant.

The D-Day is scheduled for on May 31.

That’s the 100th days since we’ve been in the Mu continent.

Perhaps it will be pretty hard for others to meet this requirement.

Since then, the message has been delivered to the remaining 46 people in the whole Midland.

Many people have been travelling busily, but some would not budged whether they received the message or not.

May 29th, 88th day in the Mu Continent.

I spent time to learn 3rd class magic and returned to the village of Karas to carry out a quest to Exterminate the Orc Intermediate Village in Kent Canyon, with other mercenaries.

Orcs were no longer a match for me, casting 3rd classes of magic and possessing an Aura of an Expert.

Now the Orc Warrior has been simply eliminated to the point where it looks like a regular orc.

The best thing about being a 3rd Circle mage is that I can use fireball and healing magic.

Thanks to this, the battle became more spectacular, while my stability with my power increased significantly.

With the completion of the quest, Agility and Mana increased by one, and skill points obtained as a reward were left for later.

I received as rewards for Intermediated Rewards card were “50 million won in cash” and “Aiming Assistance.”

Aiming Assistance seemed quite useful because it could be used not only for throwing and projecting weapons, but also for magic.

May 30th, 96th day on the Mu Continent.

I was learning 3rd classes of magic over these two weeks, but as expected, the formulas became complicated with higher classes, so even modern people could not memorize them easily.

Still, thanks to Gordon’s help, I almost mastered the most important magic, which soon led to increased my combat power.

The gap between Aura Expert’s beginner level to Regular is also wide, but the wizard seems to have a wide gap between 3rd circle and 2nd circle in particular.

The main quest that occurred at this time was to Exterminate a large Orc villages in the canyon.

In a large village, there are more than 1,000 orcs in groups, and an Orc chief appears, they have Aura like other knights.

So I had to get help from another mercenary party to take care of these guys.

Thanks to being a celebrity in Karas village, two parties were easily recruited, and a total of 15 experienced mercenaries were enthusiastic about Orc Extermination.

However, no matter how much we fight, the size of the enemy was so large that it took four days to complete the quest.

With the completion of the quest, all my skills increased by one, and this time, two skill points were obtained as a reward.

Now, a total of three remaining skill points were left as they were left unused.

Then I got three intermediate reward cards, each with “Luck +3”, “Bleeding Skill” and “Aerial Leap”.

The bleeding skill is a skill that can cause large bleeding even with shallow attacks, and the Aerial leap is a skill that can literally make me jump on the air.

Thanks to the skill, I can fly in the sky without flying magic (4th class magic)……no, I’ve become able to run in the air.

Although it is difficult to use it due to its high Mana consumption, my ability to flee seems unrivaled now.

Perhaps if I meet Park Sung again, I might leap in the air and shout, “More than empty answers!”

The D-Day, May 31st, 100th day of Mu Continent.

I called Chloe of the Information Guild over for a tea.

“What’s the status of the Seekers?”

She smiled softly, taking her mouth off from the teacup gracefully, like an aristocrat.

“32 out of 46 people are moving to Balther, and the rest remained to their villages.”

There were 51 people left except me, but did I ask too much?

Five people died while completing the quest.

In the meantime, there are three more Dreamwalkers who entered the Sword Expert beginner level.

“Then please proceed as scheduled.”

I asked Chloe.

“You recently expanded your business. Is your funding situation okay? The Seekers are all outstanding, and it takes a lot of money to make sure they’re killed.”

It was useless to worry.

Twenty days after signing an exclusive black tea contract with Royal Tower, my financial situation was not comparable as to before.

“Five platinum coins per person, right?”


I took the right platinum amount out of my inside pocket and paid for it.

This determined which people didn’t fit in with my plan.

Some of them may not have been able to complete the quest, and others may have ignored my warning.

All I could do at this moment was to pray that their deaths would not affect reality.

But I can’t take a look at every single one of the people’s situations.

As the Dreamwalkers that accepted my proposal we’re heading to the Balther and those who didn’t are in the hands of the Assassins, I drank black tea and waited for their arrival

And in about half an hour.

I received reports about the completion of the mission, perhaps because there were assassins already waiting near the targets in advance.

“Are you all right?”

Blinking my eyes at Chloe’s question, I asked back.


“But you’ve eliminated people who can be your so called colleagues?”

If she wanted to know emotional situation, sadly I don’t even know.

At this moment, my head was so clear that I wondered if I was ever this cold.

“This is God’s will. That also applied for all those who didn’t follow me.”

This was a vague answer.

But it was also the best answer I could give.

Anyway, this was a massive murder request by the Mu Continent standards.

Although each country decided not to engage in the troubles between the Seeker, there was still an oracle to treat the Seekers as their own citizens.

So I had no choice but to use the word of God’s will.

I was one of the trusted Seeker for these people anyway.

She understand my behaviour, but Chloe somehow drank black tea with a wry look on her face.

Maybe Chloe, who is acting on behalf of the assassination request, isn’t feeling too pleasant at this moment.

The quest is not completed even though the assassination is all over.

Just by looking at the list of monster carcasses and the date of sale that the attendants sold to the store through hunting, I can fully predict which quest they completed.

I’ve already asked Chloe to collect the data and I’ve checked two people who don’t match the date by looking at the 32 people’s data.

It’s hard to be sure this is 100% correct, but this was likely the case

If there is variable, they will be forced to exit by enlightenment, and if it’s not filtered out, I have to gather the other Dreamwalkers in the neutral city of Balther and ask them questions.

If that doesn’t work, the only way is to eliminate one with different times.

“Please remove these two as well, in a way that they are not seen by others.”

As such, the removal of the two additional people from an office full of black tea scent was decided.

Perhaps other Dreamwalker could not imagine that the person who called them in was still drinking tea in another city.

With the teleport gate, it will only take a moment to arrive in Balther city, but I’ll never show up on time.

“Okay, sir.”

I just hope the quest will be completed with this request.

‘This quest solves the contradiction of the timeline, not the root problem.’

In other words, even if the problem was solved temporarily, the quest will still be completed.


[Quest completed successfully]

As I had hoped, the quest completion message came to mind.

[You have completed the first ‘A’ ranking quest. All abilities are improved by 3.]

[You received God’s blessing]

[Luck increases by 10]

[Protects Yourself from random attacks once a day.]

[Strong resistance to poison]

[Magic, Aura, skill attack against dragons, demon and monsters increases by 30%.]

There we go!

“You have achieved your desired purpose…….”

Chloe, who breathed a sigh of relief as she clenched her fist, looking surprised.

The reason is that a beautiful angel came down from the air and stroked my cheek with the effect of God’s Blessing.

I didn’t think I was leaning heavily on religion, but she suddenly prayed before me.

I’m so glad this worked out.

I thought I’d need to get rid of all the other 30 people.

But this wasn’t the end of the raucous message in the window.

[All of you will be taken to the waiting room]


At this moment,my surroundings view was reversed with the feeling of my body floating.

A wide-open white space welcomed me, not the information guild office where Chloe and I were drinking tea until just now.

“What, what?”

But I’m not the only one in these space.

I quickly made a veil with my magic and covered my face, and the people who seemed to be the other Dreamwalkers looked around in surprise.

The people who are supposed to be in Balthet.

I’m afraid what’s going to happen from now on will be true for all of us.

Then a new message popped up in front of my eyes.

[Time correction]

Why would such a simple thing cause so many people to die and kill each other?

I thought maybe the God who caused this situation was not such a good god.

He might be enjoying watching our situation.

A good God for all would not do this irresponsible act.

Although I am well fed and well off thanks to him, isn’t these a situation that can be considered a disaster for the whole planet?

How can I know the God’s will?

[Time correction is over.]

[There are three announcements. Please check the contents.]

How did the correction end?

I sat still on the floor and checked the messages that came to mind one after another.

[Error in Timeline has been corrected]

[In the future, your stay in Mu continent will be fixed for 5 days.

There is no limit to the number of quests that can be cleared within these 5 days.]

[If the specified stay period ends during the battle, it will be forced to shut down and your body in the Mu continent will be left defenseless.]

[In the event of a shutdown in a designated safe area, your body will be protected by the system and will be free from assassination.]

[Waiting room functionality is enabled]

[You can enter the waiting room on the last day of each month.]

[Entrance to the waiting room will be activated on the map.]

[You can enter the waiting room for 1 hour, and you can re-enter after checking out.]

[You can purchase abilities, items, equipment, skills, etc. as an accentuating point in the waiting room.]

[Points can be acquired by completing quests, achieving new level, increase in reputation, and other methods of scoring.]

[New Seekers]

[New Seekers will enter on the 1st of every month in Earth time.]

[The method of progress after admission is the same as the existing ‘Test’ and it is arranged in consideration of the time difference by country throughout the Midland.]

[The number of new Seeker is 1000 per month and can be changed after a year.]

[If a Seeker dies on the Mu continent, he will never enter the waiting room again.]

[The New Seeker and teachers of the old ones may be shared, and other points will be earned if they contribute to the growth of the Teacher.]

What’s this?

A notice with a kind explanation.

I scratched my head roughly at the content.

bviously, the last section states abouy “Test”.

Did they put a strange Test to reduce the number because the number of people who are tested survived more than expected?

Or maybe it’s really all a test, and it’s been re-adjusted after the test.

That’s why there’s a new system and a massive new people input.

‘I don’t know what the answer is.’

After all, it’s all just reasoning.

“Oh, shit!” A big man cursed looking at the sky.

“Hey, you son of a bitch! Are you kidding me?”

This was everyone else’s feelings.

No matter how great an advantage they have in reality, it wasn’t a pleasant thing to be played by.

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