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The quest rewards are real chapter 76

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Natsuo had to open his eyes wide at the following information guild’s message.

He knows that there are people in the same situation as him.

This is because he met a person who was killed by a monster on the Mu continent and he was also looking others like him.

Although he was not deeply related to the dream due to his cautious personality, it was an opportunity to carry out the quest more actively as he learned that even if he was killed here, there would be no issue in reality.

However, he didn’t expect that anyone inside this world to come to know him like this.

The message was sent anonymously through the Information Guild, but he listened to the other person as new information was always welcome.

“I found out something shocking. When we are on the 100th day since we have been traveling to Mu Continent. By May 31st, Earth’s time, or Midland date March 11th, please let us meet each other or you will die.”

“Why is that?”

“I strongly urge you to accept the meeting because this death could extend to Earth.”

Natsuo was an adult, so he couldn’t trust this vain remark.

If it’s really urgent, shouldn’t he come visit himself?

It was an unreasonable request in itself to trust the information of an unnamed person.

Natsuo let out a grin.

However, he had to frown at the intelligence sources’ comments.

“If you don’t comply with this request, I’ll remove you for good. Those who accepted my request will gather at noon in the neutral city of Balter on that date, and those who do not attend will be removed, judging that they did not comply with the request.”


“That’s it, would you like to hear it again?”

Arrogance or simply pure ignorance.

It may be a liar’s bluff, but the moment he will kill the if they do not comply is mentioned, this information could not be taken lightly.

“You’re part of the Information Guild, right? Then can I purchase information?”

“You mean the identity of the sender who sent the message?”


“It’s possible if you pay an appropriate fee.”

The angry Natsuo took out his pocket money to find out who was the arrogant person who sent this message.

“Seven platinum and five gold coins to identify the person.”

He had to look dumbfounded by the absurd fee offered by the information guild member.

“Se-se- seven platinum coins?”

“Yes, he’s a special man.”


Natsuo, with a look of disappointment, dropped his hand.

His entire fortune was only 1.7 platinum coins.

That was not a fair amount.

“Is it possible to borrow from my teacher?”’

No, no matter how much close relationship was, it was ridiculous to ask a teacher, who he had only met for two months, for a ridiculous amount.

There was a high possibility that the relationship would deteriorate if he did not pay the money.


“Thank you for your help.”

The message to the other Seeker, were all finally delivered.

In fact, this was the most worrying part.

I was nervous about wether a murder quest would come up just by sending the message, but fortunately, the situation that I was worried about did not happen.

I sent the message to all the people I was spending the same time with here in Mu continent.

However, our Earth’s time is bound to be different if it is based on the Mu continent alone.

This also meant that there is no contradiction if we do not influence each other in reality.

At least according to God’s own rules so far.

“It has been confirmed that killing them will only bounce them off from the Mu continent, not affecting reality.”’

I rose from my seat, shrugging my shoulders.

The situation ahead is simply summed up with: Those who follow accept the meathing, lives and those who don’t, die.

It doesn’t matter if they believe the message or not.

I certainly gave them a chance.

That’s the end of it.

However, no matter how suspicious it may be, I think few people will be lazy when they hear that their lives are at stake.

If there was such a person, he would be very arrogant or nonchalant.

The D-Day is scheduled for on May 31.

That’s the 100th days since we’ve been in the Mu continent.

Perhaps it will be pretty hard for others to meet this requirement.

Since then, the message has been delivered to the remaining 46 people in the whole Midland.

Many people have been travelling busily, but some would not budged whether they received the message or not.

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