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“I never thought we’d be reunited so soon.”

“Me, too.”

Chloe, a first-class informant who poured black tea to me, smiled enchantingly.

“This is a gift.”

Then she handed Chloe a bottle of black tea, and she looked at me genuinely pleased, this was not a commercial smile.

“The label is different from regular black tea.”

“Yes, it’s not for sale. It’s still a prototype.”

“Oh, my God, I am glad to be the first one to taste.”

She opened her eyes excitedly to the fresh scent that stimulated her sense of smell, as she quickly opened the bottle’s packaging with anticipation.

“I don’t know if you’ll like it. It’s black tea with the scent of bergamot.”

This was called ‘Earl Grey’ black tea in Earth.

“What a harmonious scent. Thank you for the honor of tasting a new black tea. I feel that I should be close to Jihoon from now on.”

I think she really like Tea.

Carefully putting the lid on the black tea bottle, Chloe hid the gift I gave her in the desk drawer.

“Do any other Seeker made any special moves?”

She pointed at me with her hand at my question.

“Jihoon, who is in front of me. There’s no one else taking any particular action.”

Although all the Seekers are scattered throughout Midland, not just in Kaelon, she spoke casually as if she were referring at the situation in real time.

“Thanks to Mr. Jihoon, who has both magic and Aura to the Expert level in a short period of time, the temple has issued the highest priority in gathering information about other Seeker.”

I do not know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Her answer, however, was what I hoped for.

I spoke seriously.

“Just as I can buy information, you can sell it on to other certain people, right?”

“Of course, it adds up to the cost of my errands.”

That’s enough.

“Then I’d like you to deliver this message to the rest of the Seeker except me. In the fastest way.”

“The only way for that is to use communication magic to get a message to each of their point, is that okay?”

What she asks is if it doesn’t matter if the content is leaked.

“I don’t care.”

“I think five silver coins per person at the cost of the errand will solve the problem.”

Fifty-one people need 2.55 platinum coins just for the errands alone.

“And I’d like to apply for my information protection in the country where there other Seeker belong, including Kaelon, is it possible?”

“Yes, but you have to pay extra. You can also make payments here.”

Nine out of twelve countries to which the Seekers belong.

I paid five platinum coins for each of the nine countries where I asked for information protection.

Now others have to pay at least 7.5 platinum to find out about me.

I spent nearly 50 platinum coins in an instant, but I remained nonchalant.


Taren, a town of in Roel Empire

A man armed with an iron armor and long-sword, walked through the quiet village.

“The difficulty of the quest doesn’t make sense. It’s not like I can wake up alone.”

His name is Natsuo.

As a Japanese dreamwalker, he achieved the beginner level of Sword Expert after all his hard work.

He even won the runner-up place at the national competition on kendo. He fully utilize his talent and got used to fighting faster than anyone else on the Mu Continent.

Then he was stranded on the troll hunt. It was too hard to deal with big wild trolls because he preferred thick, solid armor for safety.

Still, how can he catch one or two trolls always running around, but he was gradually feeling limited in individual battles because he already barely escaped death for 2-3 times.

“As expected, I’ll register as a mercenary.”

He had been doing quests on his own to improve his individual skills, but now was not the time for being picky.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Natsuo.”

As he walked to the mercenary guild, someone talked to him from behind.

He turned his head because he thought he was a villager, but he had no choice but to question him because he was the first impressive young man he ever saw.

Although he is a stranger, he has been in this town for nearly three months. So most of people’s faces were familiar.

“Who are you?”

“I am from the Roel Empire Information Guild.”

“Information Guild?”

“Yes, Natsuo, I would like to send you an anonymous message.”

He felt somewhat uncomfortable about the anonymous message.

“To those who complete quest. I’m a person who’ve traveling to the Mu continent as you guys. I’ve spent a lot of time here, and I’ve done a lot of research to know exactly what is happening to us.”


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