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The quest rewards are real chapter 74

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I don’t know why they created a quest that has bugs and even added a quest where Dreamwalkers kill each other.

But why?

I have a feeling that this quest will be a big turning point.

When the quest is completed, the time error will be resolved, and Dreamwalker will be able to meet each ither without limitation in reality and the Mu continent. But isn’t the process too grand?

These days, I frowned at the idea that “Everything God does has a reason.”

“So I’m the chosen one who would lead this quest?”

No, I have noticed this contradiction myself, so God took the opportunity to issue this quest.

“No choice, need to patch up this bug.”

Cooperation is needed to estimate the timeline of other dream walkers.

First of all, I need to unify all those in the same timeline to resolve the contradiction, and then continue to manage it.

It would be nice if they could cooperate, but it is highly likely the will not, so some cases will need violence to be solved.

Threatening and lies, in some cases even death should be considered.

Once I have made my decision, all I have to do is action.

I hope this will be resolved peacefully without any casualties.


[Quest Occurred]

Rating: C

Content: Kent Canyon, Extermination of Intermediate Orc Village

Rewards: 2 intermediate reward cards, skill points

This is the main quest that I have to complete.

But I decided to do the sole the Time contradiction quest first, even if I put other things aside.

“Adrian City alone? That’s difficult.”

So for a while, I have stabilized my 3rd circle with Gordon.

After that I asked for a short leave of absence and he readily gave permission.

All I need now is time and money.

But Pierson blocked me with two other additional knights.

“Now, Jihoon is protected by the tower. Even if you don’t want me to follow you, you can’t just say ‘Yes, I understand’ like before.”

Before my contract with the Royal Tower, there was some line between my relationship with him, but not now.

“When I heard you fell asleep in the carriage yesterday, I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t the first case that happened.”

Pierson, who has always been in the shadow, has come to act like this because I achieved Expert in a short period of time rather than due to the contract with the Royal Tower.

Just as Gordon was advertising me up as a genius, Pierson was saying that the future of the Kingdom of Kaelon would be me.

I am aware of the importance of escort, but my work from now on requires secrecy.

However, if we are together, safety increases, but secrecy decreases.

“Can’t I do anything about it?”

Looking at the determined look on Pierson’s face, if I tries to shake it off unconditionally, it will likely brought a disadvantage for me.

“I see. Then, when we Adrian City together, please guarantee me some free time.”


Pierson responded, “What is it?” but nodded helplessly as the young knight from the tower whispered in his ear.

“I didn’t have enough consideration. I understand that Jihoon is also a man, and he’s been busy so far. Okay, but I’ll always be around.”

What the hell was he thinking about?

I accepted his uncomfortable consideration, while twitching the corners of my mouth.

‘I’m gonna have to file for privacy.’

The Information Guild has a reason against selling my information to others.

The only way to maintain this is money.

If I pay five platinum coins to protect my privacy, others have to pay at least 7.5 platinum coins (50% more) to access my information.

Perhaps there are few Dreamwalkers who can get my information with just three platinum coins.

‘That’s a hell of a lot of money.’

I collected 61 platinum coins when I collected all the profits from selling black tea distributed by and the down payment from the Royal tower.

Until yesterday, I decided not to touch my initial business funds, but it was an inevitable choice in order to solve the quest.

I have to explain well to Gordon and Baron Christopher, but I don’t think it’s a big deal because they haven’t yet touched their share.

If I look at the sales growth of black tea, this amount will be restored within a week.

‘As expected, money is needed everywhere.’

It was the right decision to start a business on the Mu continent.

Without the power of money, my choice would have been much more limited.

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