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The quest rewards are real chapter 36- Contracts (2)

After morning exercise, I simply ate a breakfast of instant vegetable porridge.

And as soon as the market opened, my T chemical stocks began to be liquidated.

T chemical, were in the midst of a peak upward curve, so they could afford this lost liquidation at the price they wanted without any difficulty.

Then I put all the money, except some as spare money, into buying H Bio shares.

Whether the price fluctuates in the middle or not, I erased the memory of H bio from my head with the idea of taking it out after two months.

“I’m sure there are people like me who have fun in real life with their own rewards.”

Park Sung attracted attention by doing personal broadcasts and making money out of it.

As many as 300 people traveled to the Mu continent for the first time, some people must have earned unexpected rewards like future newspapers and safe houses.

I wonder if they are as worried and prepared for the future as I am.

But I don’t want to be involved with others.

There is no fixed afternoon schedule today too.

Tomorrow, my parents will be busy moving in, but the only thing I could do in the evening was to open my notebook and solve the Time Contradiction quest.

In some way, should I say it’s a relief that there’s no schedule?

“Simple is the best…….”

It is not the other dreamwalkers that force others out of the Mu continent, but the current solution that can solve the contradictions while maintaining the current situation.

Fortunately, there was no time limit for this quest.

However, there is a high possibility that someone will notice the Time Contradiction in the process of coordinating people’s time, and what happens, in this case, is the key.

Is this quest only for me, or will it be given to anyone who finds out later, and in the end, it will end as a battle royale?

In fact, this was not yet decided.

But I think I’ll get my hands on the rewards even if I were to eliminate them all, but I just hope the worst doesn’t happen.

“As expected, it’s simplest to set a time frame of reality and the Mu continent so that people can meet that time together.”

But that way was not easy.

There should be a mechanism in order for others to follow me without them knowing.

As I kept thinking about it and dabbed my finger at the note, I sighed deeply when I couldn’t think of any solution.

“Did this contradiction bother God so much?”

It would be easy for God to set a common time for everyone, as he only needs to adjust the time dreamwalkers stay in the Mu continent.

Nevertheless, neglecting such a contradiction only means that he decided we should solve it on our own.

And if this was not resolved, there will be a big restriction when meeting other users, so whether or not I like it, me or another will need to solve this problem.

I don’t know why they created a quest that has bugs and even added a quest where Dreamwalkers kill each other.

But why?

I have a feeling that this quest will be a big turning point.

When the quest is completed, the time error will be resolved, and Dreamwalker will be able to meet each other without limitation in reality and the Mu continent. But isn’t the process too grand?

These days, I frowned at the idea that “Everything God does has a reason.”

“So I’m the chosen one who would lead this quest?”

No, I have noticed this contradiction myself, so God took the opportunity to issue this quest.

“No choice, need to patch up this bug.”

Cooperation is needed to estimate the timeline of other dream walkers.

First of all, I need to unify all those in the same timeline to resolve the contradiction, and then continue to manage it.

It would be nice if they could cooperate, but it is highly likely they will not, so some cases will need violence to be solved.

Threatening and lies, in some cases even death should be considered.

Once I have made my decision, all I have to do is action.

I hope this will be resolved peacefully without any casualties.


[Quest Occurred]

Rating: C

Content: Kent Canyon, Extermination of Intermediate Orc Village

Rewards: 2 intermediate reward cards, skill points

This is the main quest that I have to complete.

But I decided to do the sole the Time contradiction quest first, even if I put other things aside.

“Adrian City alone? That’s difficult.”

So for a while, I have stabilized my 3rd circle with Gordon.

After that, I asked for a short leave of absence and he readily gave permission.

All I need now is time and money.

But Pierson blocked me with two other additional knights.

“Now, Jihoon is protected by the tower. Even if you don’t want me to follow you, you can’t just say ‘Yes, I understand’ like before.”

Before my contract with the Royal Tower, there was some line between my relationship with him, but not now.

“When I heard you fell asleep in the carriage yesterday, I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t the first case that happened.”

Pierson, who has always been in the shadow, has come to act like this because I achieved Expert in a short period of time rather than due to the contract with the Royal Tower.

Just as Gordon was advertising me up as a genius, Pierson was saying that the future of the Kingdom of Kaelon would be me.

I am aware of the importance of escort, but my work from now on requires secrecy.

However, if we are together, safety increases, but secrecy decreases.

“Can’t I do anything about it?”

Looking at the determined look on Pierson’s face, if I try to shake it off unconditionally, it will likely bring a disadvantage for me.

“I see. Then, when we Adrian City together, please guarantee me some free time.”


Pierson responded, “What is it?” but nodded helplessly as the young knight from the tower whispered in his ear.

“I didn’t have enough consideration. I understand that Jihoon is also a man, and he’s been busy so far. Okay, but I’ll always be around.”

What the hell was he thinking about?

I accepted his uncomfortable consideration while twitching the corners of my mouth.

‘I’m gonna have to file for privacy.’

The Information Guild has a reason against selling my information to others.

The only way to maintain this is money.

If I pay five platinum coins to protect my privacy, others have to pay at least 7.5 platinum coins (50% more) to access my information.

Perhaps there are few Dreamwalkers who can get my information with just three platinum coins.

‘That’s a hell of a lot of money.’

I collected 61 platinum coins when I collected all the profits from selling black tea distributed by and the down payment from the Royal tower.

Until yesterday, I decided not to touch my initial business funds, but it was an inevitable choice in order to solve the quest.

I have to explain well to Gordon and Baron Christopher, but I don’t think it’s a big deal because they haven’t yet touched their share.

If I look at the sales growth of black tea, this amount will be restored within a week.

‘As expected, money is needed everywhere.’

It was the right decision to start a business on the Mu continent.

Without the power of money, my choice would have been much more limited.

“I never thought we’d be reunited so soon.”

“Me, too.”

Chloe, a first-class informant who poured black tea to me, smiled enchantingly.

“This is a gift.”

Then she handed Chloe a bottle of black tea, and she looked at me genuinely pleased, this was not a commercial smile.

“The label is different from regular black tea.”

“Yes, it’s not for sale. It’s still a prototype.”

“Oh, my God, I am glad to be the first one to taste.”

She opened her eyes excitedly to the fresh scent that stimulated her sense of smell, as she quickly opened the bottle’s packaging with anticipation.

“I don’t know if you’ll like it. It’s black tea with the scent of bergamot.”

This was called ‘Earl Grey’ black tea in Earth.

“What a harmonious scent. Thank you for the honor of tasting a new black tea. I feel that I should be close to Jihoon from now on.”

I think she really like Tea.

Carefully putting the lid on the black tea bottle, Chloe hid the gift I gave her in the desk drawer.

“Do any other Seeker made any special moves?”

She pointed at me with her hand at my question.

“Jihoon, who is in front of me. There’s no one else taking any particular action.”

Although all the Seekers are scattered throughout Midland, not just in Kaelon, she spoke casually as if she were referring to the situation in real-time.

“Thanks to Mr. Jihoon, who has both magic and Aura to the Expert level in a short period of time, the temple has issued the highest priority in gathering information about other Seeker.”

I do not know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Her answer, however, was what I hoped for.

I spoke seriously.

“Just as I can buy information, you can sell it on to other certain people, right?”

“Of course, it adds up to the cost of my errands.”

That’s enough.

“Then I’d like you to deliver this message to the rest of the Seeker except me. In the fastest way.”

“The only way for that is to use communication magic to get a message to each of their points, is that okay?”

What she asks is if it doesn’t matter if the content is leaked.

“I don’t care.”

“I think five silver coins per person at the cost of the errand will solve the problem.”

Fifty-one people need 2.55 platinum coins just for the errands alone.

“And I’d like to apply for my information protection in the country where their other Seeker belong, including Kaelon, is it possible?”

“Yes, but you have to pay extra. You can also make payments here.”

Nine out of twelve countries to which the Seekers belong.

I paid five platinum coins for each of the nine countries where I asked for information protection.

Now others have to pay at least 7.5 platinum to find out about me.

I spent nearly 50 platinum coins in an instant, but I remained nonchalant.


Taren, a town in the Roel Empire

A man armed with iron armor and long-sword, walked through the quiet village.

“The difficulty of the quest doesn’t make sense. It’s not like I can wake up alone.”

His name is Natsuo.

As a Japanese dreamwalker, he achieved the beginner level of Sword Expert after all his hard work.

He even won the runner-up place at the national competition on kendo. He fully utilize his talent and got used to fighting faster than anyone else on the Mu Continent.

Then he was stranded on the troll hunt. It was too hard to deal with big wild trolls because he preferred thick, solid armor for safety.

Still, how can he catch one or two trolls always running around, but he was gradually feeling limited in individual battles because he already barely escaped death for 2-3 times.

“As expected, I’ll register as a mercenary.”

He had been doing quests on his own to improve his individual skills, but now was not the time for being picky.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Natsuo.”

As he walked to the mercenary guild, someone talked to him from behind.

He turned his head because he thought he was a villager, but he had no choice but to question him because he was the first impressive young man he ever saw.

Although he is a stranger, he has been in this town for nearly three months. So most of people’s faces were familiar.

“Who are you?”

“I am from the Roel Empire Information Guild.”

“Information Guild?”

“Yes, Natsuo, I would like to send you an anonymous message.”

He felt somewhat uncomfortable about the anonymous message.

“To those who complete quest. I’m a person who’ve traveling to the Mu continent as you guys. I’ve spent a lot of time here, and I’ve done a lot of research to know exactly what is happening to us.”


Natsuo had to open his eyes wide at the following information guild’s message.

He knows that there are people in the same situation as him.

This is because he met a person who was killed by a monster on the Mu continent and he was also looking others like him.

Although he was not deeply related to the dream due to his cautious personality, it was an opportunity to carry out the quest more actively as he learned that even if he was killed here, there would be no issue in reality.

However, he didn’t expect that anyone inside this world to come to know him like this.

The message was sent anonymously through the Information Guild, but he listened to the other person as new information was always welcome.

“I found out something shocking. When we are on the 100th day since we have been traveling to Mu Continent. By May 31st, Earth’s time, or Midland date March 11th, please let us meet each other or you will die.”

“Why is that?”

“I strongly urge you to accept the meeting because this death could extend to Earth.”

Natsuo was an adult, so he couldn’t trust this vain remark.

If it’s really urgent, shouldn’t he come visit himself?

It was an unreasonable request in itself to trust the information of an unnamed person.

Natsuo let out a grin.

However, he had to frown at the intelligence sources’ comments.

“If you don’t comply with this request, I’ll remove you for good. Those who accepted my request will gather at noon in the neutral city of Balter on that date, and those who do not attend will be removed, judging that they did not comply with the request.”


“That’s it, would you like to hear it again?”

Arrogance or simply pure ignorance.

It may be a liar’s bluff, but the moment he will kill them if they do not comply to what is mentioned, this information could not be taken lightly.

“You’re part of the Information Guild, right? Then can I purchase information?”

“You mean the identity of the sender who sent the message?”


“It’s possible if you pay an appropriate fee.”

The angry Natsuo took out his pocket money to find out who was the arrogant person who sent this message.

“Seven platinum and five gold coins to identify the person.”

He had to look dumbfounded by the absurd fee offered by the information guild member.

“Se-se- seven platinum coins?”

“Yes, he’s a special man.”


Natsuo, with a look of disappointment, dropped his hand.

His entire fortune was only 1.7 platinum coins.

That was not a fair amount.

“Is it possible to borrow from my teacher?”’

No, no matter how much close the relationship was, it was ridiculous to ask a teacher, who he had only met for two months, for a ridiculous amount.

There was a high possibility that the relationship would deteriorate if he did not pay the money.

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Transmigration In every dream

Transmigration In every dream

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
In real life, Cho Jihoon was fired after being framed. The downhill road he faced for the first time in his life, which was far from the word hump, was harsh and he couldn’t get out of it. When he realizes that life is not something he can do with his own efforts and abilities. A quest occurred in Jihoon’s dream. If he finished a quest in a dream, he can get a reward in reality.


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