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The quest rewards are real chapter 73

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Them and I have no point of contact in reality, so meeting for the first time on the Mu continent won’t make any differences.

In this case, the people who died before me are likely to be safe in reality.

And if everyone else kicks them out of the Mu continent, the Dreamwalker’s timeline naturally resolves the contradiction because I’m at the center.

Didn’t God solve it in a similar way?

I don’t know if it’s okay to remove all the bridges connecting the world, but it means it was okay because there’s no limit.

“But that’s the last option.”

I can force others to lose money for myself, but I am not psychopathic enough to decide killing others without thinking about any other ways.

However, if there is no specific method, this means that can this method can only be used.

I should try my best not to make such an extreme choice.

‘According to the data from the Information Guild, the gap between me and others has widened.’

Minor differences pile up and pile up to create larger and larger gaps.

I don’t think this is because I’m exceptionally good, but because of the right choice added to my luck.

[T Chemical 81,340]

[H Bio 16,260]

“I’ll have to withdraw them out.”

After enjoying the sun and looking at the stock price that I couldn’t check yesterday with my smartphone, I thought it was time to take out my stock from T-chemical.

T chemistry is close to the highest I know.

It would be better to take it out now and put it in H-Bio, which has tripled since then.

Roughly estimating the stock price, it seems to be about 8.9 billion won if all my T Chemical’s shares are sorted out at the right price.

This was a huge amount of money.

The amount tripled in just two months, making me, a recently unemployed person, to an emerging conglomerate with tens of billions of assets.

The problem is that even if I have a lot of money, it seems difficult to spend my life in ful peace.

After morning exercise, I simply ate a breakfast of instant vegetable porridge.

And as soon as the market opened, my T chemical stocks began to be liquidated.

T chemical, were in the midst of a peak upward curve, so they could afford this lost liquidation at the price they wanted without any difficulty.

Then I put all the money, except some as spare money, into buying H Bio shares.

Whether the price fluctuates in the middle or not, I erased the memory of H bio from my head with the idea of taking it out after two months.

“I’m sure there are people like me who have fun in real life with their own rewards.”

Park Sung attracted attention by doing personal broadcasts and make money out of it.

As many as 300 people traveled to the Mu continent for the first time, some people must have earned unexpected rewards like future newspapers and safe houses.

I wonder if they are as worried and prepared for the future as I am.

But I don’t want to be involved with others.

There is no fixed afternoon schedule today too.

Tomorrow, my parents will be busy moving in, but the only thing I could do in the evening was to open my notebook and solve the Time Contradiction quest.

In some way, should I say it’s a relief that there’s no schedule?

“Simple is the best…….”

It is not the other dreamwalkers that forces others out of the Mu continent, but the current solution that can solve the contradictions while maintaining the current situation.

Fortunately, there was no time limit for this quest.

However, there is a high possibility that someone will notice the Time Contradiction in the process of coordinating people’s time, and what happens in this case is the key.

Is this quest only for me, or will it be given to anyone who finds out later and in the end it will end as a battle royale?

In fact, this was not yet decided.

But I am think I’ll get my hands on the rewards even if I were to eliminate them all, but I just hope the worst doesn’t happen.

“As expected, it’s simplest to set a time frame of reality and the Mu continent so that people can meet that time together.”

But that way was not easy.

There should be a mechanism in order for others to follow me without them knowing.

As I kept thinking about it and dabbed my finger at the note, I sighed deeply when I couldn’t think of any solution.

“Did this contradiction bothered the God so much?”

It would be easy for God to set a common time for everyone, as he only needs to adjust the time dreamwalkers stays in the Mu continent.

Nevertheless, neglecting such a contradiction only means that he decided we should solved it on our own.

And if this was not resolved, there will be a big restriction when meeting other users, so whether or not I like it, me or another will need to solve this problem.

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