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Gordon’s side seems worried because I always had something to do except for sleeping time.

But I didn’t want to waste my time because I feel like I’m wasting every minute of my time on Mu continent these days.

I glanced awkwardly at the notebook grinning, while Gordon reacted disapproving.

Wait. Is it time?

Gordon tapped my shoulder in surprise as my expression suddenly became serious.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think I’ve realized something.”

At my enlightenment, Gordon fell in amazement and became excited

Then I shut my mouth and thought of many things.

Maybe Gordon think I realized something about magic, but it’s not.

“The deal between Dreamwalkers to meet on the Mu continent. A battle to kill each other, most likely a forced quest.”

Perhaps I have found a reason of the mysterious situation among Dreamwalkers.

“Time contradiction.”

Of course, time will always run and never stop.

Just because I have been to Earth doesn’t mean that the exact time in the Mu Continent would be equal, but on the contrary, it doesn’t mean that the time spent on Mu continent will reflect in Earth

I’m naturally going to spend the day following yesterday, and so are the other Dreamwalkers.

However, what should not be forgotten is that there would be time differences depending on the speed of quest progression each Dreamwalkers has.

Earth’s time is fixed.

While in the Mu continent, Dreamwalkers can return to reality within a day after a quick quest, or they can return to reality after eight days.

This is where the temporal contradictions of the two worlds arise.

For example

Let’s say that ‘A’ and ‘B’, who are dream walkers met for the first time in real life.

The two promised to reunite on the Mu continent, and “A” visited “B.”

But what if A spent 30 days and B 40 days in Mu continent due to the difference in the speed of the quest?

‘In conclusion, B doesn’t recognize who is A.’

Because it is the 40th day story that B got to know A, not the 30th day in the past.

A promises to B in the future, and what A actually met is B in the past.

Also, if B met A in the past, the two should not have met for the first time in reality.

The “Time Contradiction” is what is actually happening

Comparing the world to a program, this was a bug.

If they don’t correct this error, the world’s timeline will be a mess.

The world will be divided into two parts: when B first met A on Earth and when B first met A on the 30th day of the Mu Continent.

‘So what they should do to eliminate the time contradiction between the two?’

I think the simplest solution is to get rid of one person.

God created a compulsory murder quest to solve this bug.

And to completely resolve the contradiction, the defeated must disappear not only from the Mu continent but also from reality.

That is, it is highly likely that those who died in the quest will not be able to open their eyes in reality.

‘It may be a wild guess. They are all my current imagination.’

But this was an incredible discovery.

Perhaps the time line between the two is the same between reality and the Mu continent.

[First to realized the contradiction of time.]

[Magic and Aura understanding increases dramatically]

[3rd Circle achieved]

[Increases Mana by 10.]

[Intelligence improves by 2.]

[You’ve achieved the beginning level of Aura expert]

[Improves Mana by 5.]

[Strength, Stamina, and agility improve by 2.]

A message window popped up in front of my eyes.

In addition, my 3rd circle was created, and the Aura point Was opened to fixed the chaos within me.

[Quest Occurred]

Rating: A

Content: Solve any abnormalities in the Dreamwalkers’ timeline.

Rewards: Highest Rewards Card, God’s blessing.

And as the unexpected quest popped up, I began to feel drowsy.

“Huh, 3rd circles.”

Gordon’s voice full of amusement.

Then I felt the world turning dark, so I didn’t reacted properly.

“Huh? Are you sleeping? Was this your side effect for increasing your circle…….?”

So I was sent back to reality facing an unexpected situation.


“If you make a mistake, you have to fix it on your own, why would you leave it to a human being? Should this really be a quest? Or you have a hobby on messing someone’s life?”

I woke up in the spacious new house, and not the usual apartment. I look at the organized new blanket.

Frankly, this was not a bad situation for me.

This is because, not only I achieved the beginning level of 3r Circle and Aura Expert just by realizing the Time Paradox, but also gained tremendous stats as a bonus.

When I pulled the curtains back, the gray sky I saw on the Mu continent and the clear weather without a cloud welcomed me.

I thought, as I walked on the terrace connected to the living room on the second floor. “Solve the contradiction of the timeline?”

There is one simplest way.

That’s to get rid of all the Dreamwalkers on the Mu continent except me.

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