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Superstar from age 0 chapter 137

“The synopsis is interesting.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“You’re considering Seojun Lee as the main character.”

Sarah Lot sat with her back straight with eyes looking sharp at Fallon. Racism was prevalent in Hollywood.

Asians are mostly despised and mocked in Hollywood. Even Seojun, who was fit for Jin Natra’s role, almost failed to take on the role because he was Asian.

“Marine’s overseas image is different.”

It was director Ryan Will who created such an image for the company. Director Ryan Will’s move of casting Seojun Lee has attracted a lot of attention, especially in Asian countries.

Hmm. Should I try it too?

Director Sarah Lot thought about whether to get caught with the hot wave that Seojun posses or not.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Fallon Park tilted his head slightly to the side.

“Is he already casted?”

“Why? No. Not yet.”

“Do you think Seojun Lee will accept to appear in your movie?”

That was a really strange question. Regardless of their intention, this was like a question that expected that Seojun will refuse.

Sarah Lot blinked her eyes and replied.

“First of all, I just recently sent the synopsis and script to Cocoa Entertainment, Seojun Lee’s Korean agency. Maybe they just received the email.”

“Oh, Seojun dosn’t have an agency in the U.S. yet.”

At that, Sarah Lot got more confused.

Sarah Lot also learned this fact as she investigated Seojun Lee.

But… Why is Fallon Park interested whether a movie star have an agency or not?

“Director Lot. For this investment, we have a condition.”


Sarah Lot straightened her back and prepared for what he will be saying next.

“If Seojun Lee appears, we will double the investment.”


Sarah Lot was surprised at what Fallon just said. She didn’t predict this.

Fallon, who had been keeping a straight face, took off his face mask and sighed lightly. Earlier he tried imitating Richard Bowin, but it didn’t fit him.

“To be honest, Seojun Lee’s popularity is amazing. You can guess the number of audiences for the next film just by looking at streaming sites and his drama on +Plus.”


Sarah Lot was also aware of the popularity growth of +Plus due to ‘My Clinic’ drama internationally. Sarah Lot had also downloaded the app just for watching ‘My Clinic’.

She enjoyed watching it and even cried a lot on the sad moments with Emily.

“But there has been no Hollywood movie that Seojun filmed since Shadowman 2.”

Sarah Lot nodded.

“From Marine, Marine’s subsidiaries, and scripts sent to Seojun Lee, none of them were chosen.”

“I see.”

“Also, this movie is a Musical movie, right?”

“What? Yes.”

Fallen Park smiled.

“Korea has more love for Musical movies than any other country. Even if you don’t make a profit in other countries, you can make a huge profit in Korea. Think about it. A movie in which the main character is Korean with a Musical movie. Can you imagine how much profit it will make in Korea alone?”

Sarah Lot was speechless at what Fallon just said.

“Think of people around the world waiting for Seojun Lee’s next work on Hollywood. Because of his successful drama, his fans must have increased a lot compared to when Shadowman 2 was released. Twice the investment? That much money can be earned again just from the fans of Seojun. I’ll give you more if you need it.”

Fallon sighed for a moment and continued.

“However, this will happen IF Seojun Lee will be part of the cast.”

Sarah Lot, who made a lot of reasons that the main character should only be the Main Character, was speechless at the sudden change of event.

“What if Seojun Lee doesn’t want it?”

“The synopsis is good, so the production company will still be ours. However, the budget will be reduced.”

Sarah Lot nodded at the words of Fallon Park. Since then, they talked about the Movie in a more detailed manner.

Sarah Lot’s Musical Movie will be produced by Whale Studio, a subsidiary of Marine Corp., which produces Movie with genres such as romantic comedy and slice of life dramas.

* * *

“Did Marine…?”

Emily was surprised and looked at Sarah Lot.

Sarah Lot throws a bunch of paper on the table.


“Marine Company’s subsidiaries do produce movies with genres other than Heroic ones. Was it Whale Studio? The companies I could think of are either whale or ocean.”

“It’s Whale.”

Emily sighed in relief.

Sarah Lot had made her name known as Green Wing, but the Musical movie she wanted now is a completely different genre. She was worried that the production company of Marine might not be able to execute it properly, but if it is Whale she was at ease.

“Marine, no, Whale would be fine. What are they going to look at to produce it?”

When asked by Emily, Sarah Lot recalled the memory of her conversation with Fallon.

“The investment will be doubled on the condition that if Seojun is part of the cast.”

“Double the amount?!”

“I heard we can get me more if we really need it. Whether as an actor or popularity, Seojun is rated higher than I thought.”

Sarah Lot told Emily what Fallon Park told her. Emily was also surprised.

“Well, it’s not a hero movie, so the budget expected was initially low, but if we get double the investment from Marine…. Well, there have been a few cases in which Korea have the highest profit among Musical movies. And if a native joins…… I understand why Marine threw an investment like that.”

“I can’t wait for the answer of Seojun Lee.”

“Let’s work first. Aside from Seojun Lee, the production company is decided, so the production team is need to be set up.”

“That’s why I brought these. These are the profiles of the Actors who worked in other Musical movie before.”

When Sarah Lot sat down, Emily also sat in front of it. Both of them picked up their own pens.

“How are you going to write the Violin composition?”

“I’m going to invite an expert. Actors will learn how to play the violin or just move the violin bow according to the Performance Director.”

Sarah Lot answered Emily’s question.

Sarah Lot’s eyes moved quickly. She needed to form her cast as soon as possible.

A resume caught her attention, it was an Actor from a Musical movie that Sarah Lot enjoyed watching a lot.

“He didn’t good reviews.”


A sheet of paper has been handed over.

“It’s better to cast an actor who learned a bit of the violin, right?”

“Not neccessarily. It will be harder to choose an actor if you set such standards. Having learned Violin is not the basis.”

“Oh, I see.”

They resumed reading the resumes.

“First of all, we should find an actor who is good at acting and then he will need to practice violin.”

“Wouldn’t it take a long time if they need to practice violin?”

Sarah Lot stopped checking the resume and looked at Emily.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen, so we’d better set enough time for practice. Should we gather the characters who will play the violin and give lessons?”

“That sounds good too.”

She took a clean paper and listed one by one.

“We have an outdoor shoot, so the weather has to be warm. Whale will decide on that, but it can’t be ignored at all. The actors also have their own schedules, so we have to consider that.”


Sarah Lot also recalled her future schedule.

“When will Seojun Lee’s answer arrive? We’ll do some changes as the budget increased. We should also use a good camera! High-quality violin too! Other expensive ones too!”

“Let’s first calculate it with the initial budget.”

An e-mail arrived while Sarah Lot and Emily were reviewing resumes. It was an e-mail from Seojun Lee’s new U.S. agency.

* * *

The 2nd team sent the documents related to Seojun to his new U.S. agency, King’s Agency. However, they feel bad that they will not be able to handle the overseas activities of Seojun.

“What do you mean, Hollywood will be hard for us. It is almost impossible to grasp the local situation in Korea. So all the other actors rely to their agency.”

“We could set up a branch office, but it will be to maintain it if Seojun doesn’t have any activities on America.”

“The team leader, who is our manager, must be more disappointed than us.”

When he said that, An Daho, who was packing scripts for Seojun, smiled bitterly.

“But isn’t it okay for you to go to America? Your English has improved a lot over the past two years. If the agency does everything and takes care of Seojun, I don’t think you will be coming with Seojun to the U.S.”

“It’s definitely more comfortable for Seojun to have some he was familiar with.”

At that time, an employee came into the office of the 2nd team.

“Team leader, the President had called you.”

“Yes, thank you.”

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