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Gordon Corman doubted what he just saw.

An incompetent jerk.

That was the image of Raymond that Gordon remembered.

A jerk who doesn’t know how to do anything and always bothering others by relying on his background.

Always ignoring knights, saying magic is the best.

That’s why he didn’t doubt that Raymond would lose to the youngest knight.

The match between Raymond, who had never trained before, and the youngest knight, who spent his entire life training his swordsmanship, the victor should have been decided before it started.

But that wasn’t the outcome he expected.

The current scene he saw was the opposite. The youngest knight was being pushed by Raymond since the beginning.

He was not a match to Raymond in the first place. The youngest knight’s attacks did not work at all to Raymond.

Did Raymond use magic? No. It was impossible.

No matter how much a jerk Raymond is, did he have the guts to break the rules in the first place?

Above all, Raymond is incompetent. It would be really funny if he used magic when he didn’t know how to use it. And even if he use it, it did not mean that the youngest knight would be defeated.

The Millennium family is a Wizardry Family, and as the family’s knights they all learned how to cope up with magic.

In many ways, the youngest knight should have really won.

However, as Raymond held the sword, the atmosphere around him had changed at some point.

He became more serious and sharper.

The confrontation began, and Gordon Corman unknowingly admired him.

Raymond’s swordsmanship was practical. He knew how to effectively overpower the opponent.

Gordon was curious.

Raymond had never touch the sword, and he was from a wizard family, so why would he learn swordsmanship?

Seeing his ability, this must be the reason why he was confident.

At some point, his initial thoughts changed to astonishment.

When Raymond’s momentum changed, his Killing intent was so dense that he, the Commander, almost pulled out his sword.

But in the end, he couldn’t deny his admiration anymore when he saw Raymond overpowering the youngest knight.

Although it was true that he didn’t like him, there was one thing he was certain with.

‘He’s a genius. The young master was actually talented in swords, not magic.’

Raymond possess an overwhelming talent for swordsmanship.



Raymond took a deep breath. Slowly, the wooden sword pointed at the neck of the youngest knight was lowered.

The Killing Intent that he had unknowingly exuded quickly disappeared.


Yeah, this is how it feels. I love this feeling of wielding a sword and sweating.

After looking at the sky, he slightly lowered his head and looked away.

The youngest knight looked up to him blankly.

It seems like his defeat hadn’t sink in yet.


Perhaps because Raymond broke away from his concentration, the pain in his palms started registering on his mind.

When he ‘tsk’ his tongue, the youngest knight in front of him flinched and trembled.

Raymond look down and he could see blood dripping down from his hand holding the wooden sword.

It was too much for him to hold the wooden sword anymore.

“Take it.”

He tossed over the wooden sword towards the youngest knight, who was still in daze.

The youngest knight hurriedly accepted the wooden sword.

And he was stunned when he saw the blood at the handle of the wooden sword.

He seemed worried about what injury did the young master received.

Alice rushed over as she saw the blood dripping from Raymond’s hand.

“Young master’s hand.”

She took out a handkerchief and tied it around his hand.

In this way, it will be able to stop bleeding.

However, Raymond didn’t seem to mind it because his mind was elsewhere.

“It’s refreshing.”

As he swing the sword, he felt free for some reason.

By wielding a sword, he could pour out all the emotions he had inside.

After wielding a sword, he felt better.

“It hurts.”

The pain increased with the contact between the wound and the handkerchief.

He wanted to tell Alice that there was no need to put the handkerchief, he could go directly to the clinic without it but he choose to shut up.

Because the stunned commander was approaching.

“I will give up my position as the commander of the knight, as promised.”

It could be said that this was his dream job. But now he had to step down from the position that he could barely get by with all his efforts

If his past self knew the outcome, he wouldn’t have bet his position.

He is the Commander of the Knights from the Millennium family.

No one could easily let go of what they got after hard work.

‘I didn’t mean to have him stepped down from his position in the first place.’

It just amused him to see the commander looking down at his young master, also he wanted to hold the sword again.

If he really step down from the position, it would become very annoying. He may be called by Count Millennium and be blamed.

He was already busy, so he didn’t want to waste his time on that.

“Young master.”

Seems like Gordon knew what his face meant.

“Never mind. Let’s pretend today didn’t happen. Because I will be bothered if you put me down as the commander.”

He shook his hand as if not to talk anymore.


The commander of the knight shut his mouth.

Perhaps he was embarrassed by what he just said unexpectedly.

“Train properly. Don’t be conceited and tarnish the family’s name.”

That was the last thing he said before he had gone back to Alice.

However, the commander of the knight blocked him.

“What is it?”

Raymond was now a little annoyed. Gordon should be contented that he didn’t need to step down from his position.

“Young master.”


What did he want to say now?

“This bet is…”

Was it hard to believe that he lost?

“This bet is nothing.”

When he read the novel, there were many people like that. They made a bet with the main character, but they couldn’t admit it when they lost.

Was this different to the commander of the knight general? Raymond don’t think so.

Those who have reached the top have strong pride. Losing to a bum like Raymond, they hated it more than dying.

Unlike what Raymond was currently thinking, Gordon did otherwise.

“Don’t you want to learn swordsmanship?”

He said something unexpected.

He was asking him if he wanted to learn swordsmanship.

Looking at him, he continued.

“Swordsmanship. Young masters your are talented in this field rather than magic!”

Gordon began to get excited. His eyes flashed with greed.

“I’ve met quite a few knights. But no one, is like young master. You can use that kind of swordsmanship already at your first time!”

“So what?”

He stared at him.

What Gordon just said was true.

Certainly, it was hard to think that his swordsmanship was coming from a beginner.

This was the natural reaction if he immitated the main character’s sword technique.

“Young master has an amazing talent! From the leading sword technique to the method of effectively overpowering. If a stranger saw it, they would have thought that the young master had trained swordsmanship his whole life. No, you would have been known as a mercenary who already went the battlefield.”

He talked too long.

Raymond could understand it if only he just talked briefly.

“You talk too long. Just say it in simple words.”

His lengthy words just confused him more.

Even if he don’t have to wrap it up, he can already see what he’s trying to say.

“Learn swordsmanship from me. I will make you strong.”


For Raymond, who has a strong desire to live, these words were attractive enough.

Yeah, at least for those who have a strong desire to be strong over time.

He want to be strong. But it was not something it could be done within few days.

There were many more important things to him than training swordsmanship.

And all of them are essential things to protect his life.

Between what he can’t obtain right away and what he can get right now with hard work.

If anyone had to choose between the two, wouldn’t they choose the second one? Especially if the circumstances is quite urgent; a matter of life and death.

“I don’t have time for that.”

No time.

That was true.

In order to create a force that could counter the protagonist, he have to move quickly and efficiently.


Even with his words, Gordon did not give up.

Raymond’s ‘acting’ must have impacted him greatly.

Incredible talent.

Anyone who wield the sword wants it and longs for it.

“Didn’t the young master say he won’t do it?”

Alice stepped up as she noticed that Raymond was in trouble.

Gordon glanced over her and then look at him again.

Alice was angry to have been ignored but before she could say something to the commander, Raymond stopped her.

“Young master?”

It didn’t suit Raymond to have her step up.

It was shameful for a man to hide behind a woman.

He didn’t accept the bet to get attention.

“I don’t have time to learn swordsmanship. Instead, I’ll take your sword.”


The knight’s face hardened slightly by what he said.

“That’s enough, right?”

“Do you know what that means?”

“I know. I know. That’s why I’m saying this.”

The Commander hesitated for a moment. Then, he knelt down on his left knee, took the sword in his waist, and handed it over to Raymond with both hands.

“I will treat it well.”

It was a little different from the youngest knight’s sword.

If a person receives the sword from a knight, they would also receive their loyalty.

It can be said that having the commander’s black sword wins the favor of the entire group of knights he commanded.

As long as Raymond have this sword, the other knights can’t easily touch him unless they are idiots.

Because insulting him will insult the Commander of the knight.

Getting a sword from the commander of the knight means that he recognized him as his master.

Besides that, there are other things he can get, but he didn’t want it right now.

‘If I have this sword, in time I will also learn his swordsmanship.’

Knowing that, the commander of the knight hesitated and but still gave him the sword.

Raymond didn’t think he’d actually give it to him.

“Let’s go back.”

“Yes, yes!”


15 days has passed in a blink of an eye.

During that time, he spent his time exercising and preparing for a banquet.

“This banquet is a battlefield.”’

It was not possible to visit Count Warlug at will, so this opportunity was extremely rare.

“I’ve prepared enough.”

Exercising, choosing appropriate clothes for the banquet…

He had been really busy these days.

Was it because his hidden purpose of getting close to Selina? To attract her on his side?

As the banquet day approached, he became more nervous.

Will he be able to do it well? This opportunity may be blown away by just a simple mistake.

‘Must act like usual. Normal.’

He took a deep breath. It’s not good to be this nervous already.

He must act like the usual.


For tomorrow, when the banquet will be held, he needed to rest.

Anything requires confidence and stamina.

He closed his eyes with that thought.


The banquet day had finally come.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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